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"Old Palm Springs"

Agree with Melvyn's and several others. Don't care for Sherman's Deli (either location). Suggest you check out "The Nest" in Indian Wells.

May 22, 2014
justanotherpenguin in California

Where can a girl get live, cheap lobster?

You will be very hard pressed to find one cheaper than 99 Ranch. And flying to New England costs even more...

May 22, 2014
justanotherpenguin in California

Which wine tasting room in Temecula has the best red wine?

We've lived in the area for about five years and are very much into red (heavy) wines. Our two favorite are Doffo and Wiens.

You may also want to check out the Yelp reviews - some of them are quite good.

May 19, 2014
justanotherpenguin in California

Bacon Vodka - What to do with it besides drink

White Elephant Exchange Gift. I can picture people fighting over it just for the name...

Trip to Temecula

We moved to the general area about five years ago and have visited quite a number of places.

The one dinner place that I would not miss would be Gourmet Italia. I know that it's not Chowhound, but you might want to check it out on Yelp. Place is truly amazing.

For breakfast you may want to check out the Swing Inn in old town Temecula. Huge homemade cinammon rolls and good food. Always busy, but quick service.

The other place that I would suggest is the Rainbow Inn. It is located about 15 miles south of Temecula off the 15 freeway. Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you are looking for something specific, please post more info.

Oct 24, 2013
justanotherpenguin in California

Top quality wines in Temecula?

Concur with Doffo & Weins. Have not been to Palumbo or Hart. Would like to add Robert Renzoni to the mix.

Apr 18, 2013
justanotherpenguin in California

Scared of awful Burbank restaurants....

I believe that there are certain instances when 9 year old threads should be allowed to die...

Hummingbird nectar-sugar&water or store bought?

We have two areas for hummingbirds. Use a 1:4 sugar/hot water mixture. We do not boil or add food coloring. Sometimes have 20-30 hummers buzzing around. They've gotten so brazen that they will return to the feeders while we are still hanging them up. Currently go through 25 pounds of sugar every 2-3 months. The funny thing is that we have several birds that "think" that they're hummers...

Temecula wineries: good wine, nice setting, and family-friendly? Is this possible?

Hi,Nicole. I hope that this reply is not to late.

First of all, please do not be put off by some of the condescending snobbish comments. These people are too distanced from reality to be taken seriously. It is one of the reasons that I no longer post regularly on Chowhound.

My wife and I moved to the general area (Canyon Lake) approximately 3 1/2 years ago. We have three adult children (33,30 & 27) and two toddler grandchildren. We have been wine tasting all over California, a bit in New York, and even in Tuscany. In our experience, there are good and bad wineries everywhere.

Temecula is no exception. There are good and bad. We go there regularly, and have been with large groups, small groups, and our grand-kids with their parents. Our preference is reds, so the following list is a bit skewed. We have found that more than three wineries in one go-around is too much. Go and enjoy!

Weins Family Cellars
Robert Renzoni Vineyards
Oak Mountain Winery
Danza del Sol Winery

Jun 02, 2012
justanotherpenguin in California

Who remembers La Barbera's pizza in West L.A.?

At one time they had at least two locations, one where you mention, the other in Toluca Lake. Both were closed down and the family purchased an old German restaurant (?Matterhorn?) on Oxnard, just west of Woodman. I still go there when in the area.

Orange County for large family meal.

Thank you for your input. Unfortunately you are correct, "exotic" would not work. I will check out the others.

Orange County for large family meal.

I have tried to search for other threads and am unable to find ones that are relatively recent and address my topic. If I have missed them, please point me out in the right direction.

My in-laws decided several years ago that the best way to celebrate Mother's Day was to go to a restaurant for lunch the Saturday before. This has worked out quite well as the restaurants are not very busy and it leaves Sunday for the individual families to celebrate with other in-laws, etc. We are a group of about 20 adults and 5 great grand-kids under 5. In the past we have been to Buco de beppo and other such places. We have tried to get a private room, though that is not an absolute necessity. We've also tried to find places that offer "family style" meals (easily shareable) though, again, that is not required.

The family now stretches from Santa Clarita to San Diego to Palm Springs and into Orange County, Ideally, the place should be in the Orange County area, along the 91 and further south. We are trying to keep the cost under $30/person (food only). Any suggestions will be appreciated. I would love to find a place that is not a chain, though not everyone shares my opinion. Thanx.

Need my Pierogi

Here is a link (with a link within) with some valuable information. Bazaar is still around, and, in my opinion, the best for Russian style pirozhki. I don't believe that Traktir survived.

