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Pho in NoVA

Pho Golden Cow (@ Bailey's) does too. I stuffed a whole leaf in my mouth not knowing what it was. "Mmmm... salad greens! Oh wait...." lol

Pho in NoVA

After a decade up here, I finally decided to try pho. I had some last week (Pho Golden Cow) and it was good, but naturally I have no basis for comparison. What are some good places to try in NoVA?

Restaurants in the Landmark/Duke St area

How would I know if I'm getting the Chinese menu at TemptAsian? Only menu I've ever seen doesn't have much English on it (and the little there is has some funny sounding translations)

Any update about Overwood in Old Town?

Just walked down that way on a whim and they are opening this week! I went in and got 2 test covers for lunch Thursday.