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Boise Restaurants

I don't have any Basque or Balkan options to contribute but I was recently in Boise for work and had a couple of great meals. I had lunch at The Milky Way on 10th Street and would have liked to try their dinner. Brick 29 is worth a drive out to Nampa. A very ambitious chef is doing good things out there. While I didn't get to eat at Andrae's, I will return to Boise just to have a meal there - the menu had my mouth watering and from what I could tell, it seems to be the finest dining in town.

Dec 06, 2007
savorlicious in Mountain States

Disappointed w/ Elliott's, looking for great nontouristy places for oysters in Seattle(?)

I have never had good experiences with the oysters at Flying Fish. I want to love them but in my experience, the haven't been shucked well - I always get shell bits. Even though it is a chain, I have always gotten great oysters at Oceanaire (7th & Olive). And as with many of the other recommendations, just sit in the bar.

Olive Oil Sampling?

They always had a selection of oils out at the old Spanish table. I can't imagine that the new spot (right across the street) isn't still sampling.

Special Request in Seattle - Queen Anne

I was surprised and bummed when the Hilltop Alehouse group switched to farmed salmon. One would assume that you wouldn't find farmed salmon in a city like Seattle but if the issue is important to you, you have to ask to be sure.

Best breakfast Pike Place Market area & critique plan

I would say lunch at Rays - for the view with light and dinner at Pink door where you wouldn't have a view unless you were on their deck (and I'm not sure whether it would be open in October). And besides, Pink Door often has some very entertaining shows in the evening and reports about the new chef are great.

Senior Moose is delicious

Lunch at Matt's is great and for Sunday breakfast, I would recommend Cafe Campagne - French bistro in style, right in the market and therefore convenient to your shopping.

I visited Seattle and all I came back with was great food memories

I agree with everyone so far that this was a very interesting report to read. But did anyone notice that it was posted in 2003? When did the Herbfarm move to Woodinville? Matt's in the Market is totally changed and I can't really comment on Cascadia (haven't been there in quite some time even though I keep meaning to try the happy hour) or Mashiko.

crabcakes from chesapeake crab co. at ballard seafood fest

When you get those cravings for home-spun crab cakes, I'm pretty sure that Oceanaire offers both a dungeness crab cake and one made with Maryland crab.

Best Eats in Pike Place Market (SEA)??

Even though I'm a long time resident of Seattle and lover of the market, I just recently went on a food tour with a new company called Savor Seattle. It would be a great way to get some history while also getting to sample many of the recommendations mentioned in this thread ... Beecher's, chukar cherries and more. Check it out at

One night in Seattle?

For one of the best beer lists in Seattle and good bar food that is also close to the stadium, go to Collins pub on 2nd Avenue between James & Yesler. For later in the evening, I agree with the belltown recommendation. You will have a broad range of options within a few blocks. If after the game, everyone is still in the mood for beers and burgers, mrnelso's recommendation for Two Bells (4th Avenue betw. Bell & Blanchard) is a good one - very Seattle.

Seattle, help me spend $150

Zoe's is a great choice

Seattle, help me spend $150

I think Cascadia is worth checking out. It meets all of the criteria you mention. You can peruse their menu at

seattle with kids- wild ginger and pub rec's

The Barking Dog at 70th & 7th Avenue is kid friendly as is Old Town Tavern on Old Ballard Avenue. Both have great selections of Belgian beers as well as local. Boundary Bay IPA is one of my favorite northwest beers and in my opinion, it tastes better at Old Town than anywhere else.

MN foodie visiting Spokane and Coeur D'Alene

Do not miss the burgers at Hudson's. It is a casual lunch counter right across from the Coeur d'Alene resort and it is so popular that when McDonalds tried to move in next door, Hudsons drove them out of business. The Hudson burgers come with any combination of pickles, onions & cheese. Since Hudson's doesn't serve fries, I can easily eat 2 of these burgers. I look forward to every opportunity I can to get a Huddie burger!

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner, Seattle

My closest friend had her rehearsal dinner in the upstairs area at Tulio. I have no idea about cost but it is a solid, attractive restaurant in downtown Seattle (attached to the Vintage Park Hotel if anyone needs accommodations) and who doesn't like Italian? For a very Seattle View out to the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains, you could check out the cost of the private room at Six Seven (the restaurant at the Edgewater Hotel). There you would probably have a lot of seafood options but should be able to keep it pretty basic. Good luck.

Food in Seattle

Green Leaf is delicious but pretty small. I don't know whether they take reservations but I would call ahead with a big group. I would recommend Steelhead Diner. It is a delicious newcomer and I can't see any problems with kids. Brunch would be great there. I also agree with Barleywino that Zoe would be the least comfortable/appealing for kids. Crow (at the bottom of Queen Anne hill) or recently opened sister restaurant, Betty, at the top of the hill would also be good additions to your list.

