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BLT Prime - Porterhouse or "BLT" Cut

My friends and I have been to almost every steak joint in NYC. We usually order a porterhouse for four (actually 2 porterhouse for two) for the three of us amongst other items on the menu.

I'm not sure why it has taken this long but finally BLT Prime is next. For those CH'ers that had the "BLT" cut is there anything special other than it's a bone-in double sirloin? Is it better than the porterhouse in terms of taste, texture (more or less sinewy), etc?

The meat dish will be between those two.


Aug 28, 2008
snoballz in Manhattan

Grand Cayman for a week

So where did you end up going and how were they?

My wife and I are heading to Grand Cayman for a week in a couple of weeks. We made reservations at Calypso Grill (Mon), Grand Old House (Wed), and Blue (Fri).

Looking forward to the trip and delights.


I echo Martin's sentiments. My wife and I went to celebrate our third anniversary (first was at Per Se and the second at Jean-Georges) and boy did Adour fall flat.

I'd say the food was a bit above "Acceptable" though. The sweetbread was tasty but I prefer a little more gaminess, which woould have been a match with the egg purse. I asked for a recommendation and they suggested an off the menu dish, Barramundi with tomato. This was quite delectable.

However, service was lacking. We ordered two half bottles, one for each course and on several occasions I found my glass almost empty. It took either me getting their attention or very long period of not having any wine in my glass before it got filled.

Let me backtrack a bit, we should have seen this coming when the amuse-bouche was served with our first course. Oh, btw, I could have made the amuse-bouche... it was so underimpressive.

Anyway, the service was almost painfully slow. With that said, I gave them the beneft of the doubt ordering a cheese plate along with dessert and a couple of glasses of muscat. The Captain (unprompted) offered a complimentary dessert wine and set another couple of glasses. After about 10-15 minutes the glasses were yet filled with anything and a server lifted the glasses off the table. She actually was very nice throughout the service but did not realize that the captain offered complimentary drinks.

In any event, I did speak with the Captain and gave him some constructive criticism as well as completed the survey that came with the check.

The staff were individually nice and very personable but collectively they need a lot more tuning.

May 07, 2008
snoballz in Manhattan

Which steakhouse & WHY?

If you are not sharing a porterhouse and want to order individually, I agree with those that have recommended Strip House. The cuts are to be expected and IMHO the taste is perfect. Although there have been some (including a friend that I usually go to steakhouses with once a month) that have said that the taste have been overly salty.

Mar 01, 2008
snoballz in Manhattan

Birthday Dinner for husband - a voce or allen&delancey?

The space in A&D is warm and unpretentious. A lot of wood. There are two rooms. My wife and I sat in the front near the "wine cellar". It was quite nice. The place is not loud so I hope you enjoy conversing.

I also like the bar area... get there early enough and you can get to sit in the nice cozy alcove.

We BYO wine but took a look at the wine list. Very accessible and good price point.

I agree with RGR.... if your husband really wants Italian, go to A Voce or hit up another Italian joint.

Feb 29, 2008
snoballz in Manhattan

Best Porterhouse

Have you been following me?! :D Looks like we pretty much hit the same places although there are a few you've been to that I haven't ordered the porterhouse and there may be a few that I've been to and you haven't ordered the porterhouse.

I've been to Porterhouse. Don't do it. I recommend Ben and Jack's. It's next on my list to Wolfgang's (midtown) in terms of good flavor and char. The other place, albeit I haven't been in awhile, is Bobby Van's. I've only been in the one located on Park Ave and 46th Street. It's been awhile so I'm not sure if they did any renovations but I like eating in the back room. It feels semi-private.

Feb 28, 2008
snoballz in Manhattan

Picholine v. Grenouille v. 11 Madison

I should say, visiting the rich grandparents. :D

I was there a few months ago. I'm just not into the purple.

Feb 27, 2008
snoballz in Manhattan

Picholine v. Grenouille v. 11 Madison

I agree with rrems. The game dish that I had was pigeon. Was delicate and not overly "gamey". It was better than the pigeon I had at French Laundry and it even came with an authentic pellet. :D

Also, gotta love Terrance Brennan's panache for cheeses.

