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This morning I biked over to the F Line Deli @ 9th St and Smith St in Brooklyn and got 2 massive tamales for $3. I got the Mole and the Jalapeno. They were both massive. The chicken in the mole was dark meat and very nice. The jalapeno was white masa, large jalapeno pieces and cheese. Both were pretty moist. I will definitely be back. Beats a bagel for breakfast any day!!

Oct 25, 2009
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

Reservation for 25-30 in Park Slope

Why would you go to Two Boots for a la carte rather than have family style @ Scottaditto?

I had my rehearsal dinner @ Scottaditto in the back room with about 20-30 people and had a very good time with a nice range of family-style portioned food.


Apr 03, 2009
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn Beer Bars Part 2 - Cherry Tree

You should go across the street to the 4th Avenue Pub also.

Mar 19, 2009
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

What's up with Noo Na?

$12 cocktails in prospect heights in a recession?

Good luck with that

Mar 11, 2009
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

Ayada, Great Thai in Elmhurst

Ayada -- in the "Plaza" next to Penang...

Last week had fried pork strip appetizer, shrimp rolls, fried tofu with dipping sauce, always nice whole fried red snapper with chili-garlic sauce, and a noodle dish with (fresh) squid. They serve their food generally as spicy as you like it -- the papaya salad we've had in the past is very spicy.

Used to be BYOB not sure anymore as they had beer on offer

Mar 06, 2009
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

Whole Grain Baguettes at Greene Grape Provisions

I think it says right on the side that they are made at some bakery in the Bronx

Am I right about that?

Feb 27, 2009
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

Your top Fort Greene/CH Eats

I like that Castros has burritos the size of footballs.

We tried to get delivery from El Cofre the other night and they told us we weren't spending enough for delivery (Carlton/Fulton) and called my wife "mami" on the phone. She was like "Ok, forget it" and ordered from La Stalla instead.

El Cofre sent the frickin' delivery guy. When we figured it out and had to send the guy away, he was so sad. Maybe we'll try El Cofre again but they need to improve their CS skills.

Feb 24, 2009
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

Your top Fort Greene/CH Eats

My favorites:

Castros, for Mexican, or Chavellas, in the other direction (ProHeights/Stuy)
Vegetarian Palate, for mock meats and Chinese (no decent other chinese)
Taro, for Sushi
Olea, is good for mezze/turkish
Cafe Lafayette, is reliable for a quick weeknight dinner
No 7, good for late night snacking & bar scene
La Stalla, for cheap rotisserie chicken delivery

Feb 24, 2009
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

The Great Char Siu Bao Debate

Ah Wong Bakery on Mott street makes a very good steamed bao -- light fluffy, good pork inside.

I prefer SSK to MLW for roast buns -- the pork seems less sweet and more meaty. I had a bun @ chatham recently and thought it was a soggy, oversweet mess.

Any one have any comments to offer on best combination ("big") bun? I like combo buns that have some of the char siu bao pork inside, in addition to sausage and egg.

Feb 19, 2009
greenermjr in Manhattan

The Great Char Siu Bao Debate

The buns from May May Bakery were AMAZING. Perfect party treat. 9 buns in a box. They were so fricking addictive. I miss them so much!!!

Feb 19, 2009
greenermjr in Manhattan

Help. Mezcal's on Fifth.

Jesus just go to Lobo instead
it's right nearby

even Los Pollitos would probably do you right

Feb 11, 2009
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

Buffalo Fries

don't know if they specialize, but this is on the menu @ Curly's Veg Lunch

Curly's Vegetarian Lunch | * 328 E. 14th St., New York, NY 10003 |

Feb 02, 2009
greenermjr in Manhattan

Mini Char Siu Bao

May May Bakery (rip) had THE BEST 'Mini' Char Siu Bao -- 3 x 3 in a plastic box, perfect sweet pork filling, plus kept frozen like a champ.

May May is now closed.

Is there anywhere else that does Mini Char Siu Bao in this style? I have tried Mei Lei Wah and it's not the same.

Did the cooks from May May set up somewhere else?

I need this info!! :)


edit: this is article about May May closing:

The description of my emotional state is contained here "In the final weeks, a phrase often heard around the store is “shebude” (pronounced seh-boo-deh). The customers say shebude, the employees say shebude and Mr. Hung says shebude. It is an emotional phrase familiar to Chinese immigrants, roughly translated as “can’t bear to let go,” and is often used when departing hometowns for faraway places or leaving family members who will not be seen for decades."

Oct 16, 2008
greenermjr in Manhattan

Where to buy quality salt?

Bierkraft on 5th avenue brooklyn has several varieties of salt by the oz/lb in big jars, fleur du sel, red salt etc.

