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Hole in the wall at Pike Place Market...

Actually, doesn't sound anything like the Market Grill, since that's upstairs on the opposite side of the street. Main floor? Good bet it's Lowell's. Been there forever. Three floors, sounds like the kind of food they have there. Decent spot.

Jun 23, 2008
KDTR in Pacific Northwest

Hawaiian food or Filipino food

If you're in Vegas, don't miss Pinoy Pinay. Great Filipino food! A little out of the way, but a top choice in Sin City for a taste of home!

Mar 21, 2007
KDTR in Southwest

Foodie/Winegeek in Vegas on a Fixed Budget!!

Brand new here on Chowhound, so here goes...

I'm headed to Vegas in 2 weeks, staying for 6 days. I'm a consummate foodie, but on a VERY fixed budget. Been to Vegas many times, but I usually have more to spend.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'll be there all alone, so I want to make sure I eat well! I'm looking for suggestions for all three meals, plus snacks. One more thing - I work in the wine industry, so a good wine list is a MAJOR plus.

Please remember - BUDGET!! LOL

Thanks in advance for anything you can recommend.

Mar 21, 2007
KDTR in Southwest