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Delray area restaurant

I ate at Del Merei Grille last Monday night and thought it was great. I'd recommend it, though it's not Mexican or Italian. It's homey food with a southern flair. The cheese grits were amazing, and the frickles (fried pickle chips) were also great.

What is in a Chicken Madness?

Man, now I really want a Chicken Madness. It was a staple for me when I was a poor grad student at Georgetown! I might have to make a stop at Wisemiller's this weekend. Thanks for reminding me how good they are! You are not just being nostalgic!

PS 7 - Has anyone been there for RW?

I was at PS7's for RW last Tuesday and thought it was great. Good service, great food, and nice selection. I had the scallops for my entree and my husband had the veal breast and sweetbreads--both were delicious. You can read my review in my blog:

Baltimore Recs for Post-Graduation Dinner?

My husband is graduating from University of Baltimore in a few weeks, and I am looking for a restaurant for dinner after the ceremony for five people. We live near DC and I am not familiar with Baltimore--any recommendations for a moderate ( two $$) restaurant that is not too exotic? (His parents will also be there, visiting from the midwest, and they prefer more 'traditional' food.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Dinner in Bethesda

Hungrydog--I've always wondered about Le Vieux Logis--I live about two blocks from it and drive by it everyday, but I've never been. It looks a little kitschy. Is it traditional French?

Dinner in Bethesda

I second Jaleo, Rock Creek and Cesco.

Also good:
David Craig (on St. Elmo)
Tako Grill--fabulous sushi/japanese on Wisconsin
Raku (on Woodmont) -- Asian food

I've heard great things about Persimmon (on Wisconsin), but I've never been.