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Skirt Steak Slicing?

Why is it that almost every recipe I've seen with skirt steak calls for it to be sliced thinly, against the grain? I just made a pan-fried skirt steak with a wine-butter sauce that was served as a traditional steak. That is, the person eating it sliced it as they would a strip teak (or filet, or ribeye, etc.). It was excellent.

It was no more "chewy" than a strip steak, yet the flavor was delicious. For me, the texture was good as well. I'm curious on some thoughts here (do you agree or not?). Do you think recipes suggest this because skirt steak is usually made in some type of soft taco-style preparation?

Just curious.

Oct 17, 2009
LMT in Home Cooking

Best BBQ near Charleston

I'm going down to Seabrook Island in a couple of weeks. What's the best barbecue place for either pulled pork or ribs near Charleston?

It can be in Charleston, or anywhere on the surrounding islands (Johns, James, etc). Somewhat family friendly would be a plus!


Jun 23, 2009
LMT in Southeast

End Vowel Ommission in NJ Italian Restaurants

Great post!

Growing up, the pastries were always called "shvin-a-DELL's," and the cheese "BRIH-veh-lone" (along with the other food pronunciations listed above).

So when I go back to NJ, I can easily move from the rest-of-the-US pronunciations (preh-SHOOT-oh) to the NY/NJ ones (breh-ZOOT). The NY/NJ pronunciations are a classic regional dialect.

Aug 10, 2007
LMT in Not About Food

What do Chowhounds do for a living (besides eat of course)? [old]

I'm a community college professor. I teach biology, and have always been interested in how organisms eventually become food for other organisms!

Jun 08, 2007
LMT in Not About Food

Leaving DC in 10 days...places to hit before leaving?

If you are in Reston, I'd hit El Manantial. It's one of my favorites...relatively inexpensive, always good quality, nice selection of Spanish wines.

Jun 04, 2007
LMT in Washington DC & Baltimore

Old Dominion Brewery

I didn't know OD made beer for other breweries. Just curious...who were the smaller breweries that were disappointed in the consistency at OD?

Jun 04, 2007
LMT in Washington DC & Baltimore

Old Dominion Brewery

Has anyone noticed a difference in any of the Old Dominion beers since they were purchased by Anheuser-Busch a few months back?

Personally, I have not noticed any differences. However, I have read on another non-CH dining board that some folks have noticed a drop in quality.

Any thoughts?

Jun 03, 2007
LMT in Washington DC & Baltimore

New to baking- need to bring a cake/brownies

I don't know if you've tried Ghiradelli brownie mix. I think they're some of the best brownies I've tried...great consistency AND deep chocolate taste.

I'm sure they would also be great jazzed up with some espresso or liqueur, if desired. I've never made brownies from scratch, but after making these, I have no desire to.

Jun 03, 2007
LMT in Home Cooking

favorite school cafeteria food for a party

Definately agree with the rectangle-shaped pizza. However, before this, our school had something called "pizza buns"...which were just old Kaiser rolls, halved, and cooked with sauce & mozzerella. Both were good, though.

Some of my other favorites...

Italian hoagies, served in a plastic bag, with loads of onions & vinegar (hope your gym class isn't after lunch, though).

Cheesesteaks or cheesburgers, served in those foil-like bags (apparently, to keep them warm--but that really never worked well).

Soft pretzels.

Soggy crinkle-cut fries.

May 31, 2007
LMT in Home Cooking

Has Anyone Ordered from Omaha Steaks?

I received them as a gift as well and thought they were not tasty at all (i'm glad that I didn't actually pay for them). I get MUCH better steaks at Wegman's (local grocery store). None of the steaks (filets, ribeys, or strips) had much taste & the ribeys were cut way too thin.

I did, however, recently try their hot dogs and thought that they were quite good.

May 29, 2007
LMT in General Topics

The Wreck or The Anchor Line near Charleston?

Thanks for the suggestions...please keep them coming!

Been to Gilligans & I agree with's just OK. Our kids' meal was microwaved frozen pizza!

I thought the Marina Variety Store was a little better. Great onion rings, but the other food was just OK. I didn't have the experience that many others at CH have. Service with a "y'all ain't from around here are yew" attitude didn't make the meal any better. Maybe it was just an off day.

The Boulevard Diner sounds intesresting. We'll be in Seabrook Island so that might be a bit far away.

Has anyone tried Chez Fish? We bought fish from their store once & it was good quality, but I'm curious about the actual restaurant.

May 28, 2007
LMT in General South Archive

The Wreck or The Anchor Line near Charleston?

Wow...I didn't know that. We actually drove into the parking lot last summer, but the kids were getting fussy so we didn't stay. We should have eaten there when we had the chance. Oh well.

