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Looking for top NYC restaurants that are kid-friendly

I'm an ex-New Yorker coming back around Thanksgiving and looking for any recommendations for really awesome restaurants that I can bring kids to [my kids are pretty well behaved and 9 and 6 as fyi]. I'm looking for nicer places vs really good cheap/ casual in this case, for example maybe the Nougatine room for lunch at Jean Georges as an idea. Oh and i'm targeting Manhattan only.

I'm less worried about them having food they can eat (they are good eaters), but i'm not going to pay $125 for a prix fixe meal for them. So any ideas of new places, old places that I can get reservations (thanksgiving is a crazy week) that aren't totally crazy to bring kids are appreciated.

Sep 08, 2012
InNOutBurger in Manhattan

Why is there no good BBQ in the South Bay?

One last note...I had also posted a review on my Yelp profile and the owner replied back with good honest responses to my feedback (not all of which were positive, though generally it was pretty good). Always like to see that. You can check out my reviews at

Why is there no good BBQ in the South Bay?

So tried Smoking Pig last night thanks to the recommendations on this thread. Here's the summary.

The decor is really nothing to speak of, it's sorta dark and almost a little downright scary. The servers and the owner were very nice though. For the most important question was the food?

* Really good smoked spare ribs, nice smoke ring, really meaty and moist and the sauce had a nice spice and flavor to it.
* Brisket was also well smoked, but was a little on the drier side.
* Same for the pulled pork.
* Baked beans - some of the better beans I've had. Tons of flavor and nice balance of sweetness. Gotta love the bits of meat in there too.
* Mac and cheese - sorta a different take from the normal fare. Studded with bits of meat in there too which was nice. Overall it was also quite good.
* Anderson Greens - collards with some other veg and brisket. This was overly salty which made it actually sorta hard to eat.
* Peanut butter pie was recommended on some boards, so we decided to try it. It turned out to be overly rich without much consistency. It's whipped cream on top of a peanut butter mouse with a cookie crumb base. It was ok, but not up my alley, so I won't be trying that again.

So overall, it's a decent find for the bay area where real smoked good BBQ is hard to find. If I'm hankering for ribs, I'll definitely go back. As a note they're cash only.

Why is there no good BBQ in the South Bay?

Thanks all! I think i'm going to give Smoking Pig a try tonight and i'll let folks know how it goes. I've tried Little Lou's three times and at best it's 3 stars, closer to 2. Famous Dave's was recommended to me, but it was really bad and not even good in a pinch. Desperately looking for something passable.

Why is there no good BBQ in the South Bay?

Oh...RedBones was totally what I'm jonesing for right now when I wrote this. You could tell by the ribs, but also hushpuppies and fried okra. I wish there was a place around here even half as good as RedBones! I'm totally with you.

Why is there no good BBQ in the South Bay?

We're relatively new to the bay area and I've still not found any decent BBQ to speak of in the general South Bay area, even going up mid-peninsula doesn't come up with anything. Any recommendations that are rock solid? I'm looking for baby back, beef ribs and brisket. Ideal if we can find some hushpuppies, fried okra, etc too.

Need restaurant recommendation in SF for family dinner (includes 2 kids)

I'm new to the bay area and we have family coming into town this weekend. We're going to do the touristy thing in the city and take everyone around and i need a good recommendation for lunch and dinner.

Here's some of the parameters.
* There are 8 of us, including 2 kids (not crazy toddlers but probably wouldn't work at Wayfare Tavern as an example), so fancy restaurant is probably out. We're looking for something a little more casual.
* I'm open to go into any neighborhood, we'll try and go early like 5-ish so hopefully we can get in.
* Ideally a place that has some SF character vs a non-descript kind of place.

So start shooting out your best ideas! Thanks!

Wayfare Tavern
558 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

best hamburgers and milkshake in sf ?

Just look at my screenname and it speaks for itself!

