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New recommendations for Shanghai dining

Hi, a friend of mine who has relatives in Shanghai just sent me a suggestion for my one dinner in Shanghai (only staying one full day) and it is Shanghai Lao Zhan. I did a bit of research and it looks a bit touristy / atmospheric, but not all about food. It's even linted in Frommers. I don't want to discount it, just wanted to see if anyone had an experience with this place. Many thanks!

Tatiana (Brighton Beach): Buffet or a la Carte?

If you are just going for food, I think you'll be disappointed, not that it's bad food, just nothing special. Tatiana, as may have already been stated in previous posts is an experience... if you do a buffet, you get a table for the whole evening (I believe this place is opened at least until 2am)... it is too much food, you can take the rest with you home :). And I don't believe there is a corkage fee, if you don't drink vodka, I'd strongly suggest bringing your own alchohol, it is quite common for Brighton Beach Restaurants...

Dec 01, 2010
latinrusso in Outer Boroughs

Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing

I am OK skipping hotel restaurants... Da Dong instead of Made in China for duck? I'll be on Sunday morning/afternoon in Shanghai before heading off by train to Hangzhou, any strong recommendations for Sun Brunch / Dim Sum around Pudong?

Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing

Dustin, thank you so much for your reply! Aman in Beijing... very good news on the restaurant prices. They sent me a special dinner menu and it was 1,880 +15% service CNY pp... but included a Gu Zheng player :)... Happy to forward/attach the menu if anyone is interested.

I think it's a really good idea to change Jesse to lunch... and, if you had one place to try around the PH Shanghai for dinner? Although I am not sure if I'll be too stuffed after lunch at Jesse.
Also, how far is Yahg's Fry Dumplings from PH? Thanks again!

Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing

Hi, this is my first post... and I am getting very excited about a very special trip to China next year. Looking to experience true Chinese food (can be expensive).

I'll be staying 2 nights (only one and a half days really, since my plane will arrive at 11pm) in Shanghai, staying at Park Hyatt.

In Shanghai, I am considering Jasse for dinner and Din Tai Fung for late lunch... Any other suggestions? Special places for dinner? Not too fancy though, as I think I'll be too jetlagged to appreciate a very long deal.

In Hangzhou, I'll be staying for 3 nights at the Amanfayun. I am having one dinner there (probably at the vegetarian restaurant), one dinner Dai Jianjun and a dinner at Jin Sha at the new Four Seasons hotel on West lake... Thoughts???

Now on to the real question :). I'll be 5 nights at Beijing, staying 2 nights at the Park Hyatt Beijing and 3 nights at Aman. For the first two nights -- I'll probably do Made in China (perhaps duck) and haven’t decided on the second night...

Now, as far as Aman is concerned -- I am having a lunch at Naoki (I kow it’s not Chinese), but from what I understand the food at other restaurants on the property is not that good and EXTREMELY expensive. Being, that Aman at Summer Palace is about 45 mins away from the city center, any recommendation for nice dining in the vicinity (short taxi ride)?

Thank you!