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Lactancia Butter sticks

Well the other funny thing is that the Lactantia butter bricks were on sale at IGA last week, 3 for $10. I bought one (Antique, also cultured, as for some reason My Country is rarely on sale). I don't eat a lot of butter but it works better than oil in some things.

And I believe there is the same sale at other grocery chains this week.

about 17 hours ago
lagatta in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Khorasan wheat

The khorasan flour I have isn't "Kamut" and had no blurbs; I believe it is Milanaise (from Québec) and has 5g of protein, but I don't remember 5g on what. It was on the same level as their bread flours.


about 22 hours ago
lagatta in General Topics

Khorasan wheat

Hello, has anyone cooked with flour made from this ancient grain wheat? Evidently "Kamut" is simply a branded version; it that true? It looks like a high-protein wheat that would be good in bread and flatbread. I'd love to get more info on this, though perhaps discussion of specific foods cooked from it might go in home cooking or recipes.


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lagatta in General Topics

Little Italy, St. Laurent blvd and Eataly Montreal

Yes, that is true, sadly. Their breadsticks were still great the last time I bought them, but I only shop there for guests who appreciate such treats. I'll have to learn to make breadsticks.

While their pizzas are very good, I find they sometimes have too much piled atop, I guess to justify the price? Classic pizza al taglio is a bit sparer (though not as spare as Bottega's Neopolitan style). Not saying that because I am stuck on classic styles, but because overdressed pizza can be difficult to eat. Looking forward to San Gennaro, if it is like the best kinds I've had in Italy.

While not Italian per se, I think the new Rachelle-Béry will also have a positive impact on that stretch.

Little Italy, St. Laurent blvd and Eataly Montreal

Crocs, you mean the foamy plastic shoes? If you mean those, I'm wearing a red pair right now, bought second-hand (but brand new) for $1 at La Maison des grands-parents de Villeray. For me they are house slippers, and a courtesy to downstairs neighbours. Not shoes to wear in public.

And I almost always make my own pasta sauces.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Went there, as well as some other errands. Didn't buy much, just some "Khorosan" ancient wheat flour (seems to be pretty much the same thing as Kamut, which is branded). I had bought pretty much all the produce that was on promo there at PA Nature this past weekend. The lunch counter and deli space looks very nice, but some of the small breads seem the same as at IGA. It is a place where a friends could meet for tea or coffee and a light meal, and it looks like be a very family-friendly spot. Must point out that they have a very clean disabled-accessible toilet, a plus in the neighbourhood.

Little Italy, St. Laurent blvd and Eataly Montreal

I tend to think a proposal such as the mini-cinema, which would also be a "spazio", a space for different cultural events and of course for food and chat, might be a better idea to revitalize the area. Some things are working very well - Milano just keeps expanding, and it is never short of customers. Not to mention the Faita businesses. And just at the bottom of the area, there are a lot of young restaurants, cafés and shops.

The Casa d'Italia is also thoroughly renovated and has been organizing more cultural and gastronomic events than before.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

I don't think it will hurt Milano. You may have noticed that Milano is also introducing some organics -

Because Rachelle-Béry are a chain and an IGA affiliate, they tend to have better weekly promotions than Alfalfa and Merci. I certainly can't afford to buy all my groceries there but I usually find some vegetables and also things like flour there at a good price.

I don't feel as "loyal" to Alfalfa as when it was run by the first owners. However, nowadays I also like the tiny "Petit Coin", for what they sell. I've bought some really good produce there for a fair price, and much of it organic.

I had to finish a job, but I'm going there now, among other errands.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Strepitoso! The current team at the SDC has favoured many new ideas (many centred on or tied to food, coffee and wine).

Many years ago, there was an Italian cinema on St-Laurent; it was a bit farther north, in Villeray. It screened really tacky melodramas; sometimes we'd go there for a laugh.

Cinéma Beaubien has had a positive impact on the development of cafés, boulangeries etc in that part of the borough due east of ours.

