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"Dittmer's has reopened! [Los Altos]

Grocery Outlet-February 2010

At RWC Saturday:
Bossa Nova drinks in three flavors -- Mangosteen, Acerola/oeach and Acai/mango, 10 oz., 99 cents (Tried the mangosteen -- very tasty)
Bom Dia Acai juice, 11.5 oz, 99 cents
Red bell peppers for 69 cents each
Really sad papayas, on their last legs, and not cheap enough to consider buying
R.W. Garcia gluten free, 5 seed crackers, $1.99 -- don't bother if you're looking for a cracker. These are corn chips, shaped round, slightly thicker to qualify as crackers. Tasty a a snack, but far too few to rate spending $1.99.
Family Farm organic wheat crackers, 7.5 oz, 99 cents
Clif Bar, Crunchy peanut butter, 2.4 oz, 99 cents

Complementary Dim Sum at Heaven's Dog

If you go, I'd be interested in knowing what you think. By the subject line, I thought you were talking about types of dim sum that went well together.

June 2009 Grocery Outlet

RWC today:
Frontera frozen pizza 13.x oz., cheese, with "Mexican spices" and Rick Bayless' smilin' face on the back of the package $3.99 (I tried it; not bad at all, and the jalapenos gave it kick)

Mollycoolz chocolate fusion ice cream beads, 4 for $1. I tried one for a quarter, and was pleasantly surprised. Tasty and easy to eat in the car without a spoon.

Sun Tropics Calamansi juice is also here, 64 oz., $1.99

Scharffenberger chocolate bars, 62 percent cacao, 3 oz. semisweet, $1.99

Red bell peppers for 50 cents apiece

Someone spamming the SF Board?

Someone is seriously spamming the SF Board. It's under attack.

Jun 24, 2009
Hao Chr in Site Talk

May 2009 Grocery Outlet

I hit RWC for quick in-and-out, with no chance to linger, but quite happy with:

- Soy Delicious Frozen Dessert Chocolate Velvet, 1 quart, $1.99
- Ben n Jerry's ice cream, coffee, 1 pt., $1.49
- Broccoli bunch, $0.79
- Small cauliflower, $0.99
- bag o' key limes, $0.99
- Helados Mexicos, cucumber-chile fruit bars, $1.79

I particularly liked the kick of the cucumber bars. Perfect for a day like today.
There's Whole Soy & Company soy yogurt in various flavors. Has anyone tasted those?

Has anyone tried Villa 08 in MV?

Have driven by a few times and noticed the old Chinese restaurant at Villa and Bryant streets in Mountain View is open now. Has anyone tried it?

April 2009 -- Grocery Outlet

RWC on Sunday:

The Fine Cheese Co., Natural Crackers, 150 grams (5.3 oz) $0.50
" " " " , Fennel Crackers, 150 g. (5.3 oz), $0.50
Artichokes, 4 to a bag, medium sized, a little tired looking, $1.99
Small cauliflower, also a bit tired, $0.99
Asparagus bunch, very thin stalks, $1.49
Orange bell peppers from Mexico, $0.50 apiece
Oikos organic Greek Yogurt, plain, $1.29
Broccoli bunches, $0.99
Gabro Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil , $6.99
DeCecco Pasta Misto, 1 lb., $0.99
Anderson's Cheese-filled pretzels, 6 oz., but this was $0.79
Aidell's pineapple-bacon chicken sausage, double-pack 32. oz. $7.99 (compares way better to the 9 oz $3.99 sausage of another variety, skimpier-looking)

I didn't buy it but there was flaxseed oil in the refrigerated section for $1.49. Since I can barely remember to put flaxseed in my food as it is, I didn't want to have oil go bad on me, too.

Also, the aforementioned McLelland's Seriously Mild cheddar from Scotland, the Leicester cheese, red and white, True North Almond Clusters and other delights.

Recommendations for Cooked Turkey Supermarket?

