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Food deals app ?

This has a real advantage over supermarches.ca I looked up products that I knew were on sale at SMALLER chains (Intermarché, Esposito, PA...) which often have the best buys on produce, cheeses etc. It found things at Intermarché, Esposito, Tradition, Marché Extra, Marché Ami and even PA Nature (where organic black kale is $1 until Wednesday inclusively, as I knew). They also do smaller pharmacy chains such as Brunet and the smaller banners of Uniprix.

I don't see the Asian chains (Kim Phat, Marché Hawaï...) but suppose I should try certain specific Asian products.

I set it on my own postal code, and for 10km. I have a MacBook, but the app seems to work only on Iphones; I don't have one. I've used it in French and in English; seems to work fine on both.

about 21 hours ago
lagatta in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Thai Sep Restaurant

Thanks! That sounds great. Here is their Facebook page:
https://fr-ca.facebook.com/pages/Rest... The photos are very appealing.

Now you've made me slightly unhappy because a friend is returning from a trip and some of us wanted to go out tomorrow (Sunday). I see that it is also a bring your own wine - mentioning that because it can draw us cheapo winos... who do appreciate good food. Next time!

For us in Villeray and Little Italy, it is very close by, and convenient with the métro. What are Laabs?

It is a trek from downtown, but not hard either from the Plateau near the orange line, or CDN - Outremont directly on the blue line.

Fête du croissant 2015

Finally I stopped off at Brioche à Tête on Fairmount because I'm house-tending for a friend in Mile End who was in Cuba (returning today). They were very good but a bit sweeter than I'm used to. I left her two for her return...

frozen portuguese mixed fish?

I've seen these fish mixes (for fish stew) in many Portuguese shops, especially on the Plateau. They are quite economical (guess they can use up odd bits) and look in good shape, no freezer burn. Have any of you used these?

Leg of Lamb with bone Prices in Montreal area

That is interesting for people who live somewhat near either their branches; however the Mtl Island branch doesn't seem anywhere accessible (i.e. near a métro station). Yes, mutton is better for many braised and stewed dishes. Their stew mutton on the bone is a great buy, and they seem to have a lot of other good specials.

Leg of Lamb with bone Prices in Montreal area

The former 100% lamb sausages at Milano have also been mixed with beef for a while now. Sometimes this isn't clearly marked. There is a halal place near me called Al Khair (on Jean-Talon, just east of the market); I do think their ground lamb, and their lamb sausages, are really lamb.

They also have good prices on lamb joints.

By the way, they also have very good non-meat products, such as barley breads (buns - rolls).

Fête du croissant 2015

I've never had croissants from La Miche Dorée; just bread. Will have to try them.

Fête du croissant 2015

2nd edition of the croissant for $1 event: http://www.lafeteducroissant.com/ Not only in Mtl and suburbs, but in many other locations in Québec.

25 April (Saturday


And your favourites?

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

Don't know whether it is an opening or closing, but the former Les Derniers Humains at the corner of St-Denis and Bélanger has become Briz (with some kind of sign to make the i long as in brise or breeze). No idea what kind of restaurant or other food business it will be.

Best tasting veggie dogs

Of course if you make that, you have to make more than just the quantity for vegetarians, as the omnivores will want it too (as with any grilled aubergine or portobellow mushroom dish).

Pointing out that this is obviously not vegan. Most of the vegetarians in our gang aren't vegan, but just saying. But really, lots of people like plain aubergine brushed with olive oil and flavourings, and grilled.

Soya / Soy flour crêpes?

I bought some soya flour and wanted to make something crêpish from them (flat pancakes). Generally successful, but I wound up adding some organic wheat flour and an egg (also organic) to the mix (I'd let the soya flour batter ferment for a good while, in a cool kitchen, also because fermented beany stuff is easier to digest).

It is still a bit fragile. I have a stack of them stored in the fridge (between two plates, surrounded with a large freezer bag). I'm afraid they'll crack if I put any filling in them. I've made wheat and buckwheat crêpes for decades and want to expand the flours I use and ideally have vegan options for guests and to reduce animal products (though I'm not a vegan).

Any ideas? I didn't have this problem with chickpea flour crêpes. I've been making socca - farinata - faina successfully. Friends (from vegans to carnivorous Argentines) love it.

Apr 19, 2015
lagatta in Vegetarian & Vegan

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

I presume you mean for everyone, not just the acolytes of the Neapolitan pizza saint?


Kosher Maple Syrup

The producers know that there are many kosher, halal and vegetarian consumers. The market is more and more global.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

Interesting. Not far from where I stay when I'm in Amsterdam, there is a branch of a shop called "De Vegetarische Slager" (The Vegetarian Butcher in Dutch). I imagine that they'll also carry other vegan products, as not all v&v like fake meats. Those sausages do look good.

In Amsterdam, I loved the vegetarian liverwurst. I'm not really vegetarian, but it was less unhealthy than "real" liverwurst, and tasted just the same.

I could see some kind of food business was opening there; hope their niche is a success for them.

English Clotted Cream in Montreal

Yes, that was a silly mistake on my part: I was thinking Bishop & Bagg. Yes, they are all related. Unfortunately I can't edit my post any more.