Best Chinese restaurants in Montreal (not sure we had this kind of post before, anyway, it's my version)

Thanks. Yes that is true about apex predators.

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

There is also a cookbook shop that is more in English, in Westmount, called "Appetite for Books", though I've never been there. http://www.appetitebooks.ca/

I've found I can find so much in terms of local books at the public library nowadays, with the inter-library loan, and there is such a pleasant new branch at Rosemont métro!

Librairie Gourmande is the culinary bookshop at JTM: www.librairiegourmande.ca

Though Librairie Gourmande does carry some books in English, and Appetite for Books some in French.

Les Touilleurs is on Laurier west: http://www.lestouilleurs.com

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Yes, I got their glossy opening flyer for the launch at 9am today - they say special events today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday) but so far I just see some tastings.

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

What exists of the métro is better than yours, but remember, we only have a few lines, and the most recent extension was of the orange line to Laval. This was much needed and welcomed, but overburdened that line for people heading downtown from districts north of it at rush hour! But usually not a problem for tourists. The card is also for buses. You may well take the bus on St-Laurent (much of the southbound route is on St-Urbain) or on avenue du Parc.

By that time of the year, I'm mostly cycling. If only!

Yes, L'Express is very classic, for such (definitely French) dishes.

Best Chinese restaurants in Montreal (not sure we had this kind of post before, anyway, it's my version)

Yes, that would be a definite deal-breaker for me.

I'd rather a more positive list of Chinese and any other East and Southeast Asian restaurants the DON'T serve shark fin soup. To be honest, I thought it was banned here.

I wouldn't object if the shark in question was caught and killed; it is no worse than any other meat-eating. It is a question of throwing the maimed shark back into the sea.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

"Changes" include their sex change!

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

Mamie also has a branch on St-Denis, probably not very far from where Degustation and Mme Degustation are planning to stay, as well as their original on Van Horne in Outremont (with a tea room upstairs!) and some others now. Mamie Clafoutis St-Denis

3660 rue St Denis Montréal H2X 3L7

I haven't checked all the branches, but the one on St-Denis opens early: 6:30 a.m. during the work week, 7:30 weekends. http://www.mamieclafoutis.com site also in English.

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

One of my favourite Italian espresso places is Caffè San Simeone at 39 rue Dante, just west of St-Dominique. Yes, their coffee is earthy, but it is good. And cheap.

I dislike drip coffee, but I consume far less than the Captain.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

A little cinema would be great, but remember that Cinéma Beaubien, one of the few remaining rep cinemas alongside the Cinéma du Parc, is not very far east of there, and is one of the attractions of the neighbourhood around Molson Park, which seems to be doing better. As for Italian films, remember that Casa d'Italia has been refurbished and sometimes has cycles of Italian cinema, though it could be more systematic.
There is a fun event coming up 'Cinema e cibo"; here I've posted the English version: everything is also in French and Italian: http://casaditalia.org/en/description/92

I can't see what else that space could become - that type of restaurant is hopelessly out of style - though who knows, that can always change, and the successful restaurants there are in rather small locales just off St-Laurent.

No takers so far for the prime new space in the condo building located where Da Baffoni had been. Nor in the nicely renovated greystone building at the corner of Bélanger.

One positive is Rachelle-Béry that will be opening next week.

Landsdowne Park, Ottawa (including Whole Foods)

Diva, I don't really care one way or the other, but it would be good to hear from Ontarians who aren't in the GTA. Yes, Prince Edward County is lovely.

Landsdowne Park, Ottawa (including Whole Foods)

That would be great. Of course the same does not apply in Québec as outside Mtl ... and perhaps the Québec side of the Outaouais/Ottawa (both French and English misheard the actual Indigenous name, in different ways), there is not the critical mass of posters comfortable in English. Greater Ottawa has over one million people now.

My late mother worked there as a young woman during the War. It was a much, much smaller place. But Landsdowne Park did exist!

