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Fu-Shing R.I.P.

Just saw this news. It's really kinda sad. And likewise "Soupy Peppery Beef" was the first dish I thought of- that was the perfect, super spicy thing to clear your head during a cold. Been going there for years.

Sedona-where do the locals eat? Need chowish NOT fancy recs


We are making our second trip to Sedona, driving from LA. Can anyone please tell us some "interesting" places to eat? We don't need to hear about Enchantment resort, or lovely, quaint spots in Oak Creek Canyon OR Elote (been there, will go again). We NEED to know where does everyone who lives and works there go for good food? Ethnic eateries would be very appreciated-NOT looking for the places to make tourists happy. Just somewhere good to grab a taco, pizza, burger, thai, indian etc. Bonus if it's a place you go to at least once a week.


Mar 29, 2015
okiedokieartichokie in Southwest

Live Dungeness Crab Season 2014/2015?

wow. This is such a bummer. I thought I had read that the dungeness season was plentiful and cheap up north, thought it would trickle down here. I'm having fond memories of $3.99/lb at 99Ranch just last year or the year before.

Where to get Chinese fried milk custard (脆炸牛奶) in LA/SGV?

If you're talking about the kind that is soft and custardy (not crispy), almost like soft scrambled egg white they have it at Elite in Monterey Park on the dinner menu.

Live Dungeness Crab Season 2014/2015?

Any reports of Live Dungeness crab around town? Prices? Looking forward to crab feast for NY eve.

Desperately seeking fresh grape leaves in Los Angeles!

Just saw fresh grape leaves at Super King in Pasadena

Mo Better Meatty Meat burgers on La Brea ????

whoa! That's a blast from the past. Did they re-open? I soooo remember loving their burgers from Farifax and Pico-my first hood in LA back in 93-96. Too bad it sounds like they are not as good. Anyone remember their peppery Turkey burgers?

Claud & Co Eatery (Pasadena)

look like yes it is Claud Beltran-same address:

Curious...the signage looks quite "low brow"

OC restuarant for Non-Turkey thanksgiving day dinner?!?

We are Thanksgiving orphans this family nearby. So we decided to do the complete opposite of a big family meal and pack up our little guy and head to LEGOLAND on Thanksgiving day.

Any reccomendations for restaurants in OC (or really anywhere between Carlsbad and Pasadena-along the 5) that will be open on Thanksgiving and serving a normal (non Turkey) menu for dinner after the amusement park? We are cooking our own small Turkey dinner on the weekend and don't want to eat it a similar meal twice.

I have visions of the Chinese restaurant in "A Christmas Story"...any ideas?

Looking for Dungeness crab fat (tomalley) recipe

The original recipe for Tra Vigne's roasted garlic crab had a recipe for using the crab fat. It was a dip to be eaten with the garlic crab-sooooo yummy. You scoop out all the crab fat into a sieve and press it into saucepan. Reduce it down so it's not too watery. Fold this into mayo with lemon juice and a pinch of chili powder (we use chipotle). Can't give exact amounts as it depends on how much fat you have. But in general about 2 tablespoons reduced fat with ~ 1/2 cup mayo, tsp or less of lemon juice and pinch of chili. We make this every year for New Years.

Stuffed Sole Recipe

I absolutely LOVE this recipe:


at first I thought it odd in include in cream cheese in the stuffing but it really creates a beautiful sauce in the pan as it bakes. Super easy and can do most of it ahead. Igoose it up just a bit by adding fresh dill, lemon zest and fresh nutmeg into the stuffing

Pacific Lobsters-where are they??

thanks for the info! Any idea on the cost per lb at HK Supermarket?

Pacific Lobsters-where are they??

Trying to locate live Pacific Lobsters....has anyone seen them? We used to be able to get them good and cheap at our local 99 Ranch market but not this year apparently. Saw them at Fish King but whoa! $22/lb! No thanks, I'll keep looking. So the search continues....would love to find a source somewhere near the Pasadena area.

Search: Problems, bugs and suggestions

A couple of suggestions:

1. It would be really helpful if we had the option of changing the date range in an advanced search. For example, when searching the "home cooking" board I usually don't care if the post is over a year old (since cooking doesn't need the same time pertinence that say a restaurant does.

2. In an advanced search it would be great to have the option to change the sort order. I would particularly like to see a sort by "relevance".

3. Finally, the advanced options like "search title only" should really be available in the interface with drop down menu options.

Thanks for continuing to improve the's come a LONG way in the last couple of years!!


Jul 09, 2007
okiedokieartichokie in Site Talk

*Cough* *cough* Pasadena Chinese delivery

echoing the rec for Fu-shing..especially if you're sick. We swear that one dish on their menu has magical cold fighting abilities...called Spicy Soupy Peppery Beef (or something like that)....quite spicy, really clears out your sinuses, chest congestion and any bugs lingering in your system. My husband thinks it should be the new Robutussin flavor. Feel better soon!