James Randall in Los Gatos does a pretty kick-ass burger made from ground brisket. Couple that with their truffle fries and you're loving life.

James Randall Restaurant
303 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos, CA 95030

I love my Sodastream fizzy water machine

So i'm thinking of buying one, but it looks like SodaStream has come up with quite a few options now to pick from. From all the great posts, I still can't totally tell which is the best to buy. I'm a big sparkling water drinker as it sounds like most folks here are as well, so durability is probably one of the bigger criteria as I don't want it to fall apart. Also cost effectiveness is probably another since we go through quite a bit in the house so we'll be buying carbonated rechargers often it sounds like.

So any addition advice is apprecaited!

Dec 22, 2010
InNOutBurger in Cookware

Ideas on how to use Quince?

I have some quince trees in my yard which bear really incredible smelling quince. But I have no recipes or ideas for how to prepare or eat them. The only thing that I've ever really found is quince paste. Any other ideas?

Oct 25, 2009
InNOutBurger in Home Cooking

Dinner reco close to Coronado or airport

I meant either around Coronado OR close to the airport since i'll be getting on a flight. Sorry, I'm not familiar with San Diego at all. Thanks all!

May 01, 2009
InNOutBurger in San Diego

Lunch fare in Medford, Somerville

Very authentic sichuan cooking is available in Medford at Chili Garden. Colleen's diner and ice cream shop also in Medford is a great place and fun. One last of course has to be Modern Pastry shop in Medford, which has classic italian desserts. Enjoy!

Pizza AND burgers

Not Your Average Joe's is actually a pretty good option. It's not fantastic, but pretty solid fare. Good pizza's, thinner crust which is nice. And pretty decent burgers. If you're lucky they sometimes have homemade fried potato chips instead of fries which are really yummy. There's quite a few of them all over the Boston area.

Tupelo in Cambridge

Saw the article get announced on Thrillist Boston. Definitely looking forward to trying the place out.

Dinner in Rockport

I just met a chef who has a restaurant in Rockport this weekend and asked him the same exact question. He also recommended going to Gloucester. He mentioned Halibut Point,

Dinner reco close to Coronado or airport

I have time for one dinner out in San Diego. I'll be staying around the Coronado and leave later that night on a red-eye. I'm looking for the one place I must eat at that has the best food. It can be a dive or fancy, i'm totally all about the food. Any and all reco's are appreciated. I won't have a car, so going too far from that area probably won't work, but can cab to any place in the general vicinity. Chowhounds don't let me down!!!

Apr 29, 2009
InNOutBurger in San Diego

Good marsala cooking wine recommendation

Thanks all...i too was wrestling with the adage that you don't cook with anything you wouldn't want to drink. Pastene is the brand I normally see in average liquor stores. It's ok at best. So I'll try some of the suggestions above.

Good marsala cooking wine recommendation

Anyone have a specific marsala or madiera cooking wine recommendation? Or a good liquor shop that carries a good selection of marsala wine in the greater Boston area?

anything decent in Lexington???

Definite votes for Scutra in Arlington or Dalya's in Bedford. Definitely stay away from Lexx in Lexington or Flora in Arlington, both are over-priced and underwhelm.

Where are the bad La Voile and Angela's reviews?

What's funny is that our foursome had exactly the same main dishes you had and I totally agree word for word on the complaints on the dishes. I also kept adding salt, pepper and sauce to my Filet to no avail, not to mention it being undercooked. The lamb was definitely the best dish for our table that night as well.

One night/dinner in Toronto recommendations?

Unfortunately it looks like JKWB doesn't have any more reservations. Have you heard anything about Swan at 892 Queen St. W. | (Strachan Ave.) They don't have a website.

One night/dinner in Toronto recommendations?

In truth...I don't have too much of a geography constraint. Easy to drive to in general is probably one criteria. We'll be staying in Mississauga, so maybe closer to the west side of town may be easier.

JKWB looks like a solid pick and pretty easy to get to, so I'll give that a try. Thanks to everyone for the help!