SnackHappy, would GTA include Hamilton?

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Somehow Van Horne and Bloomfield seems more "out of the way", but I know that is very subjective (I think the former and future locations are almost exactly the same distance from chez moi, so that is not what I mean). It is actually not far at all from Outremont métro.

Too bad about Brama (very close to chez moi), not nice considering the closing of Poutine Central.

I wonder if ANYONE will ever find some way to repurpose the former Casa Napoli????

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

There is a thread on caneles, but it is a few years old.



Montreal Advice - 5 Days

Yes, of course, but if in the Plateau you can simply walk.

There is a huge range between "hovering at the legal limit" and "legless".

Landsdowne Park, Ottawa (including Whole Foods)

Diva, obviously it isn't a matter of you alone; I just wonder why there are so few hounds posting from the Ottawa region: Ottawa has become quite a large city.

Thanks for your update!

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

Yes, that is also in a charming setting in the heart of Old Montreal; it is a very short walk from Place d'Armes métro station (a short trip on the orange line from any of the three stations in the Plateau).

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

If you are on St-Denis, you can easily walk east to La Banquise, and west to Parc at least (I'm presuming neither of you have a serious disability, or you would have alluded to it). The weather should be lovely by then - obviously some rain can always fall, but that is why umbrellas and raincoats were invented).

Don't worry about it. Usually people try to do too much, and you aren't even very far away; you can easily return here. Don't try to pack in too much, or necessarily even two restaurant meals a day. Enjoying an "eat-in" meal from the places where you've found good prepared foods (cheeses, breads and flatbreads, dry sausages, prepared salads) can be a wonderful part of a romantic trip.

If you are staying in the area, Arthur Quentin is a longstanding housewares place on St-Denis that has a lot of interesting but often pricy stuff, but also some French and other European kitchen gadgets that won't break your budget. For one thing, they supply Duralex "Picardie" glasses at a good price; you might enjoy buying a couple or six of the smaller ones for wine in house in the everyday French and southern European style, and they are also fine for hot tea. http://www.arthurquentin.com/index.php

I have no commercial interest whatsoever in that shop. Just found the Picardie glasses I needed to round out my set.

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

I will point out that the name of the restaurant is Toqué!

This is not a pedantic slap on the fingers of those who may not have a French keyboard, just a reminder of the clever punning. A toque is, among other things, a chef's hat. (Yes, it is related to the Québécois and generally Canadian tuque for a knitted snow hat with no brim).

Toqué can refer either to a cook who has earned his chef's hat (retro masculine was deliberate) or to someone who is a bit ... off his (or her) head.

I do think Levantine places such as Alep and Le Petit Alep, Kaza Maza and I dearly hope Damas (re-opening) are very much a part of mainstream Montréal cuisine. Et ça fait chaud au coeur to observe how much Arab friends like Ashkenazi cuisine at the smoked meat places and friends of European Jewish origin like Arab cuisines. ;-)

Lactancia Butter sticks

They don't seem to make cultured butter though.

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

I've never been to La Ruche (in its present incarnation) but if it has some good products, that would definitely be an interesting destination for a visitor because of its location (looking up at Mont-Royal). Indeed it would be great if a food business could be successful at that spot.

How is the coffee?

Degustation, do a street view!
Pâtisserie La Ruche 4500 Avenue du Parc Montréal H2V 4E3

Landsdowne Park, Ottawa (including Whole Foods)

Thanks! There is so little about the Ottawa area on the Ontario board, and I travel there much more often than to Toronto and the GTA. And you also have good food options on both sides of the Ottawa/Outaouais so on different boards. Is the Landsdowne LCBO larger than the Rideau Street store?

I do hope you'll get some local restaurants and cafés.

I've been to the Landsdowne farmers' market when it was only seasonal and am very happy that it is thriving. I've bought some lovely produce from the farmers at Bytown, but there is really too much tat.