Picholine is warm in a visit to the grandparent's house kind of way. I guess I just prefer the more modern look of EMP.

Feb 26, 2008
snoballz in Manhattan

Alone in Manhattan on a Sat night / Sunday

Dinner or even brunch: The Kitchen Club (Prince and Mott Streets) in Nolita. If you opt for dinner take a walk back to the Chibi Bar for a tasting of sakes.

Dinner: Resto (29th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues) for Belgian comfort food and great Belgian beers.

Feb 26, 2008
snoballz in Manhattan

Westchester Magazine. What’s a Review Really Worth?

This magazine is a joke. After living in Westchester County a number of years, I moved back to NYC. While living in Westchester, I somehow got on Westchester Magazine's mailing list. Now after four years back they continue to forward the magazine to my place in Manhattan. Moreover, sometimes there would be a front cover stating that it would be the last issue I would receive unless I sent them back a postcard, which I never do. Yet I'm still getting issues.

Is it to maintain there subscription rate so they they get lure advertisers such as restaurants? Are these restaurants getting biased and favorable reviews because they advertise in Westchester Magazine. Thinking back (it's been awhile since I read a review in the magazine) I don't ever recall a critic ever panning a restaurant that he/she reviewed.

Feb 25, 2008
snoballz in Food Media & News

Ben & Jack's Vs. Wolfgang's

Interesting to see the differing opinions here.

I've been to Wolfgang's (midtown and downtown) and Ben & Jack's. At all three locations, I went with the same couple of friends and ordered the same cut steak (porterhouse for four). I prefer Wolfgang's midtown both in terms of food and atmosphere. I like the architecture of the restaurant. The one downtown was inconsistent and the restaurant was like any other steakhouse.

With that said, the porterhouse at Ben & Jack's was well served. Close to Wolfgang's and Luger's in terms of taste and char. The gold bull was a bit over the top. Also, when I asked about a particular red wine, the "sommelier", which later I found was Jack, he said it would be perfect with steak. When I pressed why, he remarked "because it's red".

Feb 14, 2008
snoballz in Manhattan

Best restaurants in NYC for Bone Marrow?

Best: Prune. Consistency was perfect. The sea salt and toast points paired well.
Worst: Craftsteaks. Underdone for my liking.

A close second to Prune is Landmarc. I'd like to try Blue Ribbon from what I've heard in the past as well as in this thread.

Feb 14, 2008
snoballz in Manhattan

Bachelor Party

How many are you in this party? If it's not too big and you guys are willing to wait it out a bit, the tavern area of Gramercy Tavern is a great combination of food and atmosphere. Otherwise step it up a notch and and make reservations for the dining room. However, that may be a bit too "tableclothed" for the occasion.

Feb 14, 2008
snoballz in Manhattan

Bachelor Party

Strip House befits a bachelor party with the double entendre. It's a steak joint with red velvet walls. leather banquettes, and subdued burlesque art.

Feb 08, 2008
snoballz in Manhattan

Where to buy Indonesian Beer in Manhattan?

Sorry if I'm misposting this in the Manhattan section. But I figure that the Chowhounds here would know more than those posting in the Beer section.

Does anyone know where I can buy Indonesian beer in Manhattan? I'd like to pick some up for a lunar new year party.

Mods: Please move if appropriate.


Feb 08, 2008
snoballz in Manhattan

Has anyone read "Service Included?"

It's light, fun, and easy read. It's not a tell-all airing out of dirty laundry. As others mentioned there is an underlying "love" story.

However, I read the book right before my experience at French Laundry and it ruined the experience. I was intensely focused on the service comparing the level of service at French Laundry to that described in the book at Per Se. I've been to Per Se twice and have to admit the service is/was better.

Dec 27, 2007
snoballz in Food Media & News

Where did you eat (out) on Christmas?

Christmas dinner wasn't spectacular... had dinner at the New York Athletic Club. A bit stuffy but at least no one had to cook and we had a great time.