Sep 24, 2008
greenermjr in Manhattan

Fort Greene Delivery Options

I've been living on Fulton near Carlton for 4 years and my delivery options are somewhat old and perhaps staid.

Here is where I regularly get delivery from. Please post if you have any suggestions for improvement/alternatives.

- Vegetarian Palate on Flatbush (should be noted that I only ever order 4 things: dumplings, crispy nuggets, veggie chicken w/celery, wonton soup). This is the only kind of Chinese food in the neighborhood that I have found to be tolerable at all.
- Joy on Flatbush - Indian. (Ordered last night, found somewhat lacking, but still good; like the Mixed Grill, Palak Paneer, )
- La Stalla on myrtle (fka Los Pollitos III) - roast chicken, avocado salad
- Castro's on myrtle - Burritos and Tacos, nuff said.
- Taro - rare sushi deliveries (much prefer visiting the bar)
- Zaytoons - occasional for Middle Eastern (Myrtle branch)
- Fulton Thai - meh for thai but it's close.

Would love to get any better Thai solution, deli suggestions, general delivery (or close takeout) reviews from hounds.


Sep 24, 2008
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

weather up--new bar--in prospect heights

They're certainly friendly, but even well made drinks shouldn't take that long to make for a competent mixologist. Part of being a good bartender is taking multiple orders and getting the drinks made and to your customer so they can drink them and then order another -- thus making money for the bar -- which is your main job.

In my visit, I also saw a woman nearly give up on her order of 2 beers and 2 whiskey's in desperation.

Mar 24, 2008
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

weather up--new bar--in prospect heights

bartenders are slow as molasses and the space echoes like a cavern

Mar 24, 2008
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

Sushi with warm rice...

Warm rice does not make for good sushi.

Should be room temperature for serving.

Toro sushi on Dean is excellent sushi.

Mar 20, 2008
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

5th Ave Park Slope Italian

Service is great @ Scottaditto

We had a large engagement party there and were very well taken care of and the food was pretty good. Had a great pork chop (slightly oversalted) when we had a trial for the party.

Mar 05, 2008
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

5th Ave Park Slope Italian

Didn't like Peperoncino AT ALL.

The place looks great on the inside and I wanted to like it but the food was totally underwhelming and they brought a bottle of wine with a similar name but dissimilar price to our table. Sure it was unintentional but I had to catch it. Not returning.

Mar 05, 2008
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

Grand Sichuan Jersey City and West Village


Greene Grape Provisions

It is awesome to hear that the newly awning-ed Greene Grape Provisions store on Fulton Street in Fort Greene will have rumor has "fresh fish, fresh meat, ... and cheese" (from the horse's mouth:


I live about 3 blocks from there and have been pained by long walks to Union Market on 6th & Union.

I hope they will have a respectable butcher/fish counter. The nabe can definitely use it!


Jan 02, 2008
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

Joy Indian Restaurant -disaster [moved from Outer Boroughs board]

My comment that probably went with the original post was how was the food that you did get?

I've ordered from Joy dozens of time (I usually get the same stuff) and it's a damn sight better than most Indian delivery.

So if you had gotten an extra rice pudding, everything would have been right with the world?

Dec 19, 2007
greenermjr in Not About Food

Restaurant Week Winter 2008

January 22 — 26 and January 29— February 2

Lunch $24.07 per person
Dinner $35 per person

Dec 18, 2007
greenermjr in Manhattan

Best places I ate in Thailand...

certainly not at many hotels!!!!

highlights of my 3 week honeymoon:

-Deep Fried Bamboo Worms in the Northern Hills
-Chiang Mai Cooking School
-FCC Angkor (a splurge lunch in Camodia) -- GREAT COCKTAILS
-Khao Lak, Thailand - Restaurant Jai and another beach shack on the other side of the road. Deep Fried Barracuda, some quite expensive King Prawns -- just great great food. Good pancake cart too !

Best coffee shop in Brooklyn (to read and study in)

Gorilla people tend to favor death metal or noisecore it seems to be... not that relaxing an environs for some.

Aug 21, 2007
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

Best peking duck

Zen in the Omni Hotel on Sherbrooke West.

DIB at Tempo

Went into Tempo to try to eat at the bar on Sunday night. Sat there for 5 minutes with no service, no bartender behind the bar.

Walked out, went to 200 5th and grabbed a burger and beer instead.

Tempo should always have their front bar manned.

Jul 30, 2007
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

Where to buy bottles...

in researching wedding favors I found this to be a good and bottom dollar source of bottles


Jul 26, 2007
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs

Moim @ 206 Garfield Pl

Someone needs to move Cafe Mandoo from koreatown (32nd St) wholesale to brooklyn (preferably north slope, easy walk from my ft green abode)

That place rocks.

Jul 12, 2007
greenermjr in Outer Boroughs