Any suggestions about decent places in the Charleston area to eat with kids?

May 27, 2007
LMT in General South Archive

The Wreck or The Anchor Line near Charleston?

I'll be in the Charleston area this July. I've heard good things about the fried seafood at both The Wreck and The Anchor Line.

We'll be with our 3 1/2-year-old twins (who do like to eat out). So, if you could only do one of these places, which would it be?

I want good, fresh, fried fish (or shellfish), and a place thar our family will have a good time at. Suggestions???

May 26, 2007
LMT in General South Archive

Best diners in NJ

I have had some good meals at the Pegasus in Malaga.

May 11, 2007
LMT in New Jersey

Bakery in Charleston, SC

We had a truly awful dining experience at Saffron. We went there in the late afternoon to get a quick bite to eat. Before receiving our entrees, we were served one type of bread that was raw (yes, RAW dough) on the inside. The other bread we were served was totally stale.

I ordered a shrimp omelette and the eggs weren't even mixed! It's as if the just threw a bunch of raw veggies and cooked shrimp on top of sunny-side up eggs, then, mixed it togther on my plate. Again, really awful.

I don't know if they were having a bad day, but I certainly won't be back. I actually got the original recommendation to go there from CH.

May 09, 2007
LMT in General South Archive

pf changs & cheesecake factory

I went to the ceesecake factory for the first time a couple of months ago because my wife received a gif certificate for it. Overall, the food was good, however, I thought it to be WAY overpriced for what it was. Yes the portions are enormous, but I'd rather have smaller portions & the prices more reasonable.

Also, I was surprised at the ambiance. The one we went to seemed to try and cater to a more "upscale" & "business" clientele. When we arrived shortly before 6 pm, we were the only family with small children in the place (needless to say, our 3 1/2 year old twins weren't impressed!).

I thought the potstickers were excellent. My Kobe burger was just average, though. The Godiva chocolate cheescake was also good. However, I do think that all of these were a bit overpriced.

May 09, 2007
LMT in Chains

"Don't Miss" Wineries in Napa/Sonoma?

I'll second Cline. Excellent variety of zins to taste, and a very nice (not pretentious) winery.

I worked in Napa for about a year, but I always liked the more laid-back Sonoma wineries.

May 08, 2007
LMT in San Francisco Bay Area

Okay. What's RIGHT with restaurant service?

We have twins that are 3 1/2, and generally, they are almost always well-behaved in restaurants. I especially like servers who treat our kids as if they actually do belong in the place. It makes our kids feel more comfortable, as well as mom & dad.

I especially like it when servers understand & accomodate the requests of not bringing their drinks until their meal comes, and don't make any issue of us just ordering one kids menu item for them to split (they rarely eat a lot when dining out).

I love it if the server asks if he/she would like it if the kids meal came out as soon as it was ready (& not wait for the entire order). I certainly don't expect this last item, but it really makes me feel like they are trying to accomodate our kids (who really love going out to eat).

May 08, 2007
LMT in Not About Food

Hot Dog in NOVA

I'll second your post, rcheng, about the Vienna Inn. Their chili dogs are OK, but for all I had heard about them, I was expecting something great. They were just, well, OK.

They are cheap, though.

May 03, 2007
LMT in Washington DC & Baltimore

Flat Iron Steak let-down

I tried grilling flat iron steak for the first time this past weekend. After hearing great reviews of this cut of meat from CH and other online sources, I was excited.

However, I really didn't find it too special. I think flank steak has a beefier taste. Of course, it doesn't have the tenderness of the flat iron steak, but I'm OK with that. I think that if I wanted more of a "steak cut", I'd spend the extra money to buy a good thick ribeye.

I used a recipe from a recent Gourmet magazine...rubbed with brown sugar, cumin, chili powder, dry mustard, salt & pepper. Served with homemade BBQ sauce on the side (which was good). However, the meat itself just didn't have much character compard to other cuts of "grilling" beef.

The price was right ($6.99/lb), and the quality was good (bought from Whole foods), I just don't see what all the flat-iron fuss is about. Am I missing something?

Apr 30, 2007
LMT in Home Cooking

Bottled/can beer that tastes the most like draft beer?

Monday at that still "kill-a-keg-" night, where draft imports are $1 until the keg is done??? (I'm an ESU alum)

Apr 04, 2007
LMT in Beer

what was the last great thing you made?

Yeah, that's what I meant by "dressing"...couldn't think of the name at the time I made the post. So easy, yet sooo good.

Apr 03, 2007
LMT in Home Cooking

What's So Good About Red Velvet Cake (Split from L.A. board]

I've been wondering the same thing. Even after being informed by other diners that a version I was eating was an excellent one, I still didn't get what was so great about it. Very plain.

