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Barbecue in and around Phila

ISO a non-chain where I can dig into a seriously smoked pile of ribs, brisket, pork belly or all of the above? Not some roasted meat with a sugary sauce...

Is buying an old Cuisinart Food processor base worth it?

Dunno. It was sitting on the counter in a $6mm mansion during the sale of some of it's contents. I suspect they'll quote something like $25. But I don't want to spend even half of that if the replacement pieces cost 4 times that. Unless someone tells me that the motors on the old ones are forever and therefore worth it.

Oct 06, 2012
witnessprotection in Cookware

Is buying an old Cuisinart Food processor base worth it?

Will the cost of replacement blades, bowl, etc. make me regret the good "deal" on an old base (DLC-10E, 7cup)?

Oct 05, 2012
witnessprotection in Cookware

Bacon for a crowd

I've got to deliver bacon for 40 at the crack of dawn several times over the next couple of weeks. Any advice for a regular person (i.e. not a caterer) on how to prepare and serve bacon in large quantities?

PHL - Ansill is still awesome, in case you forgot

Agreed! There is enough choice to satisfy all but McDonald's eaters. Service is familiar but extremely knowledgable and professional. David is always wandering around and accessible. It's one of my favorite places in the city.

The Restaurant School on Walnut Street

Has anyone eaten there recently? How does it compare as a restaurant?

want food input for a Philly wedding

The Pond! We had an event at the Pond in Radnor this January with just over 100 people. Like you, we cared about the food above all else. We couldn't have been happier. Every dish was perfectly executed; every new combination a delight. Our foodie friends came from around the country and are still talking about it. Co-owner Maria made planning a pleasure, and Chef Dahrouch made it sing. One advantage of a restaurant-based event is that you pay for the food alone, rather than for every piece of flatware and chair. Did I mention that the place is beautiful? Get the feeling that it was a good experience?

Ansill-still good? What to get?

Here's my ordering advice: get anything! We were there on Saturday and had a veritable feast of intense, sparkling flavors. The chef's touch is deft, and you really can't order badly.

Electric teakettle recommendations?

Despite my general resistance to gadgets that do only one thing, I'm considering going the electric teakettle route for speed and ease. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Sep 07, 2007
witnessprotection in Cookware

Reviews of Sunday Brunch at Nineteen?

I had a celebratory dinner there and while it would be tough to single out the raw bar, can tell you that the experience was one of most satisfying I've had in Philadelphia. The setting is striking; the service was deft; the food was inspiring. The oysters were terrific, but they are part of a larger package there. I personally prefer my raw bars at wooden picnic tables, but that's the New England in me.

Korean near Ardmore?

Thanks for these recommendations. I'm continually surprised by how much further afield one has to go to find ethnic food here in Phila compared to Boston, where I spent the last 25 years. I'm off to Upper Darby...

Orleans, MA - Best Food Shopping

Hatch's Fish is indeed terrific for fresh and smoked fish as well as lobsters. So is Mac's Seafood in Wellfleet Harbor. The Chocolate Sparrow is a treat for fine chocoalate as well as penny candy for a lark. I'd love to hear people's thoughts on restaurants in Orleans and Wellfleet.

Fresh figs

Allie, they're here in Philadelphia. I just got some at Trader Joe's.

Aug 11, 2007
witnessprotection in Manhattan

Kid-friendly but Hound worthy near Camelback?

I'm taking 3 kids (6-13) to the Poconos for 3 days. These kids haven't stepped into a fast food restaurant yet, and are not starting now. Any ideas for restaurants?

REQ: oddball foods off mass pike & bost->portland

I can't relate to the Kelly's roast beef, but can tell you that Blue Ribbon Barbecue and their pulled pork and ribs (seconds off the Pike at Exit 17) is worth a stop.

George's in Wayne? Compared to The Pond?

Wow. These make the choice an easy one. I'm sold. I just have to talk to The Pond about their 75 person minimum...

George's in Wayne? Compared to The Pond?

I'm holding a luncheon event for 50-75 people this winter and want wonderful food in a lovely setting that is a reasonable drive from Gladwyne. Any thoughts on these two, or other suggestions?

Lunch near the Barnes Foundation

If Ardmore/Wynnewood are close enough, consider Sang Kee, Alex Long, Khajuraho.

Help me with this term please, 'a muse bushe'

And here's some pronunciation help: ahmewse booosh, where the "ah" is short and the "ooo" is long. They're usually complicated and wonderful treats, prepared at the whim of the chef, to get you rolling on the meal to follow.

Palace at the Ben-Great Indian in Phila!

Rabidog, I report, sadly, that Khajuraho in Ardmore is adequate at best. We're former Bostonians who used to have a big range of Inidan choices, so we feel that we're reduced to the bare minimum when we go there. Ratty upholstery, Begrudging service, and pedestrian food combine to make it a poor substitute for what Indian should be.

Korean near Ardmore?

As much as I love Sangkee, I've got to expand my Asian eating horizons in and around Ardmore. Any Korean recommendations? Indian? (and don't say Khajuraho, please, or your reputation is shot with me). Japanese beyond the always wonderful Samurai in Rosemont?

Festive place for a big birthday party for 80?

Any ideas for a place that might make 80 people of various ages happy? Fancy is okay. Interesting is better, and excellent service is a must. We're looking near Gladwyne/Ardmore.

Short Ribs Philly area

The Pond in Radnor braises them to dense, savory richness.

Ethiopian restaurant

Does anyone around here love Ethiopian food as much as I do? Let me know where you find it!

"Fancy" Restaurant in MontCo or nearby?

I've only been once, but the Pond in Radnor (formerly Passarelle) has a gorgeous room in a staggeringly romantic setting. Wonderful food is a plus! The chef used to be at Taquet in Wayne.

Colleen's on the Parkway

Has anyone been to an event at Colleen's? Can you tell me what it was like, foodwise and otherwise, and whether or not there was dancing?

The great Delaware County bagel hunt...

Criticus, I've got some bad news for you. You're not going to breathe a sigh of relief and feel that you're home. Hymie's is mediocre at best, and Murray's, while traditional in style, just isn't New York, or even Boston. And that's saying a lot. Your corned beef sandwich will be served refrigerator cold and your bagel will continue to lack texture. It's as close as I've found though, and I've lived here for 2 years.

Place with personality for 135 and daytime dancing?

I'm looking for a venue for a Bat Mitzvah lunch in January. Ideally, we want an interesting (not fancy) space that allows non-dancers to talk while dancers eat, isn't too far from Wynnewood/Ardmore, is affordable, and, of course, serves wonderful food. Any ideas?