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Pralus chocolate bars in Montreal

Does anyone know where I could get françois Pralus bars in Montreal ? Plateau would be great, but anywhere else in the city would be a help. Thanks !

Any Adams Peanut Butter in Montreal?

We just moved to montreal from Vancouver and we can't seem to find Adams Peanut Butter anywhere, anyone know if it is in Montreal and if yes, where? Merci!


Bitter Lemon and Fage Greek Style yoghurt


I'm in Vancouver and I'm looking for two items that I have never seen here that I really hope are indeed in Vancouver:
1) Schweppes' Bitter Lemon
2) Fage Greek Style yoghurt

I've only had Bitter Lemon in Europe, and Fage in Europe and the US. I'm hoping that there is a specialty shop that carries these items that I am overlooking.

Any help would be appreciated.


Jul 28, 2009
dremier in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

greek briki

We are in Vancouver, and looking for a nice greek briki. We have not gone to West Broadway yet, but wondering if anyone has leeds to check into. Thanks!

Coconut butter in Vancouver?

I recently heard about coconut butter, a product made by Artisana ( among others. This is not coconut oil, which is great, it's more like other nut butters, they grind up whole roasted coconut. I am wondering, does anyone know where in Vancouver it can be bought? I've been to all the usual suspects, Capers, Whole Foods, they don't carry it.



We are looking for fine choclate in Vancouver. The good stuff, the really good stuff! We want to go beyond Poulin and Lindt, we are looking for Valrhona, Scharffen-Berger, Pralus, Guittard to name a few. Anyone have ideas about where we could buy thses brands in Vancouver? I know we can order on line if worse comes to worst, but seeing them before buying is part of the fun.


andre and robin