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"Obscure" ethnic eats

All the standards (Chinese, Thai, Italian, etc)...Korean, Spanish, German, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Kyrygz, Nigerian, Senegalese, Ethiopian, a few others.

Just looking for some new dining experiences. Am open to repeating a type of cuising if a place is highly recommended.

Dec 17, 2010
Chartrand in Outer Boroughs

"Obscure" ethnic eats

Hi. Grew up in NY but now in Chicago. Whenever I come home, I like trying off-the-beaten-path ethnic restaurants. Stuff I can't find in Chicago.

For example, on recent trips home had Yemeni food on Atlantic Avenue, Indonesian in Elmhurst, and Algerian in the East Village.

Coming home for the weekend. Any suggestions? Preferably close to a subway. Lunch or dinner is OK. Prefer Brooklyn or Queens, but open to the other outer boroughs too.

Dec 17, 2010
Chartrand in Outer Boroughs

"Rare" ethnic restaurants?

Bumping this, as am going home again this weekend and know places open up in NYC weekly (and certainly since last year).

Any new "different" ethnic cuisine out there? Since initially posting this thread, have had Algerian at Nomad, Sri Lankan at Sigiri, Venezuelan/arepas at Caracas Arepas, Uzbek/Bukharian at Taam Tov as well as Bulgarian and Indonesian in Queens, and Yemeni in Brooklyn.

Looking for some new ethnic dining adventures for my trip home!

Sep 02, 2009
Chartrand in Manhattan

"Rare" ethnic eats in SF?

Burmese, Cameroonian, Chifa, Hakka, Laotian, Nicaraguan, Salvadorean

"Rare" ethnic eats in SF?

Hi..I'll be visiting from Chicago later this week. Have been to SF once before and quite enjoyed it. Wherever I go, I like trying types of ethnic food that I can't easily find here (ie. not Indian, Chinese, Greek, Vietnamese, etc).

Have skimmed the archives and seen a few recs for Burmese food. Any suggestions?

Also any other "rare" ethnic restaurants in SF or easy access via BART? (think Kenyan or Bolivian rather than Italian or Japanese). Thanks.

Unrelated, but on my first trip there I didn't get around to having cioppino. Any specific recommendations for "best cioppino in SF"?

Hot Dougs

First off, expect a line. I went last Saturday at around 3 and was still a 30 minute line outside. If you're someone (or going with someone) who might be cold, prepare accordingly.

I haven't had anything bad there either. I'm normally pretty full off of ordering 2 of the specials (usually a Game of the Week and something else), but the not-so-exotic are great too.

Actually not a big fan of the duck fat fries. They're a bit greasy and salty for me. Lots of others rave about it though, so if you're going you should probably try it.

Have fun!

Feb 01, 2008
Chartrand in Chicago Area

ISO- Unusually unique ethnic restaurant

Don't bother. RST is correct on the location. It says it's Lao on the outside, but it's one of those generic Asian "pick 3 items for $5" takeout places with things like chow mein and pad thai noodles. It might (or might not) be good in its own right, but wasn't what I was seeking (I did not stay and went down to old fallback of Tank Noodle instead).

Nov 19, 2007
Chartrand in Chicago Area

ISO- Unusually unique ethnic restaurant

I'm very much like you (when I was home in NYC last month, tried a Yemeni place).

Here's some off the top of my head:

Peruvian: Taste of Peru, in Rogers Park;
Nigerian/Ghanaian: Bolat, by Wrigley; ;get the goat with the coconut rice!
Ethiopian: Ethiopian Diamond, north on Broadway;
Lithuanian: Duke's, out past Midway;
Senegalese: Yassa, south side; good food; been with a group...area was a bit sketchy to some

Also saw a Laotian place opened up on Broadway recently; will check it out this weekend probably and report back.

Nov 16, 2007
Chartrand in Chicago Area

"Rare" ethnic restaurants?

I'm from NYC, but now in Chicago. Lately, have taken up a semihobby of trying as many different nationalities of ethnic restaurants as I can find. It's fun to explore and compare/contrast.

I'm coming home for a week or two, and know there's no place better than NYC to add to my "list". Any suggestions for places a bit different than Chinese or Mexican?

The following are those I HAVE tried, or seen in Chicago, so NOT looking for in NYC (in addition to the "obvious", like Spanish, Thai, etc):

Americas: Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Ecuadorean, Peruvian, Argentinean, Brazilian

Africa: Moroccan, Ethiopian, Nigerian/Ghanaian

Europe: Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish, Cypriot, Czech/Bohemian, Portuguese, Polish

Former Soviet: Russian, Armenian, Lithuanian, Uzbek, Ukrainian

Asian/Middle Eastern: Afghan, Burmese, Filipino, Lebanese, Malaysian, Israeli, Turkish, Persian, Nepali, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Korean

So, any recommendations of Algerian or Laotian or Martian cuisine?

Thanks in advance!

Mar 19, 2007
Chartrand in Manhattan