Apr 03, 2007
LMT in General Topics

what was the last great thing you made?

Argentine beef patties on the grill. Half ground strip steak, half ground chuck, addding salt & cayenne to the mixture.

"Dressing" was red wine vinegar, olive oil, more cayenne, crushed garlic, oregano & fresh parsley. We make these often in the summer & last Saturday was the first time we made them this year. Grilled baby zuccini in tequila marinade and grilled rosemary redskin potatoes on the side. All very simple, no mess, & VERY tasty. Served with an Argentine Malbec.

Reminds me of great weather.

Apr 02, 2007
LMT in Home Cooking

First Time to DC

I'd second Jaleo for tapas...really nice and reasonable prices. Since it's tapas, you can keep to almost any price range you want. Decent list of Spanish wines, too.

I also liked Ray's the Steaks, but I do think it is overrated. Service is slow (at best). However, for the price, you do get good steaks & sides.

Mar 30, 2007
LMT in Washington DC & Baltimore

Where to eat in Richmond on Easter Sunday evening?

It's been almost 7 years since I've lived in the Richmond area, but I too would scratch the Tobacco Company off the list. It is very nice inside, but to this day, I still remember it as the worst tuna I have ever been served! The food just wasn't good.

Acacia was very nice...good food and wonderful ambiance. A much more low-key & laid-back place is the Track (liked it better than Acacia). I'm guessing that these two places are still around, both are on Cary St. However, I don't know how they've changed over the past several years.

The Jefferson was very expensive, but the atmosphere is really nice. However, too pricey for what they serve (if I remeber correctly).

Mar 30, 2007
LMT in General South Archive

The line between homemade and...not so much.

Totally agree about the Ghiradelli brownies. After making these, I don't know why I would ever waste time making brownies from scratch.

Mar 28, 2007
LMT in Not About Food

Sending perfectly-cooked entree back just cause you don't like it

If it comes out different than described (i.e., with different ingredients), then I would indeed send it back, but that's really not what the article was referring to.

So, if the description sounds quite flavorful, but it comes out very bland (maybe I can barely taste the basil in the tomoato basil sauce), I would tell the waiter but not send it back.

To me, unless it's obvious that something is wrong with the dish, I'll eat it. You really don't know what the chef intended in terms of flavor unless you and they are sitting side-by-side tasting the entree. Maybe the sauce was supposed to be on the bland side because the chef thought it might overpower the fish? Maybe the taste works for him but not you? It's so subjective that I really couldn't say there was something wrong with it & thus warrant a return to the kitchen.

I can say with certainty, though, that there is something wrong with a steak that is gray with a warm pink center, but was ordered rare. I'd send that back in a second.

I do have a related story. When I was in college (maybe 19 yrs. old or so), I went out with 3 other people to what was supposedly an upscale place. I ordered king crab legs and they had an off taste, with an odor of ammonia (improper storage temp maybe?). Definitely something was wrong. I told the waiter & he refused to do anything about it. I asked to see the manager & then he started to argue with me! The waiter said he tasted them himself & said they were fine. Because I was on the young side, the waiter & manager tried to intimidate me (thinking that I didn't know what crab legs were really supposed to taste like). Even when I explained to him that I'd eaten crab legs many times, it didn't matter. After a long & drawn out arguement, the manager took the entree of the bill. By that time, everyone in our party was finished with their meals, so we left without my getting any entree.

Mar 27, 2007
LMT in Not About Food

take-out tipping...

I agree with Jfood. This decision is hardly a "no-brainer." While there is certainly care taken to make sure my orders are assebled properly when I take-out (that is, at my "regular" places), that amount of service pales in comparison to the service I get when eating in. In fact, it really isn't much of a comparison.

And no, I don't feel the least bit guilty about not leaving a tip (I don't think my initial post implied any felings of guilt). My original post was meant to get an idea from others as to what the expectation is for take-out tipping.

The expected tip when eating in is around 20% (give or take a few percentage points) , depending on how satisfied one is with the service. I think the expectation for take-out tipping various widely. While most wait staff/bartenders/hosts agree that tips on take-out orders are appreciated, I still am unclear about if this is expected (like the 20% when dining in).

Mar 27, 2007
LMT in Not About Food

Any Rose` recommendations?

Both of the ones I enjoy are Spanish (from the Tarragona region, I think).

Nostrada for $7.99 is nice (used to be $6.99 at place called Total Wine in VA).

1+1=3 is another (yep that's the name)...I think around 11 or 12 dollars a bottle.

Mar 26, 2007
LMT in Wine