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Whisky ‘body blended’ by porn stars on sale

A pervert and his money are soon parted.

Jun 09, 2015
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Chowhounder's Whisky Tasting Blog?

May 30, 2015
ultramagnetic in Spirits

vodka + vermouth, but not a "vodka martini"

The Kangaroo was, I believe, the original name.

Mar 26, 2014
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Has anyone tried this stuff?

Taking a page from the BrewDog gimmickry playbook?

Mar 13, 2014
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Martinis without Vermouth - The New Normal (At Least in LA)

This is not new at all.

Feb 18, 2014
ultramagnetic in Spirits


I'd like to know what peach vermouth is as well.

And I think it needs a name that does not include Manhattan.

Sep 05, 2013
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Seeking the basis of an "Ultimate Margarita"

Oh boy. JMF is correct.

I don't look for lusciousness in silver tequila. I don't know if I've had a 100% agave silver that I would consider vile. And the Margarita isn't a drink that would be transcendent to me.

I wondered before my first post if I should bother based on your opinion of tequila. Your defensive responses to me and others in this thread tells me my hesitation was warranted.

Aug 12, 2013
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Seeking the basis of an "Ultimate Margarita"

I can't say that I agree that the quality of triple sec is more important to a Margarita than the quality of the tequila. Or that the Margarita is a triple sec drink that uses tequila as a complement. And I'm certainly am not of the opinion that tequila is vile.

So I have some questions. Why did you use the ratios you did for the two tests? Why 3:1 tequila to orange liqueur and then 10 drops of lime juice? What were the amounts in the ratio? Unless they were very small, you were basically testing the orange liqueurs in a tequila heavy Margarita.

And then you changed to a more conventional ratio for this test. Why not use this ratio to test triple sec? Especially if you don't like tequila and consider the Margarita to be triple sec drink.

Aug 11, 2013
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Bank Note Scotch Whisky

The bottle I bought from my local shop is a 750. I did see it for the first time when I came across it on K&L's site listed as 1L. Other online stores have it listed as a 750. I guess K&L does have an even better deal than everyone else.

Nov 23, 2012
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Bank Note Scotch Whisky

I bought a bottle last week as a blend for cocktails. I've not made anything with it yet but have had a couple of tastes. It's nice on it's own. Fairly rich with some sweet fruit and vanilla just like it promises. I also got a little peat in there as well which was nice. The grain whisky component is clean. Nice full aroma. Apparently, 40% of the blend is single malt which is much higher than most. I'm hoping the extra proof will give it a solid presence when mixing. A very good value at $18.99 and better than the big name blends I've had that are $3-$4 more.

Nov 22, 2012
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Generic Triple Sec ==> Cointreau

Apparently not.

CONTROY Gets Its Green Card

Jun 19, 2012
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Looking for Kronan Swedish Punsch

South Bay Drugs?

I've read that it's been closed for a while and is in the process of reopening somewhere.

Jan 18, 2012
ultramagnetic in San Diego

Looking for Kronan Swedish Punsch

Now that Kronan is available in the U.S., does anyone know where it's being sold in San Diego, preferably in North County?

I almost always make a stop at Holiday Wine Cellar for my beer purchases when I visit and while the liquor selection there is definitely above average, I can't remember if they carry other Haus Alpenz products. BevMos in my area carry some the Haus Alpenz products but not Kronan and I wouldn't count on other BevMos to do so. What are the specialty/cocktail geek type bottle shops in the county to check out?

Jan 18, 2012
ultramagnetic in San Diego

Cheapest Tasteless Vodka for Cooking

190 proof Everclear is sold in New Jersey.

Dec 24, 2011
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Top Chef Texas - Ep. #5 - 11/30/11 (Spoilers)

Just another example of the level of sophistication that the hosts have.

moto mentioned earlier in the thread that some of the chefs seemed naive and inexperienced and didn't focus on plating and appearance of the dishes for these people. I remember one of the chefs saying something along the lines of being surrounded by so much elegance. I shouldn't be surprised that some of the chefs, like many people in society, confuse money and appearances for true style, grace and depth.

Santa Cruz County needs more high-end grocery stores......

Why don't we have stores like that? Because that is San Francisco and this is Santa Cruz. If there are so many foodies in this county, why aren't there more good restaurants? Why would you be surprised at New Leaf? I'm sure they have a better idea of what their goals are and who their customer base is than we do. Aside from the Westside location, where are they going to fit more expensive or niche products into their little stores?

