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Bay Area Hound looking for KC Advice

Great...I will add 1924 to the list and confirm Bluebird and then look at Le Fou Frog. Also appreciate the info on the BBQ fish....I think we will give Jack Stack's a role.

Bay Area Hound looking for KC Advice

Thanks, this is a great start...I hadn't heard of Pangea and am glad to know that Lidia probably won't work for the bf.

Bay Area Hound looking for KC Advice

Hi folks,

My boyfriend and I will be heading out to KC for 5 days (beginning August 21) and would really appreciate some food recommendations and musts. Here are a few guidelines, he's a vegetarian, non-mushroom eating but these days will have fish once in a while. So for him BBQs out. He's also pretty frugal although he will go out for one or two nicer meals because he knows its important to me.

I'm the foodie in the couple, I'd love to find a few local places that offer excellent flavors, casual, warm atmosphere and an authentically KC experience. We are actually considering relocating to KC so knowing its critical that we get a handle on the food situation.

I've heard of Bluebird Cafe and intend to try it. I'm also intrigued by BlueStem. What about the American Restaurant, and Lidia. Strong feelings?

Additionally please provide recommendations for cafes, lunch spots and more cheap eats.

Many thanks, I promise a report in return.


Twist in Downtown Oakland?

Thanks Susan, that's helpful. An unmitigated disaster is definitely not what I'm looking for. I've done dinners before (with this group) at Soizic and was just trying to avoid repeating myself. I've also done Zax which was a hit. We did a lunch at Restaurant B and I wasn't very impressed (although that was some months ago).

Other ideas welcomed!

Twist in Downtown Oakland?

I've searched here for any comments on "Twist" in the Washington Hotel in Downtown Oakland, every posting I've found is very dated. Can anyone provide any more recent experiences?

Here's the situation:

I'm planning a dinner for 15 for next Tuesday for folks from work to celebrate the upcoming wedding of one of the members of my team. These are young professionals mostly mid to late 20's. Not big foodies, nor big drinkers. I'd like there to be a fairly straightforward menu and good food. Everyone will be paying for themselves and it is in the price range I had in mind ~$25 - $35pp.

I had considered Eccolo but they said for a party of 15 we had to do prix fixe. I didn't like the prix fixe options and frankly it was too expensive.

Is Twist a big loser? Does anyone have any other recommendations?