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Dining with kids in Vancouver & Whistler

We took my boyfriend's little brother (8) and mother out for dinner when they were here last year, we went to Boneta, Rangoli, Kingyo and Cafe Medina with no problems.

For Boneta we had a fairly early seating but the rest were during their peak hours and there were no problems.

As above the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company is great for kids and the pizza is great!

What happened to Lombardos in downtown Vancouver?

What was wrong with Nook? From your opinion Selena? We were there a couple weeks ago and thought it was alright...

Ultrafine silver or gold edible foil

The last time I was at the cook book company I'm positive that I saw some towards the back of the store.

Raw Bar in Calgary??

Sorry, I'm assuming with a bisque that the soup is supposed to be creamy and silky smooth, you shouldn't have the smallest morsel of lobster in it because that is not the way a bisque is presented. The lobster will be pureed into the soup.

Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong...

Need some help in Calgary.

I thought that while the meat and decor at the palace of eats was good the bread wasn't tough enough to handle the greasy-ness of the meat and so the bread tended to fall apart. That being said the Palace of Eats horseradish mustard was SO good!

I'm still looking for something to compare to Schwartz's.

Restaurant help in Calgary Please

I wouldn't suggest Salt and Pepper, it wasn't great when I was there last ( that being said, it could have improved or been an off night.

Corporate Catering in Calgary

Part of my oh so exciting job is to find caterers for our group's monthly lunches. I have three that are my standbys, Gruman's, Spolumbo's and Sunterra. While these are great I would love to have some input from the foodies here on anywhere that delivers fantastic corporate catering.

Generally I tend to order sandwiches, but I'm happy to change things up a bit and if it is worthwhile order something hot.

My thoughts on the current Caterers:

Grumans: Fantastic food, always very fresh. The service is fantastic and they have never missed a delivery time (which is important when you have a bunch of hungry coworkers to feed). I'm not completely impressed with their desserts, but since the sandwiches rock, I'm not complaining.

Spolumbo's : Again great sandwiches (and I dont' expect less from these guys), HUGE portions and very meat centric. My only problem with them is they often rely on meaty things and the vegetarians in our group aren't always happy when I order from here, plus, their salads aren't great. Very tasty and home made feeling desserts.

Sunterra: They are good, but not great, they have a fantastic sandwich selection which we love, but their inability to deliver on time makes things a bit difficult. This might have changed, but I know in the past they have left me wanting and in awkward situations. That being said when the food comes it is good.

So that being said, does anyone have any other suggestions for catering that I can order in for lunches or when our people are working late.

CHOW's Intense Brownies

I made these last night. I have had ridiculous issues in the past with Brownies and these officially broke my curse, I added chunks of white chocolate and did with some white chocolate shavings on the top.

They taste fantastic and incredibly rich.

Sep 04, 2007
foxyfreckles in Recipes

Tommy's Burger Bar opening downtown (Cgy)

The Veggie burger is definitly good though. I've had both that and their Chop salad. Both were very good. Definitely love their onion rings too.

Lunch close to St Paul's Hospital?

I wouldn't recommend eating at Tsunami, it misses the mark in my opinion with regards to freshness, there are a few small restaurants on Helmecken which looked pretty cool when I walked by.

If you're looking for something healthy there is also a Hyrise which looks like it might over price fruit and veg but the stuff they have looks really nice.

Best place for Chinese in Calgary

Oriental Phoenix is fantastic, but I thought that Vietnamese would really need it's own discussion.

That being said I think that the one downtown isn't quite as good as the one down south. Has anyone else felt that way? (I will still go to the one down town if I'm in the mood for Vietnamese... it is very gorgeous)

Calgary - best Black Forest Cake

Why don't you try Brulee Bakery? They've always had very fantastic cakes that have wow'ed people every time I've seen them served.

I've never been disappointed with them and both my family and others I know have used them each time making a definite impression.

Mexican withdrawal in Calgary

I had a pretty bad experience at the Salt and Pepper on McLeod (I don't even know if it's still open) years ago. There was freezer burn on my burrito... it was concerning...

It's really unfortunate because I don't think it's THAT hard to make Mexican food... other than tortillas, I have no desire to try to make them as they remind me of chappati and that was a difficult/stressfull experience

Mexican withdrawal in Calgary

I had a quick lunch from the Taco Del Mar at 130th on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised, the burrito was very tasty and HUGE. I ate half of it and the other half has been taunting me in the fridge since then. The hot sauce had a bit of a kick, I was impressed with the heat in the medium so I'm sure the Hot would be quite HOT. Plus they have a very tasty selection of beans.

