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hatch chile time?

My SO's from New Mexico, and he preordered his Hatch green chiles (half a bag of hot; half of medium) from El Rey Farms ( last week. We picked them up at their set up in La Puente High School yesterday. The lot was packed with people looking and waiting for their chiles. The roasters were in full force. And, it was nearly 100 degrees. Because there was a two-hour (!) wait for roasting, he decided to roast 'em at home. We did make an attempt to stop by the Montebello Albertson's but, alas, we were too late for the roasters. (And we were roasting!


Next time, we'll ask for an early pick-up time for the chiles so the wait for a roaster won't be so long. I think El Rey will be delivering Hatch chiles to LA for the next month or so. I think a full bag of fresh chiles is about 25-29 lbs. I don't know the cost.

If you love Hatch chiles, the trip out to La Puente is worth it. The bonus is that we found cheaper gas prices out there, too.

where to buy cazuelas

Really? I visit Surfas and Sur la Table regularly, and I haven't seen any cazuelas. Where are the shelved in the stores? I checked on their websites, too. Nothing. I know that a website called, which is based on the east coast, sells cazuelas. La Espanola Meats in Harbor City also sells them, and you can order them online.

Jul 05, 2007
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The Cobbler Lady

The Cobbler Lady doesn't use Splenda. I was told by Pam (The Cobbler Lady) that agave nector is used for the sugar-free stuff. I think that agave nector's a perfect natural sweetener (that's low glycemic).


Barrio Fiesta
4420 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11a.m.-10 p.m.
Closed Monday

OMG the best ice cream i've tasted in years Delicieuse

I'd have to respectully disagree with mstinawu. Considering you get a three course meal for less than $15, it's not fine dining, but it's good food. The salad was refreshing first. I remember the lemony notes of the vinagrette. Then, the croque monsieur and poulet Basquaise dishes were nice (certainly not cold and bland). After the main course, you get a scoop of ice cream; whatever is in the case. My friend andd I tasted nearly every one before making our decision for caramel sel and chocolate millionaire. We brought home pints of peanut butter, the mixed berry sorbet and coffee flavors. The cafe is open for dinner on Friday, and lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. The owner says that the limited cafe hours are the only way she can focus on producing her ice cream (including developing new flavors) the rest of the week. It's a family operation.

Is SaM this Saturday realistic for not a huge wait?

Yes, it is unknowable. I called one Sunday afternoon and asked. Business was steady, but not terribly busy. I ordered via phone for take out, but once I got there to pick up, no one was around. Other times, it's been packed at peak hours. Doesn't matter. The food's (and value's) worth the wait.

Help for 5 days in LA

Blue Velvet serves cocktails (and wine). Good food and fantastic ambiance, too. Entrees are <$30. Neighborhood's a little sketchy (more like near downtown rather than in downtown, y'know), but the view from the pool (which is just outside the restaurant) looks over the city and the Staples Center.