I've migrated to 99 Ranch Market Thanksgiving roasted turkeys in recent years. Moist, and with a nice taste. From my point of view, the bonus is the free side dishes of fried rice and other Chinese sides.

Thanksgiving in San Francisco

If you like standard turkey-and-pie menu, you might also have a look at the Big Four Restaurant in the Huntington Hotel. I just kind of like the leather-and-wood traditional feel to the room every time I've had dinner (but not Thanksgiving) there and thought it might reflect the feeling of the season.
The menu for Thanksgiving, is posted (a shame their wild game dishes aren't seen here, but at least there's turkey):

November 2008 - Grocery Outlet

Whoops. Also, Box Star Shiraz and Chardonnay, 3 liters, $4.99. Picked up only the Shiraz, but hear the Chardonnay is better. Have not tasted yet.

November 2008 - Grocery Outlet

RWC today:
Aidell's Organic, spinach and feta chicken sausage, 12 oz. $2.99
Luna orange blossom tea cakes, 1.41 oz, 2/$1.00
Luna bar, toasted nuts and cranberry, 1.69 oz., 59 cents each
IGA beef broth, w/sea salt, 32 oz asceptic box, 99 cents each
IGA vegetable broth, 32 oz asceptic box, 99 cents
The chicken broth I did not buy because it has MSG
Hain's carrot chips (stone-ground corn, carrot juice, wheat flour, other stuff & dehydrated carrots), 4 oz, 99 cents
Newman's Own Certified Organic chocolate bars, in milk chocolate anddark sweet chocolate, 1.2 oz, 2/ $1.00 ; 2.8 oz. bar, 99 cents
Santa Cruz Organic Sparkling Lemonade, 25.4 oz., $1.49 plus CRV

Cast-iron wok

Grant Avenue, indeed. You're heading to Grant AVENUE.

In SF for the Weekend with Mom - Ladies' Lunch?

The Terrace at the Ritz Carlton screams "Ladies Lunch" to me and has a nice outdoor seating.

Fresh tortillas and local salsa to buy in Berkeley

Maybe the best thing to do would be to hop on BART to SF and get off the 24th Street BART station, then walk over to La Palma at 24th not far from Bryant Street. You can buy their handmade tortillas by the dozen.

Raley's/Nob Hill - Fresh Diestel turkeys $10 (approx 15 lbs)

I was so bummed out I saw this too late. Went to someone else's house for Thanksgiving, so no leftovers, other than the small plate we brought home. The Nob Hill in Mountain View said they had a pull date of Nov. 25, and the birds blew out fast when they were marked down that far. I will definitely be on the lookout next year, if I'm not hosting Thanksgiving myself.

Oh. Dear. Lord. Holiday lunch for 55 people.

What do you think of the Sky Terrace spot above Medjool in the Mission? I've noshed at Sky Terrace before, just for drinks and appetizers, and I noticed they do large groups. They have space heaters and the view is nice...

best local birds for Thanksgiving?

I'm trying the Diestel this year for the first time. Am keeping my fingers crossed. My father always likes it when I get the cooked turkey from 99 Ranch, actually.

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot coming to San Mateo

In a Kaiser clinic, of all places, I picked up a September issue of Asian Restaurant News, which had been donated for the waiting rooms. The article on Little Sheep's business said that the Little Sheep name was trademarked, but that confusion in its translation had already led to some problems.
The article noted that the Union City shop is called "Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot," and the business cards of its management team, the parent company is called "Inner Mongolian Little Lamb USA Corp." And, on the place set desciption of the restaurant, the company is called "Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Catering Chain Co."
It also said that Little Sheep uses New Zealand lamb in the U.S. because of "import regulations on raw materials," and that the meat from China is not ready yet for import, according to the Union City manager, Daniel Huang.