Nov 20, 2011
ultramagnetic in California

surprise nice finds, and a weizenbock Q

Ayinger makes their Weizen-Bock in in the same vein as Vitus. A strong hef and not a wheat doppel. Not quite as good as Vitus as I recall, but still a very good beer.

Oct 19, 2010
ultramagnetic in Beer

Anyone want to help me name a drink?

The "Haphazard Combination of a Bunch of Booze and Lemonade that is Horribly Sweet and Strong"

Aug 03, 2010
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Beer Wars

What are the pretty good specialty brews from A-B or MillerCoors you're referring to? Some of the Michelob products? Blue Moon?

Feb 12, 2010
ultramagnetic in Beer

Ultimate Mai Tai

No orange curacao?

Dec 01, 2009
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Good inexpensive gin

Seagram's Distiller's Reserve. $15/750. Flavorful with a strong 102 proof backbone that makes it a versatile gin that works in Martinis and more complex cocktails.

Jul 31, 2009
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Any good food near Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz?

Also, both Gabriella Cafe and 515 Kitchen and Cocktails are both a few blocks north on Cedar St. from Kuumbwa.

515 Kitchen and Cocktails
santa cruz, CA, santa cruz, CA

Gabriella Cafe
910 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

May 13, 2009
ultramagnetic in California

Why won't bars stock good vermouth?

While I agree that it a it could done without too much of a hit, aside from an owner or manager's commitment to high quality ingredients and/or craft cocktails, what would be the incentive to use Vya?

Using Q or Stirrings or Fever Tree instead of gun tonic would be much worse for the bottom line than using high end vermouth. I don't know the cost of a box of tonic syrup, but I'd say it's a least 10x cheaper per drink than one of those three. Having them, or Schweppes at the least, as an option would be nice.

May 13, 2009
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Why won't bars stock good vermouth?

It's vermouth, it's not premium vodka. The money's not going to be spent to market the hell out of it or educate the masses. It's more difficult than putting it in a frosted bottle and charging more. I wonder how many people have ever had regular Bombay gin to even compare it to Sapphire. All they know is that blue bottle.

And are they necessarily going to choose Vya dry over Noilly Prat? Are they going to be able to tell the difference in their Martinis? That is never going to be a make or break question for the average person when he is deciding where to spend his money.

May 09, 2009
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Why won't bars stock good vermouth?

The simple answer is that the average bar or restaurant patron knows Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, and Macallan. Punt e Mes, Carpano Antica, and Vya are brands of which they've never heard. Furthermore, the average patron probably doesn't have a preference among the common brands of vermouth. Why bother to stock something that costs three times as much or more and will rarely, if ever, be ordered by your clientele?

And you're giving Cinzano, M&R, and Noilly Prat a bum rap. They are better quality products than Scoresby, Cossack, etc..

May 07, 2009
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Brew Dog Punk IPA

Yep. A barely average IPA when I had it and the not worth the extra cost. It doesn't hold a candle to tons of American IPAs that are available all over the country. The Physics amber is a little better but not much. I'm wary of trying their other beers that my local shop has for "only" $5.99/bottle or $10 or so for the Paradox imperial stout.

Apr 15, 2009
ultramagnetic in Beer

Can't touch this cocktail

A cold glass of citrus infused vodka?

Mar 27, 2009
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Signature drink recommendations for wedding cocktail hour and reception

I've seen (as the bartender) signature cocktails go over like lead balloons at wedding receptions and other events. If you are going to do this, tray passing is necessary to ensure that guests at least try the drink you've chosen.

Aside from MC Slim JB, do any of you others know how well your cocktails moved during your receptions?

Mar 25, 2009
ultramagnetic in Spirits

Good HOPPY Cheap Beer

In my neck of the woods, that's an $11 four-pack. Not exactly cheap.

Mar 24, 2009
ultramagnetic in Beer

Giving Up the Fridge to Be More Green

I'd much rather go with a chest freezer-to-refrigerator conversion:

I'm curious if it would be even more efficient than using a mini-fridge or constantly refreezing water bottles to keep a cooler chilled.

Or they could purchase a super efficient Sunfrost refrigerator.

But I'm sure these people consider their fridge-free status a badge of honor.