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Diabetic - What Can I Bring To An Asian Potluck?

if you can (and you can because you're preggers) , I would ask if the host can make some sushi with brown rice... i would do a ma po tofu if you like it spicy. most chinese food can be made without sugar so i think you're ok. just limit rice and noodles or go brown and whole wheat... or even easier is a big heaping pile of edamame... ooh, my mom used to make stir fried hot and sour potatos. cut idahos into matchsticks, saute with oil, garlic, ginger, then add soy, vinegar, chili paste. yum. i'm thinking complex carbs for you...

Mar 26, 2008
how2chow in Home Cooking

Asian/Oriental/Chinese grocery in MontCo?

Looking for good Chinese grocery stores in Montco... I know about ASSI in Montgomeryville but they're mostly Korean... Any suggestions?

Mar 25, 2008
how2chow in Pennsylvania

what to order at court of two sisters

the reviews on this site haven't exactly been stellar but i'm having dinner here for a conference so i have to eat here! what to order? also, lunch recs near the convention center?

Mar 19, 2007
how2chow in New Orleans