Wynn's in Mountain View

This place is right around the corner from where I live and have been coming here, off and on for dinner only since this summer, since the T&C Bistro that had been there before was so unmemorable. My husband and I ordered off simply off the menu the first time, and were happily greeted with nicely prepared dishes of pretty large portion. Then in August, we brought my father, sister, and brother-in-law and got a set menu for six and it was disastrous. Horrible soup with murky broth that looked like dishwater with bits of junk floating in it, like nothing I'd seen in a Cantoniese restaurant before. Every dish was so unmemorable, and frankly, just not very good, that we almost wrote the place off. We couldn't believe it was the same place. Stayed away for a while. Came back tentatively in September for a pretty decent meal.
In October, I brought my father for one of their $17.99 for-three-dishes one night and he was sold. We had their fried flounder, pork with broccoli and Mongolian chicken. All the dishes were flavorful, but the pork dish is one that is too sweet for my taste. Dad liked it, and the complimentary soup (this time, lotus root, big ol' chunks of it) and desert (red bean.
This evening, my husband and I went out with Dad and he suggested Wynn's again. I worried, because the soup was again murky, and the stuff floating in it looked like so much flotsam and jetsam (just tiny pieces of foo jook and meat that had broken off the the bone) ... except this time it was quite flavorful.
Had the fried flounder again, gailan with beef and Mongolian chicken (Dad is a creature of habit). The gailan was crisp and bright, the beef tender.
I think this is going to be the regular Dad place now, along with King Wah in Sunnyvale.
The $17.99 menu is all in Chinese. I guess you can guess your way through the menu with whatever rudimentary character knowledge you have, or you can bring along someone. I guess I'll bring along Dad.

October 2007 - Grocery Outlet

Oh, please look at the old Golden Phoenix market in Mountain View. It would cut down much carbon emissions from our household spent driving up to RWC...

Dining Near Hilton on O'Farrell

Y'know, New Delhi is a very short walk away on Ellis near Cyril Magnin Street (short street between Powell and Mason streets) has a very pleasant atmosphere -- high ceilings, lovely painted columns, understated colors -- and it's not noisy. You can actually have a conversation.

SF dim sum--not too pricy or crowded

The nice thing about Tian Sing, too, is if your parents have a tough time with the clatter, the chatter and the general chaos, this place is quiet, well-appointed, and the dim sum has been pretty good, though I've not gone there since it opened. I know I simply do not talk to my father in dim sum restaurants in general because he cannot hear me, even with his hearing aid, which magnifies the clatter, even in the kitchen. City View would also be good.

Chinese/Asian splurge

Perhaps Bong Su? It's Vietnamese, not Chinese. But definitely splurge-y.

The French Laundry-Yountville actually works, I'm told.

Kosher Coke in Bay Area? (split from General Topics board)

Journeyed to Albertson's at El Paseo de Saratoga Sunday morning and found ONE lone bottle of KP Coke. Sent a clerk to check in the back for more, and she came out saying I had the last bottle from the shipment. Now I've got them inquiring at other area stores.

Kosher Coke in Bay Area? (split from General Topics board)

I finally tracked down the kosher-for-Passover Coke in the South Bay: Albertson's at El Paseo de Saratoga. The Albertson's on Grant Road in Los Altos is already sold out. Time to stock up.

Everybody's a Critic

I agree with Stephanie365. So much of Yelp is about attitude and being clever -- more like "see and be seen" posting. I read occasionally to get a sense of the vibe of the place but generally don't pay any attention to the people's written opinion of the food. As for critics in newspapers, I read them regularly and know which ones whose taste I agree with and those with whom I don't. It's a bit like movie reviewers. I expect them to be more expressive and able to explain a review other than "the movie was crap."

Mar 26, 2007
Hao Chr in Features

Kosher Coke in Bay Area? (split from General Topics board)

Selected Albertsons supermarkets carry "Kosher for Passover" coke. There was one in Los Altos, just off of the Foothill Expressway that carried them, but I don't even know if that Albertsons is open anymore, given all the closures. Molly Stone's in Palo Alto usually does, but it's best to call, first. They come in 2-liter bottles, typically, and have YELLOW caps that have a kosher designation on the tops. Some places in the country sell them in cans, too, but I've not seen them here.