The owner was very nice as well, obviously trying to get his business off the ground and being very accomodating/friendly, (though offering my mother the seniors discount did not win him any points in her books); he gives discounts to seniors and members of the armed forces.

It was very good and so filling. Worth trying if you're in the area, though probably not up to the snuff of the good Mexican you can find down in the states.

Zipang Sushi (Calgary)

Where is it located in Calgary? It sounds great!

Calgary Steakhouse recommendation?

Aren't you supposed to let meat rest after cooking it? Wouldn't that iron skillet sort of defeat the purpose?

FFWD Best Of Calgary 2007

I am REALLY hating that the Cheesecake Cafe would win for best dessert. I find their cheese cake to be WAY too heavy and the crust always tasted a little burnt.

Has it improved since the last time I was there?

All in all there have to be better places in this city for dessert than there! What about all the Gelato places? Grr

New Restaurant Brief: Nandos and La Pachanga (Calgary)

I have to admit that Nandos was my take out place when I lived in London. It's a bit of an institution there and I've found that the Peri Peri sauce really does a wonder for your sinuses if you have a cold!

It's fantastic I just need a really good reason to get up to the north before I make the effort.

New Crave Cupcakes (Cgy)

I hear you about the frontage, there used to be a pretty cool used clothing store and a great bagel place when I went to highschool down there. I was pretty disappointed when I moved back and found those had been torn down and closed.

I suppose thats just the way things go, though I didn't know it was going to be an HSBC, that is VERY disappointing. I suppose it's hard for small boutiques to afford that kind of shop in that location though.

With that indigo lite store going across the street the area is going to get a little more chainy... I hope it doesn't change too much more!

New Crave Cupcakes (Cgy)

I'm a lover of crave too, though the post crave guilt is pretty massive!

I walked past last night at around 6pm and they had sold everything except for one raspberry chocolate cupcake... it was very tasty.

Looks like they are selling out pretty frequently which I think is great because they have a pretty half decent product to sell!

Best place for Chinese in Calgary

I LOVE chinese food but my significant other isn't really a fan. His comment last night suggested that he loved the taste but the experience always left him with this giant stodgey greasy horrible feeling in his stomach that he really doesn't like.

I am going to chalk that up to bad experiences and that he doesn't actually dislike the cuisine.

When I lived in Vancouver we went to great chinese places and now whenever I go back we head over to Sun Sui Wah because in my opinion it is great. I'm needing a chinese food fix that is of that quality. I know I can make him come around.

So my question is, what is the BEST Chinese restaurant in Calgary, we are not interested in buffets but suggestions for Dim Sum would also be great!

(I've been to Vietnamese places and I'm pretty loyal to Oriental Phoenix so don't try to tempt me away!!)

Outstanding service in Calgary?

They're actually moving, I called the restaurant a couple of minutes ago, looks like they're going into a location just across from Flames Central where the old Dairy Queen used to be, they should be opening sometime in the late summer.

Outstanding service in Calgary?

I knew it was happening, I just didn't realise it was SO soon ... now I'm going to only have my curry fix on the weekends (or when I make it).

Talk about a bummer!

(my man will also be sad because of the closing of the cigar shop)


Outstanding service in Calgary?

Mango Shiva, not during Lunch, but in the evenings we had the BEST waiter who was really very friendly but not ovely in your face. It was probably the best service I have had in this city in ages.

The Coup is great too and really accomodating, effectively it is as described above.

I liked The Tribune but when I was there I felt the "almost" crossed the line into annoying service. There is a distinct difference between waiters at places like "Jack Asstor's" and places like the Tribune. I shouldn't feel like I'm in one when I'm in the other.

My mother mentioned the other day that The Metropolitan Grill won't let people who are under 25 make reservations. This I think is ridiculous as I have made MANY reservations for myself and others. That is stupid service.

I need help in Calgary!

I think Kim Ahn on 17th is WAY better than Thi Thi, but then maybe I'm totally biased :D. I think that is generally a personal bias though, and Thi Thi is still pretty great.

Wings in Calgary

It's also worth a try at The Unicorn down town, they dont' do a "wings night" (from what I remember) but I do remember their wings being particularly big and moist.

VERY important!

Vancouver B.C. for 3 days-must eats?

YES, it is SUPER tasty, every time I have gone to van over the past few years we make a trip to Sun Sui Wah. SOOOO good.

I need help in Calgary!

There are loads of places to try, check my blog as the one above, you should also try a couple websites:

Those two sites are my fall back, for reviews I tend to check FFWD and take a look at the Calgary Sun too ( I know I know it's not a great NEWS paper) they review lots of things so it can help you out if you're not sure where to go!