Snoose Junction in Ballard?

Very excited for a late night slice, I tried this for the first time last night and was incredibly disappointed. The crust can only be likened to cardboard. I couldn't get through either one of the varieties that we opted for.

Good Lox in Seattle?

What about Jensen's smokehouse at 10520 Greenwood Ave. N? They have a wide variety of deliciously smoked salmon products. As to the quality of lox vs. what you remember from New York - I think you should check it out and let us know how it compares.

Just moved in 7th & James- Seattle

I'm really impressed with the breadth of those two responses from mrnelso and tilt. I agree with everything they noted and would like to know how the whole "Pike's" thing got started in the first place. Anyway, I just wanted to add that in the same way that so many coffee roasters deserve mention, the local beers should be noted to. Seattle has a wonderful selection of high quality micro-breweries. Look for delicious beers from Elysian, Maritime, Big Time, Port Townsend, Boundary bay ... Just like Starbucks, Redhook and Pyramid paved the way but are no longer what they used to be.

Good eats near the Ace Hotel - Seattle

The cyclops, right under the Ace hotel (in Seattle) is a fun and local place that has been around for years. Check out Black Bottle on 1st and Vine, a few block north (to left as you exit hotel.) Delicious cocktails at Marjorie on 2nd & Battery. And the Ace hotel is walking distance to Pike Place market where you will find all sorts of good snacks from sit down places to sidewalk counters. Mee Sum pastry for a humbow is a personal favorite every time I'm in the market but there is also a great crepe cafe as well as good mexican at el puerco lloron on the stairclimb down from the market (between Western Avenue and the waterfront).

morell cheese in seattle area?

The Cheese Cellar in the Fisher Plaza also has a great selection. They might be able to help you find what you are looking for.

Seattle: Teriyaki Wonderland

With all of the posts about the proliferation of terriyaki joints around Seattle, I'm wondering which ones really stand out for quality. Any opinions?

Quintessential Seattle dining experience?

For Sunday brunch, Cafe Campagne in the market is excellent. Etta's (another Tom Douglas restaurant) at the north end of the market would be a good option too. I'd be curious to know where Giada went to brunch on Bainbridge. The ferry ride there and back is a great way to experience the Seattle skyline from the water. Rather than brunch, I would be inclined to get off on the other side and walk or cab to Harbour Public House. It's casual pub fare but the setting on the marina looking back toward the city is very northwest indeed. And whether you try them there or around town, the local beers are a treat. NY doesn't really have anything that compares to the hoppy beers from Seattle.

Seattle- Perfect french fries?

Yikes - maybe he paid particular attention to our order having cited them as some of the best in town.

Apr 12, 2007
savorlicious in Greater Seattle

Seattle- Perfect french fries?

I noticed this post yesterday and found myself at Coppergate in Ballard last night where the owner advised that they are serving the 2nd best fries in the city (after Sambar). Unable to resist that challenge, we ordered them up. And they are good, though not traditional. They are seasoned with dill and salt and served with a curried ketchup. The best part was that you could really taste quality potato. They were very fluffy inside. I would have preferred a little crispier on the outside but overall, a good frites experience. Oh and if it is just a taste you are after, they didn't advertise the smaller portion. We only noticed it in front of another customer after we had scarfed the big plate.

Apr 12, 2007
savorlicious in Greater Seattle

The Grass is Always Greener

Corner Bistro burger ... yummmm. But I tell you that I'd give anything for a hoppy NW beer to go with one when I'm there.

Best Fish and Chips: Seattle

Old Town Tavern in Ballard has good Fish and Chips.

Outdoor Happy Hours

Flying Fish and Cascadia on First Avenue in Belltown and although the sun doesn't really hit it, Margorie's on 2nd Avenue has a very sweet deck and delicious cocktails.

SEA: Wines from Alsace

The convenience factor is obviously huge. Dan McCarthy (QA) and Jay Schiering (Ravenna) are partners so I think the stores are like-minded. QA has always been more convenient for me so I know and like the staff there but I'm sure that Ravenna would take good care of you. Stop in tomorrow. They have wines open for tasting on Saturdays and you can check the place out.

Ice Wine...

If your local wine shop doesn't have something in stock and can't order it in for you, is a great tool for seeking something out. I only got 1 result when I searched for the Sokol Blosser Ice wine but searches will often turn up a range of retailers around the country. It also allows you to shop for the best price. Whether or not you can have it shipped to you depends on individual state laws.

SEA: Wines from Alsace

I'm a big fan of the staff at McCarthy & Schiering on Queen Anne. And if they don't have what you are looking for in the store, they can always order it in for you.