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delux on ossington

The cubanos at Delux are absolutely fantastic, but about the only interesting thing on the menu. I found the waitstaff a bit snotty and unaccomodating. I'm going back tonight for the delicious sandwich, and wil report back if I see any significant changes.

Cuban Sandwiches?

The best Cuban sandwich i've found in toronto is at this restaurant on Ossignton (south of Dundas) called Delux. REALLY delicious, a little pricey, but totally worth it.

Ethiopian Food - Recommendations Please

I went to Adis Ababa on Queen West of Beaconsfield and had such a great experience. It was my first time eating Ethiopian food. My husband and I sat on the patio and I was surprised to see a lot of kids expertly sopping up wat with their injera. When I tasted the food I saw why even kids liked it! THe food was so amazing and flavourful and spicy! I had the doro wat, and my husband had the lamb. They were both good, but the doro wat was my favourite. Next time I will try the meat and vegetable samplers. I'm definitely adding Ethiopian to my favourite types of cuisine!

Sesame Noodle Salad with Tofu

I love cold sesame noodles. I also add about 2 tbsp of peanut butter to (1 tsp of) sesame oil, garlic, chilies and ginger. Also jullienned cucumbers, green onions and sometimes mangoes. This is one of my favourite summer dishes!

Aug 08, 2007
Kimberlita in Recipes

South African in Toronto?

My husband is from South Africa and we haven't come across a South African restaurant in Toronto. However, we heard that there's a stoop in the St. Lawrence Market that sells boerworst! Have yet to try it. Let me know if you have any luck finding anything.

None of Your Business

I think it's a nice compliment when someone asks for the recipe for a dish that I made. I am usually happy to share the techniques, however embarassing the "ready made" ingredients. Recipes can turn out differently depending on the cook!

May 10, 2007
Kimberlita in Features

TO Cinco de Mayo

Hmm... well i haven't been to Jalapeno for at least 3 years. It was alright when I tried it then. I live in the area and never seem to see anyone eating there, so I guess the food has gone down hill.

Cayo Coco Supper Club

I've been to Cayo Coco before too on a Friday night, and the owners sat down to have a drink with us on the ONE table patio. It was OKAY. the food was pretty cheap and decent, but not the best tapas i've tried. I really dislike the area ...right smack in the middle of cluburbia with the S & M crowd who come to the big city to party, act like fools and then go back home to the burbs.
Try Coca on Queen West... I was there last week and the food was pretty good. They serve tapas and pinchos (from northern Spain) Service was a bit absentminded, but overall a good experience. Also try Embrujo Flamenco on the Danforth complete with dance entertainment. Make reservations though. This place gets booked up fast.

TO Cinco de Mayo

I agree with Chilibaby.. Toronto is not the most well known for its specialty in Mexican cuisine...Johnny Banana is Latin FUSION. But i know Jalapeno's at King and Tecumseth is authentic as mexican can get in the TDot.
Maybe you'll have better luck with Spanish tapas at Coca on Queen St.

Visiting from New York City

I liked the Beer Bistro too...but the cooler more authentic places are WEST on King or Queen at LEAST west of Spadina...but west of Bathurst is the best. You really can't beat the laid back atmosphere at the Foggy Dew Pub at King and Niagara. Really large sunny patio. 27+ crowd....sometimes the odd kid. Dogs parked with water dishes just outside the patio railings. THE best fries (and this is coming from a Montreal-er) and Peanutbutter pie. Prices range from $11-18.
The Beaconsfield is a great bar as well. It's at Queen St W and Beaconsfield. It's like the Drake Hotel's jean-clad chilled out older brother.

Patio in Financial District

Vertical (First Canadian Place - King between York and Bay)
Hey Lucy rooftop patio (King and John)
Big Daddy's (Simcoe and King)
Elephant and Castle (Simcoe and King)
Fionne and McCool (York and Adelaide)

Toronto's Best Food Neighbourhoods?

I'm really partial to my area as well... King and Bathurst.
For general groceries, the 24 hour dominion is close by.
I can also walk to Queen St. for restaurants, Kensington Market for fresh produce, breads, meats, fish and cheese and Spadina for Chinatown. What more could I ask for?

Weekday lunch at Yonge & St. Clair

I used to work at Yonge and St. Clair a few years ago, and during lunch, my favourite place was Passioné (Southeast corner). They made the BEST veal parm sandwiches. The prices are also really reasonable, and if you eat in the front of the restaurant you can line up and order and pick up your own food at the counter eliminating the need to wait around for servers. Desserts are also worth saving room for!

Your Favourite Toronto Patio

I agree, courgette... Queen Mothers has a lovely backyard patio under the trees and the flowers and I have sentimental memories there of my first date with my now husband!

I also like the Foggy Dew, just in my neighbourhood at King and Niagara. It has a beautiful BIG wraparound patio on the sunny side of the street. They also let your dog sit just outside the railing and provide bowls of water. Brunch is also good in the sunny outdoors at the Foggy Dew! It's bustling Day and night here!

Third on my list is Big Papa's Bordello on Queen at Augusta. During the summer (last year, at least) they have the Sunday Lime where iDrum plays live to house music and other amazing tracks.

What are the 5 Restaurants I need to try this summer?

Keeping it fresh and local in the west side TO.

1. Universal Grill - Dupont and Shaw (MUST TRY: Rajah's Dry Ribs....the best ribs you'll ever experience with over 50 secret spices)
2. Cafe Cinquecento - King & Niagara St. area (Amazing Italian food with the best pasta chef in the city. 10 or so tables...friendly, authentic, and romantic)
3. Bar One - Queen West at Shaw - (trendy, intimate, bustling, creative brunch though service is a bit slow...who's really in a rush for brunch anyway?)
4. Niagara Street Café - Niagara St and King W (French fine dining - expert service, good food)
5. Terroni's - Queen & Claremont (Hands down best pizza ever. I've never tried any of the other locations, but the Queen St. one is definitely happening...always a line up at peak hours, but the wait is worth it and it goes by quickly)

Brains, Intestines, Pizzle

Having grown up shopping in Asian supermarkets, I used to wander up and down the aisles with my brother trying to guess what miscellaneous parts of animal were considered offals. Many of the bins and containers of parts were not labeled in english and if they were, the translations were dodgy, so it was interesting to read this article. I had always been exposed to tripe and oxtail and headcheese and liver and kidneys, though the tastes and textures of organ meat never appealed to me. Is it all just psychological?

Apr 16, 2007
Kimberlita in Features