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Good eats around Yorkville

Yorkville has some of the worst restaurants in the city, in my opinion. Pangaea is the strongest contender for full-service restaurants. Mela on Yorkville is brand new, and serves fresh home-made Italian-style eats (nice, homey, but not exciting). The new crepe place at the corner of Yonge and Yorkville is lovely, but all they serve are crepes so it's not for everybody. Some people think it's expensive for what you get. The last two are aimed at the lunchtime/quick eats crowd. I also have a soft spot for Ginger and Biryani House, but they're both a little dive-y. Stay away from Empire!!

Help Canoe - Any recommendations

I've been to Canoe a few times and have always had fantastic food and very good service. My experiences have all been positive. Biff's is nice -- it's cozier, but Canoe would be my first preference.

Empire at Yorkville

I used to work across the street so I've been a few times. It's wildly inconsistent, and a bit on the expensive side. I've had tasty salads there, and I've been served plates I wouldn't have touched if my clients weren't hosting the meal -- slimy lettuce, etc.
The best restaurant in the neighbourhood is Pangaea, but that can really stretch a budget. I normally went to smaller, cheaper places with no atmosphere and good eats. Cafe Nervosa is an OK pizza place around the corner.

Good dining in Kingston?

Where should I go for a really nice dinner? I already know about Chez Piggy. How about just great eats in general?