One night/dinner in Toronto recommendations?

I'll be in the Toronto area for one night next week and I'm looking for recommendations. It'll be a casual work dinner. Nothing super fancy or formal, but if you had to pick one place that we shouldn't miss for the food...where would it be?

Any recommendations are appreciated!

Mexican around Medford

Zocalo on Broadway between Alrlington Center and Medford is a great bet. Love the food, very authentic. Their chile rellenos are to die for. Light batter, fried crisp and stuffed with chicken, cheese, shrimp, beef, etc. Great sauces too, a very delicate mole that's the best around in my opinion or the green chile sauce too. It's a can't miss!

Your favorite thing to eat in and around Boston at the moment

Buttermilk pancakes at The Restaurant in Woburn Center. You wouldn't believe it, but they are AWESOME!!! I've been there 3 times in the past month already for breakfast. Great spinach feta omelette too. It's greek owned, so their greek related food is very good.

Where are the bad La Voile and Angela's reviews?

I just went this weekend as we had some family in town. I have to say I was a little disappointed based off all the hype I've seen even on Chow. First off, even though I made reservations a month in advance, I was given the table right off the door, in the room with the bar. What's also surprising is that they have a bus tray right next to the table, they use it as a holding area for food coming out of the kitchen, but also for plates being cleared from tables. The unfortunate is as tables are cleared, plates of fish, chicken off the bone, lamb shanks, mussel shells, etc were literally being placed on a tray right next to our table. It was so close I literally bused some items off our own table without getting up.

Anyways, it was quite at 7:30 when we sat, but by 8:30 when the bar began filling up I was getting bumped every 30 seconds by a patron, a bus boy, the host or a waiter. I even had trays of food go over my head and the cheese cart knock into me. When I complained I thought I received a very patronizing answer from the host, though my waiter was very apologetic. In the end, they did apologize again and gave the table a round of champagne which was nice at least.

But more importantly the food...I'd say it's touch and go depending on what you order. And perhaps beef isn't really what they are as good as. The lamb shank was VERY GOOD, really moist, fall off the bone, great braised dish. The mussles nothing too special but good. My wife had the steak and pommes and I had the sliced filet. I think both were somewhat poor. My wife's was a thin cut of really sub-par meat. There was even some silverskin still on the meat. We both asked for medium-rare and received rare. The steak was cool, it wasn't even warm, which isn't my definition of medium rare. But some of the other dishes were really solid, the scallops appetizer and cheese plate was great. The mini raviolis were awesome! The creme brulee fois gros was also very good.

Desserts were also a little mixed, the napolean didn't have that much flavor and the pastry was a little tough. The tarte tain was the best of all the desserts.

Service overall was pretty good. They were trying, but overall I was a little underwhelmed by my experience. I'm not sure it's the savoir of Newbury Street as I've seen some people post, but I guess I'd give it another shot in a while. Though I definitely won't order beef there!

Mom's Chinese Hot and Sour Soup

Feb 12, 2008
InNOutBurger in Recipes

Thoughts on Harvest in Harvard Square?

Sounds like the reviews are matching what I've heard which is that it's a mixed bag. I totally agree about Chez Henri, but they don't take rezo's which has always made it more difficult. Thanks all for the advice.

Thoughts on Harvest in Harvard Square?

I'm thinking of going to Harvest when some family is in town and I was surprised to see fairly mixed reviews on Zagat. Mentions were inconsist food and experience, especially given the price.

So I'm reaching out to my fellow Chowhounds to see if it's worth the trip and the $$$.

Pot Roast with Porcini and Beer

I've made this dish twice now and it's fail-safe and wonderful. My wife didn't like pot roast thinking about the dish her mom made in the 70's, but loves this.

It gets better too as leftovers when the flavors meld even more. The gravy is great with good mashed potatoes as well. Definitely a strong recommend for the winter months!

Jan 30, 2008
InNOutBurger in Recipes