I'm the turtle at the table .

When I think of it, I bring a box (or nesting ones) for that very reason. Of course there are places too formal for that. I hate wasting food, but it so rarely happens that I shouldn't feel too guilty; I waste more food at home by overbuying (though I don't buy a lot either).

Apr 14, 2015
lagatta in Not About Food

Cream in Canada/Montreal

They certainly don't deliver it at that price. Thanks, though!

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

It is obviously on Castelnau, from the reflection of Ste-Cécile church right across the street.

Casgrain starts at Laurier in eastern Mile-End, so there is no 232, which would be in Old Mtl north-south.

By the way, they were removing the hoardings on San Gennaro this morning and cleaning the storefront; that should mean it should open soon, at long last.

Cream in Canada/Montreal

I wrote to them and sadly, they told me they can't sell the goat milk from the Petit farm in shops, as it doesn't meet federal regulations:

"Malheureusement, pour des raisons de réglementation federale, nous n’avons pas le droit de vendre le lait de chèvre de M. Petit."

I was really looking forward to making crêpes and clafoutis with that.

Cream in Canada/Montreal

Now we also can access the dairy products marketed by "Run de Lait", the dairy section of "Société-Orignal"

http://www.societe-orignal.com/produc... Click on "Run de Lait" and the page will scroll down. I've seen the whole milk, the water buffalo yoghurt and the butter at Le Petit Coin (Beaubien and St-Dominique) but they are a very small shop and can't carry everything.

I'd love to find their goat's milk (I can't consume cow's milk




5550 Fullum, Suite 412, Montréal (QC), H2G 2H4

English Clotted Cream in Montreal

You could ask at Newland and Jump on St-Viateur in Mile End. It is next to Burgundy Lion pub.

54 rue Saint-Viateur O
Montréal, QC
H2T 2K8

What's your favorite vegetarian pasta recipe?

Not typically Neopolitan, but I'd think of adding some seaweed to get that marine touch for vegans. They can sprinkle on some dulse, for example.

Apr 13, 2015
lagatta in Vegetarian & Vegan

What's your favorite vegetarian pasta recipe?

I so agree. Or field ripe tomatoes of a San Marzano type from your own area (even your backyard or balcony garden). Sometimes capers but more usually fresh basil.

The vegans can have that as is, or other non-animal sourced protein sides (hummus, beans, many possibilities). The non-vegans will grate parmigiano or pecorino on their pasta. And green salad for everyone.

Apr 13, 2015
lagatta in Vegetarian & Vegan

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

Then if they reopen, it will mean a move, like Damas. Pity; their location was charming.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

I've never had the slightest desire to eat there. Whenever I wanted something like chicken wings, I bought them from the Southeast Asian shops near Jean-Talon on St-Denis. You can also get them right at JTM. Is there still the Halal place that sells fried chicken on J-T west?

I've lived near JTM in southwestern Villeray or Little Italy for about 25 years; I've never lived in Park-Ex, but a close friend used to live there; he lives in Villeray now, but more northeast, near Jarry and C-Colomb. Sometimes I attend events at L'Artère café on Parc; nice sunny space but nothing remarkable in terms of food.

There will be quite a bit of business space on the ground floors of the new condos. It could be expensive, but on the other hand the availability of cafés, boulangeries etc would be a draw for potential condo buyers, like the places in the Quartier 54 complex at the corner of Rosemont and St-Hubert.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

These things tend to go in waves. And it isn't really very far from the one on Gounod (evidently very good, in terms of both porky and veg options). I have no idea whether that will be successful, but it is good to see businesses opening on that stretch of St-Laurent. Bocadillo doesn't appear open yet. Neither does San Gennaro, but work is going apace.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

I never did, when walking back home from Park-Ex. I couldn't understand how on earth it could stay open; another chowhounder replied d-e-l-i-v-e-r-y. It looked remarkably dingy and scruffy, like that whole little stretch.

Nick, that might not always remain a terrible location. There is a great deal of condo development in that area between Loblaws - pardon, "Provigo-le marché" and JTM, and remember that there are other condos going up on Castelnau and Faillon. But I suspect it would require tearing down that marginal sort-of-mini-strip-mall and building something new.

Harricana is a bit farther east, and Soupson and the tiny but good Nhu Y have been there for longer. The former Mikes (closed for some time) is no more; a big condo is going up there. Many of the larger condos have commercial space on the ground floor.

I'm the turtle at the table .

I try to do that whenever I can. I really can't eat quickly, and it isn't to be controlling or rude.

Apr 08, 2015
lagatta in Not About Food

9 Ways to Mix Up Passover

In France, and in Argentina, kosher wine is real wine, not that syrupy crap. I'm sure you can find some now, even if you keep kosher. Believe good dry kosher wines are also made in California.

Apr 05, 2015
lagatta in Features

What's for Dinner #358 - The Easter/Passover Edition! [through April 7, 2015]

What do you put in your pie, and what region is that from? I'm not doing anything for Easter this year, but I usually make a Pasqualina (in Argentina, Pascualina) which is usually eggs, vegetables etc).

Apr 05, 2015
lagatta in Home Cooking