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Best and Worst Food Magazines

I agree about the quality of the design and the photography leaving much to be desired. And yes the advertisements and advertorials are annoying. I stopped reading the articles a while ago, for the same reasons you mention. It felt a little too much like a poorly written travel brochure. However, I guess I'm forgiving on some of the text issues because there is an italian language version and I'm hoping that it's an issue of poor translation. Ah well, I only subscribe for the recipes anyway.

Best and Worst Food Magazines

My favorites are...
1. Saveur: reports on world cuisine and real cooks which i find refreshing. The recipes are often complicated, however.
2. Gourmet: Ruth Reichl edits and she's covering more world cuisine. The recipes are tasty and it also looks good. It's becoming very similar to Saveur these days.
3. La Cucina Italiana: Features good regional cuisines from italy that you don't see in the U.S. Recipes are hit or miss.
4. Cooking Light: I've recently renewed my subscription. The recipes are better than they were 5 years ago and I like the nutritional information.
5. Gastronomica: a good food journal
9. Art Culinaire: nice food porn industry "magazine"

1. Donna Hay: food porn meets Martha Stewart. It seems like all fluff and the presentation is intimidating. Plus: it's too darn expensive.
2. Rachel Ray: I've never found anything interesting in her magazine.
3. Bon Apetite: My friend gives me her copy, but nothing looks appetizing, as you say.
4. Food and Wine: too pretentious.
5. Cooks Illustrated: it's not the worst, but I'm tired of the overly simple how-to's and I don't need another chicken pot pie recipe. I find it a tad boring, but i respect it.

Graham Kerr / Galloping Gourmet video?

Hi. I've been scouring the web and libraries for video of the old Galloping Gourmet show (Graham Kerr) from the 60's and 70's. It seems like there was an A&E biography on him with footage from the show, but it's out of print. Does anyone have a copy or a source for this video? I have a hunch he's not interested in that show being released since he promotes healthy living now. However, I can't even find his more recent shows except for a "Lifestyle" series.