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Best Korean in Chicago?

Jin Ju is delicious (I would call it a little bit "chi chi", maybe more because I'm indignant that the Caucasian waiter corrected my pronunciation - I'm Korean) but you can find the same bold flavors for much less at nearly any restaurant in K-town. If you want to pay extra for lovely dishes, fancy drinks, and trendy atmosphere then Jin Ju is for you. Otherwise, look along Lincoln and Lawrence.

Jan 21, 2008
heartofthevalley in Chicago Area

Korean Fried Chicken

Try this place:

Chongro Restaurant
4811 N Rockwell St
Chicago, IL

It's a tiny place, more of a hangout for older Korean men who drink and talk and kareoke, run by one little lady who keeps the door locked (you have to ring the bell and if you don't look shady she'll buzz you in). She doesn't speak much English; be nice to her. Everything I've tried that she makes is fabulous, just like mom's. Her seafood soup will scorch your mouth. Don't expect lots of panchan or even rice unless you ask. Do tip well.

The chicken is served whole but snipped into pieces at the table. It has a thin crust, no sauce.

Jan 07, 2008
heartofthevalley in Chicago Area


I'm not sure if they're "stuffed," but Las Tablas on Lincoln Ave has a few different arepas offerings for appetizers.

Jul 21, 2007
heartofthevalley in Chicago Area

beef for a solo diner?

Being new to the solo dining, I hadn't thought to ask for a certain table or to order at the bar. I always order rare or medium-rare. The crab house will be a future adventure. And thanks for the new site to check out, leek.

I tried Keefer's recently. A little swankier than I expected. The sliced vine ripened tomato salad was as to be expected in winter, with the tomatoes being less than sweet but elevated by the hefty chunk of gorgonzola. The steak was delicious. Not the most tender but no gigantic finger of fat in the middle this time. Where the Harry Caray's bone-in ribeye was raw at the bone, this one was a perfect warm red all the way through. Keefer's is a place I will eat at again.

Apr 08, 2007
heartofthevalley in Chicago Area

beef for a solo diner?

I recently made a blind leap here from the west and since I know no one but crave red meat, I'd like to find places that accomodate the lone customer. A couple weekends ago I tried Harry Caray's (quickly picked from Citysearch's Audience pick list). I was *very* out of place, seated by myself at a 4-person table in a sea of packed tables. Also, although the bone-in ribeye was extremely tasty it was not a center cut--the lovely appearing slab was marred by discovering that a solid third of the steak consisted of the thick edge of fat with a sizeable extension right through the middle. Perhaps the server sensed the rookie vibes I was putting off? Where can I go for beef by myself where I'll have a better experience? I live to the north and work in the loop, travel by el and bus. Thank you!

Mar 21, 2007
heartofthevalley in Chicago Area