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Are Miele dishwashers worth the price? Are they ever discounted?

Hi DuffyH - I've been struggling between the Bosch SHP65T55UC and Miele G4925U. Big price difference since Bosch is on sale until August 19th. I've been reading horrible reviews about Bosch. What model do you have?

Aug 17, 2015
red dragon in Cookware

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

We drove quite the distance to try Sea Witch. So disappointing. Server was not that friendly. The fries were soggy and the batter was so crunchy that I had abrasions on the roof of my mouth after lunch. Both ends of the fish were overcooked and burnt. Therefore, we couldn't distinguish pickerel from haddock. The onion rings had way too much batter. We must have gotten the same plate you had because ours was tilting too. It kept banging against the table with each forkful of food. I wish our experience was better.

ISO good burger or BBQ place in Pickering or Ajax

Oh, no problem at all. It could have been a number of factors. The burgers you described sound delicious. I must remember the curry ketchup next time.

Cheers :)

ISO good burger or BBQ place in Pickering or Ajax

Hi Breadcrumbs. We were on Salk Road in Pickering when I checked to see if anyone had responded, so thank you. We did drive to Baldwin Street Burger. It was about 25 minutes away. Brooklin is a very nice community. I felt like we were on vacation and away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto. I ordered the Nacho Grande - there was something about it that I didn't quite fancy, not sure if it was too much cumin or the guac that tasted off? My husband had the Caesar which was ok. We would try their other burgers next time, if we're in the area. The fries were great.

ISO good burger or BBQ place in Pickering or Ajax

We'll be in the Pickering/Ajax area this weekend and would like to stop and have lunch (We've been to Buster Rhino's in Whitby/Oshawa). Any ideas?


Duo Pâtisserie & Café - Markham - Quality Viennoiseries, Macarons, and Cakes North of the 401

Sounds delish Isk! Thanks for the heads up on the almond croissant. I like a mild taste but nothing over that. Will post review shortly.

"Sweet Note Dessert" - Gem of a find in Markham and offering the BEST Souffle in the GTA, period!!

Great pics and review Charles & TorontoJo. I have a huge milestone birthday coming up and hubby was going to trek all the way downtown to Yummy Stuff. Do they sell small birthday cakes? I checked their website and saw only cheesecakes, meringue cakes and a Japanese strawberry shortcake. I also like German buttercreams over American and Italian/Swiss.

Any recent experiences with brunch at the Sunnybrook Estates? (Better to go to King Eddie...?)

I know this is an older post, but has anyone tried their Sunday buffet?

Fine Dining uptown

I forgot to post back where we ended up going after receiving some great suggestions here! I can't even remember where we went?

I have a very special milestone birthday coming up and I’ve narrowed it down to Octagon Steakhouse, Diana's Seafood Grano or Zucca. We’ll actually be going out twice!

I'll definitely post my review this time!

Restaurants similar to Grazie?

darkstar. - did you make it to any of the restaurants fellow chow's recommended? I used to frequent Grazie but it was a long time ago. I was thinking of trying Grano or Zucca for a milestone birthday.

Looking for good Fish store in North Toronto

I buy seafood from Diana's Seafood or St. Lawrence Market, rarely anywhere else, but it would depend on your location/budget. The type of fish would also be dependent on what you/your family like. Halibut would not imo, be a good fish though, it's way too firm and has a chewy texture. My family likes soft and delicate fish for "steaming," such as Pickerel or Sole. But again, just our preference. Sea Bass would be nice, and Tilapia is quite common. The steamed fish dish is quite simple and you don't need a lot of ingredients. Good luck! I'm sure it will taste great!

Looking for good Fish store in North Toronto

I've steamed fish like you mentioned dozens of times.

1. Season inside of cleaned fish with salt and pepper
2. Place fresh ginger slivers and sliced green onions inside the fish
3. Sprinkle small amount of Chinese cooking wine over the outside of the fish and steam until done
4. Have ready some hot oil that you've heated in a small saucepan (not olive oil, use vegetable or canola oil)
5. When fish is done, place more minced green onions and thinly sliced ginger over fish
6. Pour "very hot" oil by the teaspoon over the fish, it should sizzle and slightly cook the ginger and green onions
7. Sprinkle with soya sauce
8. Garnish with chopped coriander
9. When serving the fish, spoon oil/soya sauce over the inside of the fish
10. This works well for fish fillets too (we like Pickerel (whole or fillets). Just don't overcook the fish

Have a great time at the cottage :)

(This is how my parents and grandparents steamed fish)

Pan on the Danforth

julesrules - thanks for the feedback; very helpful. It's great to hear the staff was so accommodating. We're going to give it a try. They're also on the list for Summerlicious.

prima - the fritters sound delish!