On Christmas Eve, my wife and I went to Danube. The tasting menu was the only offer. We had it with the wine pairing and really enjoyed the selection.

One of the better dishes and in fact we didn't even oder it was the Carinthia “Schlutzkrapfen” High Altitude Austrian Cheese Ravioli with Smoked Mushrooms and Harvest Corn Sauce. I guess they had the Christmas spirit and wanted to offer some more. Anyway, great space and good time.

A couple of "misses". One was the slow service. We think it was intentional and they wanted people to linger and enjoy the time with family. However, the pace between dishes was way too long.

The second miss was partly because of the aforementioned. A couple next to us complained loudly about the pace and lambasted the wait staff shouting that it was ridiculous for a one star to have such terrible service.

Ironically, they were upset about the experience of a one star while the woman wore so much perfume she ruined our meal. We were so glad we were at the last hearty course since the perfume would have just overwhelmed the sashimi.

Sorry for the rant... otherwise, a good time. :)

Dec 27, 2007
snoballz in Manhattan

Anything new or coming to Manhattan?

Daniel Boulud will be opening his wine bar, Bar Boulud on New Year's Eve.

Dec 13, 2007
snoballz in Manhattan

"Service Included,” Phoebe Damrosch’s memoir about Per Se-NYT

Having read the book right before my dinner at French Laundry sort of "ruined" the overall experience since I was focused on the level of detail of their service rather than just going enjoying the experience.

With that said, the service was very good but not mind-reader like service Phoebe mentioned in the book.

However, perhaps the student just got better than the teacher. I've been to Per Se a couple of times and the level of service was exceptional. I wasn't so focused on service as I was when I was at French Laundry but it did feel like the mind-reader like service both times. The service was so seamless from one "chef" to another.

Anyway, the book was an easy read.

Nov 25, 2007
snoballz in Food Media & News

First trip to Manhattan

Without knowing any more than your preference for proximity, I suggest Per Se, which is in the Time Warner Center on Columbus Circle and Jean George, located at 1 Central Park West. You did say "sky is the limit".

Nov 17, 2007
snoballz in Manhattan

Anyone been to Primehouse yet?

I haven't been to Primehouse yet. I'd expect the emals to be at least decent. Primehouse is part of the B.R Guest Restauarant group, which include Blue Water Grill, Dos Caminos, Ruby Foo's, and several others.

I'm interested in how the regular steak fare rates.

Nov 17, 2007
snoballz in Manhattan

Fifth Avenue CIPRIANI - "Poor" [moved from Manhattan board]

Wasn't it Frank's review of Kobe Club that led Chodorow to put up a blog in defense?! Will Jeffrey come to Cipriani's defense?!

Nov 15, 2007
snoballz in Food Media & News

Gordon, Gordon, Gordon

The BBC production is more endearing while Fox being Fox, the production is all about sensationalism.

When I watched tonight's episode, I couldn't believe that the "food critic" said what she did!

Well, I found her review and now have a better understanding as to why... Fox being Fox!

Nov 14, 2007
snoballz in Food Media & News

Hells Kitchen Restaurant Crawl

Since the book starts in India... how about some Indian? I'm not too familiar with good Indian in Hells Kitchen though.

I would suggest going to Nook. I suggest the mushroom cigars and Konrad's goulash. Somehow, you can wrap that into the theme of the book, can't you?! However, it is BYOB if that matters in your crawl.

Sep 28, 2007
snoballz in Manhattan

Park Bistro tonight - Recs?

It may be too late but living in the 'hood I usually go across the street to Les Halles. However, I've been to Park Bistro on a couple of occassions and recall that they have a nice pumkin ravioli dish.

Mar 25, 2007
snoballz in Manhattan

2 requests: Good sportsbar in midtown to watch NCAA and dinner for 8

I'd go to Danny Meyer's "Blue Smoke" on 27th Street (between Park and Lexington) and then pop over next door to "Park Avenue Country Club" to watch the games.

Mar 22, 2007
snoballz in Manhattan