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Butter mochi

Yes! Butter mochi is one of my all-time favorite desserts. It's got the flavor of a Western yellow cake, but the chew and mouthfeel of a gooey Asian rice dessert. It's definitely a taste experience not to be missed. I've made it for a number of different audiences, and most of them enjoy butter mochi once they get past the texture.

I'd vouch for coconut milk rather than regular milk. I second Eat.Choui's suggestion of cooking the mochi longer than an hour - the browned top and sides are the best part.

Also, wait for your butter mochi to cool a bit before digging in. The flavor and consistency changes after a day of rest, and is much, much better!

I've also made blueberry butter mochi by adding in pie filling. It's okay, but I prefer the plain coconut version myself.

Have fun and good luck with the mochi baking!

Jun 11, 2012
soygirl2 in Home Cooking

Baked Chinese New Year Cake

This actually looks a lot like Hawaiian butter mochi or Filipino bibingka with the eggs and coconut, but not Chinese nian gao. Still looks pretty tasty, regardless of origin. Our family makes a sweet steamed nian gao for Chinese New Year. We dredge the pieces in an egg batter and fry it up (similar to French toast). Anyone else do this as well?

Jan 31, 2010
soygirl2 in Recipes

Pad Kee Mao (Spicy Ground Chicken and Rice Noodles)

bethd92692 - Vegetarian versions of oyster sauce exist which use mushroom extract instead. It's not ideal, but closer to the real thing than hoisin.

Sep 27, 2009
soygirl2 in Recipes

Personal Chef

Phil_A_Mignon - it's been a couple years since you posted your inquiry on personal chef services. Did you end up taking the plunge and did you get certified? I'm considering the career switch myself, and am trying to weigh all the drawbacks and benefits of going this route. Thanks!

Aug 12, 2009
soygirl2 in Not About Food

Eating in Ithaca, NY?

Just another update. ABC Cafe is currently closed as well. The folks at keep abreast of all food news through their site and podcasts. It's quite helpful if you're in the Ithaca area and want to learn about local eateries and vendors. And no, I'm not affiliated with them.

Tried FineLine Bistro recently and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food. My black pepper seared scallops were enormous and tasty. The place is a little noisy with the open kitchen and cavernous space, but it's a welcome addition IMHO.

Olivia in Ithaca

I've been to Olivia's twice since they opened, and weren't terribly impressed either time. The menu is enticing, but we found the dishes disappointing in the flesh. Portions were smaller than I would've liked. My colleague also had trouble with waitstaff spilling wine on him and not apologizing or accommodating him in any way. You'd be better off seeking out more memorable restaurants in Ithaca or the Finger Lakes. Try Dano's Heuriger ( if you're going to be in the Seneca Lake area.

Good luck with the restaurant searching!

Your choice for Trader Joe's BEST item

I second your opinion of the tuna in green curry. So good for lunch! It's a bit weird squishing all that fish out of a vacuum sealed package, but definitely worth the strange looks I get from coworkers.

Jun 22, 2007
soygirl2 in Chains