Pan on the Danforth

Has anyone been to Pan on the Danforth recently?
(I tried searching for more recent posts)

Coconut Cake and Napoleans -where to buy?

Perfect! Just call beforehand to make sure they have what you need :)

Coconut Cake and Napoleans -where to buy?

Yes, you can. You need to order the cakes 1 day in advance. They're only open Monday - Friday 8-5pm.

Some of their cakes are sold at grocery stores such as Metro as well.


Coconut Cake and Napoleans -where to buy?

Sorry, I forgot to include the details. I couldnt edit my post.

Baker Street
130 The West Mall
Toronto, Ontario M9C 1B9
Phone: 416-785-9666 (order desk, press 3)

I called Bake: Dessert Co too and the number is out of service as you said.

Try Baker Street's cake, it's really, really delicious. We've had it for birthdays and anniversaries.

Coconut Cake and Napoleans -where to buy?

Actually, the bakery I was referring to is called Baker Street. I just called them and it's not on their website, but they do sell it. 8" is called Snowflake Cake and the 10" is called Malibu Cake, but they are the same!

Baker Street's cake has coconut cream pie filling in the middle and is frosted with fresh whipped cream and covered with unsweetened coconut shavings.

Bake: Dessert Co.'s coconut cake has dulce de lece and frosted with cream cheese, but looks yummy as well.

Your picture looks like the one from Bake: Dessert Co. though!

Geesh, I'm going to order one! I love coconut cake too :)

Coconut Cake and Napoleans -where to buy?

Ugh, Baker Street Desserts used to make an amazing coconut cake, just like you described, not too sweet, the frosting was more like whipped cream. I just checked their website for you and it's not listed anymore :(
I'll call them tomorrow when they open and see if it's discontinued. Coconut cake is one of my favorites. Sorry I don't have any suggestions for Napoleans.

Best Scones in Toronto

Parts & Labour has been on my "to eat" list for a while, glad to hear Kitten and the Bear is in the same area!

Best Scones in Toronto

Wow, they look really good! I'll have to add it to my "to eat" list!

Best Scones in Toronto

They used to sell a coconut walnut scone ... mmm! Available at both their store and at Big Carrot. It's been a while, not sure if they still have that flavor?

Le Dolci cupcakes, macarons and classes

I haven't seen a discussion on Le Dolci (except as part of a cronut search). Has anyone been there?

Best Doughnuts/Donuts in Toronto: 2014

Hi barneyvernon ~ on my list for the next road trip! Do they taste ok the next day, or best on day of?

Anyone been to Mon K Patisserie, on Coxwell south of O'Connor?

We finally made the long trek to try Mon K as well. Cute little place. We purchased over $40 worth of cakes, pastries and macarons and I regret spending my money "here." I guess Rahier has spoiled me.

The croissants were indeed buttery and flaky, but they just don't have that "Wow" factor. Good, but nothing special enough for me to say, I wish I had another one. I thought the blueberry danish was more "bread like." The cream puff was very nice and different. The donuts were very disappointing; the tiny little "smear" of chocolate in mine was quite insulting!!

The green tea and mango cake had too much mango mousse that I could barely make out or taste the green tea sponge. The opera cake was horrible. It was soaked and I mean literally soaked with coffee syrup to the point it was a wet mess at my first bite.

The macarons as I read were a true disappointment and I don't know what possessed me to buy 6. A few of them were under baked and soggy, a huge NO NO and I can't understand how they could possible sell them? I also personally find the cakes are overpriced and pastries are tiny!

Coffee was okay, if you like it warm, strong and bitter!

Parking is right outside, but you literally have to drive in and park at an angle and I found it quite unsafe to back out right into the road.

As Charles commented, not worth the trek. I will definitely stick to the pastry shops along Bayview Avenue and the downtown core.

Another new kid on the block - 'Yang's' Chinese Cuisine, MARKHAM

We like Crown Prince Fine Dining & Banquet, they have early bird specials before 11am, 7 days a week. It's $2.80.

Trader Joe's (Buffalo) - freeze dried blueberries & strawberries

Driving to Buffalo from Toronto for some good finds. I heard Trader Joe's sells freeze dried strawberries and blueberries but all I could find on their website was freeze dried apples. Has anyone seen them lately at this location? If so, what section, size, and how much were they?

Trader Joe's Amherst (536)
1565 Niagara Falls Blvd
Buffalo, NY 14228


Fat Louie's BBQ (Keele & St. Clair)

Yay!!! We went several times last year. Really good!

Grocery items that you can't find in Toronto (but you can in the states)

Are these in the bakery trays with windows (fresh) or packaged? I'll have to add it to my list!

Best Burgers in Toronto?

Is it hard to find parking in the area or is it all paid parking?