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What do Chowhounds do for a living (besides eat of course)? [old]

I'm Director of Software Development at a local SF firm. Have worked in software since the mid 80's.

Basically, I want it *all* ! Great food, great beer, great coffee, five days a week hitting the weights at the gym, riding my bicycle up the hills of San Francisco, backpacking, eye candy of all sorts (from Crater Lake to the Tetons to artwork to *women*), etc., etc.

Pliney the Elder

We had lunch at Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa today. Wow, what a fantastic experience! Pliney the Elder is the best beer I've ever had. The pizza was very good and the service was excellent. I recommend the place!

Best Burger in San Fran

Don't fall for the hype regarding Joe's Cable Car. The burgers are ordinary at best (inferior to In-n-Out by a long shot), the service is cranky and the prices aren't realistic.

If you are coming west, I advise you to get your In-n-Out burger fix while you are here. Use the rest of your dining time on all the great eateries that SF has to offer.

Bonne Soiree in Chapel Hill

Your instinct is correct about mackerel - it shouldn't be an expensive ingredient. From a fishing website (

"Most people hate to eat mackerel because they don’t know how to cook them; bags of mackerel are taken home for the cats, or used on the rose bushes. They are very bloody and strong flavored. ... Bar-b-queued mackerel is fairly good and smoked mackerel is even better. But no, it will never be the same as eating halibut."

May 14, 2007
GermanShepherdPuppy in Southeast

need something filling but simultaneously healthy that i can chow on a regular basis(might be an oxymoron)

stove-top popcorn. So easy to make.

Eldos Grill & Brewery ? (inner Sunset)

Can anybody give some feedback on this place? Is the beer decent? How is the food?

Buffalo Meat in SF

I love Trader Joe's ground buffalo steaks. They've got me wondering where else I can buy buffalo meat in SF. Any suggestions would be helpful. For the matter, I LOVE venison, is that available anywhere?


Over the last year and a half, I've had very bad luck with finding sweet watermelons. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it just me, or are watermelons going the way of tomatoes and apricots: where shelf-life has become more important than quality. They are one of my favorite foods and I've normally had good success in finding quality melons. Not so in the past 1-2 years.

Noe Valley?

You are right-on in regards to Eric's. Perfect description.

...I went there once and wouldn't go back.

Good SF coffee?

Yes, and they also give a free cup of coffee which each purchase. It virtually knocks 1.60 off of the price.

Good SF coffee?

Aroma Roastery in Santa Rosa is AWESOME. In my opinion, it serves the best cup of coffee in the Bay Area. And I'm not a real big fan of "The Fresno of the North Bay" (Santa Rosa), but Aroma's makes a trip to that dull locale less painful.

Good SF coffee?

Blue Bottle is great. They make a great brewed cup of coffee. Phils is awesome as well. Peets seems to be the best of the chains.

A pet peeve of mine is when people claim that a place serves good coffee when they really mean that it serves good lattes. Somebody on this board mentioned that arizmendi bakery serves good coffee. Ahem, they serve good lattes and the like, but they fall flat when it comes to straight brewed coffee. Their brewed coffee is made in infrequent batches and sits in those god awful thermos-type dispensers. Can you say "burnt" ? Many other of the so called "good coffee" places are similar. It's great that Blue Bottle, Phils and Peets are there for those of us who prefer straight coffee.

Good SF coffee?

I bought coffee beans at the Castro Cheesery last week. They were AWFUL. Which isn't surprising since the beans are kept in transparent bins that have full exposure to the hot afternoon sun that shines in through the picture windows. If you've ever been in that store in the mid afternoon, you would will know that it gets pretty hot and stuffy. The beans that I bought were quite obviously dried and spent by the sunlight. The taste was so bad I threw them out. ...anyhow, so many people talk highly of the place, it was a big disappointment. If you want to buy decent coffee beans in the neighborhood, you are much better off walking a few blocks up Market to Peets. They give you a free cup of coffee with the beans.

Watery Oatmeal Solutions

I sprinkle pure cocoa powder over oats and place them on aluminum foil in the toaster oven. Toast until somewhat crispy (the cocoa carmelizes a bit). While the oats are toasting, I heat the soy milk. After toasting the oats and heating the soy milk, I stir the oats (and 1 or 2 packages of splenda) into the heated soy milk ... it's heavenly! Rich and cocoa-y and healthy, too.

Coffee Substitutes?

Great link, cheese_boy! Here's a funny excerpt:

"But so Postum isn’t really anything to write home about. The bottle is a turn-off for one: it looks like some sort of Metamucil or related geriatric bowel enhancer, and it’s got this really dated colour scheme (yellow, red and sea-sick blue) and typography, and a very clogged-colon-looking illustration of two people on a bike ride in some southern marsh. You never see Postum advertised and it’s always on a remote top shelf at the end of the coffee aisle, just one little column of jars for at least $8 a piece and never on sale."

When you leave a small tip...

A few months ago, I ate at the Applebees in Petaluma. The food was awful. I mean, downright awful. Additionally, the dishes were dirty and the service poor. We left a low tip after complaining about the matters. Anyhow, we got on the highway only to discover that someone in our party left their cell phone back in the restaurant. Needless to say - it was quite the awkward experience to have to return to the Applebees to fetch the phone. I guess what I'm trying to say is if you leave a low tip, make sure you don't forget anything at the restaurant. LOL.

Coffee Substitutes?

Hi. I drink a lot of coffee (4 - 6 cups a day). I've been pounding it down for the past 20 years or so - I've worked in software development all these years and my favorite joke has been "my body converts caffeine directly to source code." Anyhow, I have an interest now in either replacing it or finding a way of diluting the caffeine in coffee. Yeah, I know about green tea and decaf coffee but my body doesn't handle tea well (tummy aches) and decalf tastes so bland! Does anybody out there in the chow universe have any clever suggestions regarding either (a) coffee replacements or (b) ways of diluting coffee with some other substance to make it less caffeinated?

Tasty additions to brewed coffee?

Pure maple sugar works very well. I actually mix 2 parts splenda and 1 part maple sugar.

I also vote "yes" for cardamom. It's especially good when grounded up with the beans. Almonds are also great grounded up with the beans.