Attn: Splenda Users

we did the same thing about 2 months ago. cannot tell the difference.

Bone-In Lamb Shoulder?

I 2nd the SuperKing, and there are two in your area: in Altadena on Lincoln just north of Woodbury and on San Fernando Road just west of the #2 freeway. Parking is horrible.

At times they have actually carried American bone-in lamb.

Costco ciabatta rolls - are they gone?

We just started getting them at the Lake Elsinore store - delicious!

Sep 04, 2011
justanotherpenguin in Chains

Need a New Favorite Italian Resteraunt

?Far Niente

Far Niente Ristorante
204 1/2 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203

Gennaro's Ristorante
1109 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91202

El Tepeyac #2 Coming Soon...

if you're coming from downtown la, unless you are heading much further east than the 605, you're better off going to the original on evergreen.

El Tepeyac #2 Coming Soon...

it is not any member of his family. (unless he is lying to me!)

El Tepeyac #2 Coming Soon...

after over 40 years of hanging out at the original, got to try out the new one yesterday.

the best part is that the quality of food is identical. we had a hollenbeck and the machaca (our usual standbys) and they were great. as noted above, this has beer and wine and i was told that they are planning a full bar - certainly have the room. large room, large bar, large outdoor seating area and plenty of parking. also, there was no wait, though the service was a bit slower than at the old location.

the worst part - there was no manuel pouring tequilla shots, etc., kissing my wife's hand and giving me my usual hug. it also feels strange sitting in a large room, with 10-12 foot ceilings and not being squeezed like sardines. i think that it's one of those: "you can't go home again" moments.

will definitely be stopping again. being at the 60 & 605 is a lot more convenient for me now than evergreen, but the original location will always be #1.

i hope that they spread some more and can maintain the food quality.

Endless fun Sunday Brunch

is this one of those: "it all depends on how you define 'is' is moments? (bill clinton)

El Tepeyac #2 Coming Soon...

i actually spoke with Manuel at the original on evergreen about this 5-6 months ago. he confirmed that they are related, though somewhat of a franchise. the owners of the new location are paying him a very large royalty, and he has complete control in getting it going. they also have options for other locations. so watch out! (i told him that i hope that they continue moving south along the I-15.)

Does anyone know of this type of deep-fried hot dog?

i am impressed!

but seriously... how did it taste?

Throwing a manly-man Cloudburst (rather than a shower)

Son is getting married next month. Since all of the women have been running around throwing showers, I have decided to throw a Cloudburst. Pretty sure that we will do steaks & potatoes, but need ideas for appetizers and deserts that ooze of manliness.

We will have about 15-20 men of varying ages (14-84). It seems to me that food items requiring fire pits and blow torches will be appropriate. Clouds will be bursting this coming Saturday (5/21).

Input will be greatly appreciated.

Lake Elsinore, Murrieta, Temecula

we really should try to keep this thread alive.

new place opened a few months ago in the stater bros shopping center at railroad canyon and canyon hills rd. called "grapes & tomatoes". we and several friends have been and are very favorably impressed. they have gourmet pizzas and italian inspired food. very nice wine selection. definitely worth going to.

immediately next door is a new donut place: "wolfee's". excellent and open 24 hours.

Grapes & Tomatoes
29997 Canyon Hills Rd, Lake Elsinore, CA 92532

May 16, 2011
justanotherpenguin in California

Broasted Chicken in LA

did try dinah's. don't care what they call it. i call it horrible.

darn i miss amber's!

Elsinore-Menifee-Temecula Valley. Ingredient, specialty and ethnic supply stores.

trying to bump again.

May 16, 2011
justanotherpenguin in California

Lunch or dinner near JPL?

i used to live 1 block from jpl and know the area well. the closest food establishments are about 1 1/2 - 2 miles west along foothill blvd. taylors, dish, chipotle, several mexican, sushi, pizza, etc. nothing really great, but all edible. even a conrad's coffee shop that has outstanding fried chicken.

can also go about five miles west (foothill to verdugo to honolulu) and wind up in montrose village which also has a decent selection.

going directly east takes you into northwest pasadena and altadena. questionable areas, but there is a great gelato place called bulgarini's.

ps: the jpl open house is great! enjoy.

It's Artichoke Season - Who's Got 'Em?

thumbs up!

It's Artichoke Season - Who's Got 'Em?

not quite in your area, but in the last couple of weeks we have found fantastic artichokes in the temecula area and in san diego. at vons in san diego and stater bros in temecula. maybe you should check out your vons. (i swear that one pair that we got at stater is the best fresh artichoke that i've ever had!)