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[stl] Graduation meals

I'm looking for two ideas for graduation meals.

1) Restaurant for dinner for 10-12 adults, reasonable prices ($12-20 entrees). My original idea was Pestalozzi Place off of South Grand, but they've closed now. Lighting preferably bright, and not too loud as there are a few older people joining us. Food can be anything really.

2) Carry-out/catering preferably near Wash U for a lunch with for about 25 people (though we'll supplement with some homemade items). Prices should be $10-15 per person total (though a bit higher wouldn't be horrible).

any suggestions would be welcomed.

Thank you

Reporting Back on St. Louis

I went to scottish arms about a month ago and highly suggest not going for the food. I found it overpriced and not very good. I had some sort of pork and apple pastey--i couldn't taste the apple and the salad it came with was unexciting, and I payed close to $20 if I remember correctly. I did notice that the beer selection was good though.

st. Louis

I second Seamus McDaniels, but for their burger--I haven't had their strip steak. It's monstrous and cooked well and has a whole lot of choices for toppings (unlike O'Connell's choice of cheese or no cheese as I can remember). Haven't been to Dooley's though I'll put that on my list.

Reporting Back on St. Louis

I wish I had seen your former post because then I would have suggested not to go to the hill. The few times I've been there (I forget which restaurants exactly) I have found the food unimaginative and overbearing. Maybe it was just poor choices on my part, but the ones I went to (although highly recommended by Sauce) had a very traditional heavy Italian American meal that people went to because the Hill is the Hill and not because the food is better there.

A few better places to look are in Clayton and a few holes in the wall closer to downtown (like Niche). In the south Grand area I see that you went to Pho-Grand and expected a stellar meal. The main reason that I have gone there is because the food is pretty cheap compared to other Asian places, and the food, although not outstanding, is still pretty good. A much better place in the south grand area is Pestalozzi Place (corner of Pestalozzi and Virginia 2 blocks east of S. Grand). They pride themselves on presenting recognizable ingredients in a fresh combination. I had gone to Niche only after going to Pestalozzi and thought that Niche was the more elegant of the two--a fact that was represented in the price and trendy atmosphere--but still return as frequently as is reasonable to Pestalozzi. Pestalozzi Place is in the middle of a residential neighborhood and decorates its red brick walls with purchasable pieces of art. The owner frequently wanders around the about 25 person dining area and takes orders. They have a long wine list which I have yet to explore, but a fairly short menu that changes with the season.

Spice house in St. Louis?

In Chicago I know there is the spice house (in Evanston and North side) where one can get quality spices (including Vanilla extract) sold cheaply and in almost any quantity needed. Is there a place in St Louis where I can do the same?

New Chinese restaurant, Clayton, MO

I actually went there last night thinking that Rasoi was still there. Although I was mistaken, the food was decent. My friend had the pot-stickers which were nicely browned on the bottom, and well flavored. My meal of shrimp and beef with a bunch of vegetables had good flavoring and quality meats, but what surprised me was the time it took after ordering for the food to appear--I don't know if they are still ironing out the kinks, were hesitant about cooking too much, or are focused on cooking things only when they need to be cooked. A large portion of their dishes had shimp if that is any indication of quality. I do know that they pride themselves on using only vegetable oil and no MSG.

If you are looking for good authentic Chinese (Best Chinese did have a somewhat limited menu with mostly american style Chinese food--as far as I could tell) I would direct you towards Olive where there are a bunch of well reviewed places (though I don't remember their names). Hope that helped.