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Quick - rec's for Cherry Grove/N. Myrtle Beach SC

Umbertos and Legrand at Barefoot Landing are our go tos every year on 16 man golf trip and most of the guys are VERY particular - no chains. Italian and Steak and Seafood

Need some Vegas help, please!

Try this place for groceries - all sorts of choices but more international than TJ's

Aug 03, 2009
mickinbedford in Las Vegas

A Hound Comes To Hampton Beach and Portsmouth

Go to Ron Jillians for Italian in Hampton, or Ronaldos in Rye. There is a small breakfast place on back roads 1A from Hampton Beach to Portsmouth called Golden Egg - its awesome. Hagans Grill in Hampton worth a visit. For soup and sandwich Loaf and Ladle in Exeter. Markey Lobster pound in Seabrook for lobster and clams

South Temecula versus North

So who has the better restaurants, north or south? Using say Rancho Cal as the divider and food on Rancho as south and north to say old town Murrieta. To be fair I live on south side, but cannot for the life of me understand why the south (79 zone) is devoid of many good places. Any comments or suggestions

Aug 03, 2009
mickinbedford in San Diego

Discovering Temecula

Not suprized by the Bank report, next time go to La Cucina. Am suprized by Swing Inn - I have not enjoyed it - try Ritchies or Original Pancake House as other post. Winchester Cheese Co is great and if you are in old town next time on Saturday they are normally at the Farmers Market. Have not tried the Delaneys yet but I also go to Barons which is another smaller store with great choices of local produce. Good luck on your next trip

Aug 03, 2009
mickinbedford in California

Five Nights in Dallas, please help make it delicious

I assume you are a guy -- got to go to Bone Daddy's at least for lunch - good BBQ and views. Think Hooters with BBQ. You'll have to find where one is near you - google map it
Pappadeus is pretty good for Cajun style food

May 30, 2007
mickinbedford in Texas

Perwinkles in Seacoast NH

you can eat them. Search for winkles not wrinkles - lots Brits eat them with pepper and malt vinegar - you might find ways to do it under whelks too but I think they are not actually the same thing but people confuse the two

Dinner in Manchester NH?

CR Sparks in Bedford

Italian in Manchester NH ongoing

anyone been to Pasquels in Candia?

Best budget meals...need suggestions

Here is one I always do around Thanksgiving. Start with a turkey which can be just a breast if you want and roast it. - one dinner. Keep the carcus and leftover meat and boil until everything slowly with some onion and herbs. Pick the bones and the fat and grissle out, making sure you keep the broth. Add pots, carrots etc and make a stew - dinner 2. After this is done get frozen pie crusts and drain the stew and make pot pies - dinner 3. I can do the same to hamburg/ground beef, from bolognaise to chili (add beans) to another form of meat pie, or shepards pie. Most of these can freeze with no problems

Mar 24, 2007
mickinbedford in Home Cooking

New Shrimp Cocktail Display?

hollow out a pineapple and keep the top. Put the sauce in the hollow. Tooth pick the shrimp around the outside of the pineapple

Mar 24, 2007
mickinbedford in Home Cooking

Moving back to NH

WHS - thanks for Lucias - will check this out too. Looking forward to coming back now - going to drive to see some sights I know I would not normally and hopefully get to chow on some local food in AZ, NM, TX, TN etc on way back

Dark Rum Recipes?

Cranberry and OJ for a Bermuda Triangle ----

Mar 23, 2007
mickinbedford in Spirits

Best "T" for a G&T?

Schweppes by far in my experience and stay away from lite for g*ds sake.

Mar 23, 2007
mickinbedford in Spirits

Moving back to NH

I remember Fratello's as always fair to good but no where near as friendly as a more "local" place. When I lived in Bedford before they had a place called Zhingerelis(spelling) which had good food but one of the items making a differnce was if you went there enough, they remember you and the interaction with the chefs and waitstaff etc makes a difference in my mind, especially for Italian for some reason. yet to go to Surf, but will when I move back

South Beach with Wife first timer

Got a weekend coming up in May and going to take the wife to South Beach. Would like a few choices for breakfast, lunch and a really nice dinner preferably on the street to catch the "sights" and drinks/fun later - does not have to be cheap but I ain't Tom Cruise either. Just something to say we experienced it. Both the wrong side of 40 (who cares right, but don't want it to be a 20 something's club scene please. Thank you in advance

Mar 19, 2007
mickinbedford in Florida

Dinner for 30 High School Students?

I agree with Legal seafood and depending on what you are looking for, Dicks Last Resort for something more basic - check out the web site though coz its a different type of place you may be looking for, depending on their ages

Moving back to NH

Thanks to all - good list. One thing about the seacrh feature is I cannot seem to do it by date, so when I search Portsmouth, for example, I can get posts from 2002, and cannot sort by date - or can I and I am missing it somehow

Recent feedback wanted -- Portsmouth NH spots

Had a good meal at the Oar House a month ago, Rosas was always good for reasonable Italian. Come a little further south to Exeter/Stratham right off 95 - Bontas very good but pricey

Moving back to NH

Thanks - don't know Cucina so I will check it out when I get back. Heard of Surf but not been there. Is Ya Mammas still going strong and good? I also heard the country kitchen (Merrimac) changed to something - do you know this one?

romantic dinner in boston / cambridge

Assagio or 5 North Square were always good

romantic dinner in boston / cambridge

Have you thought about the North End - some great spots

Moving back to NH

Relocated for work to San Diego 5 years ago and now moving back to Bedford area. So what is good in the last few years since I have been away? I have been back a few times, so the usual suspects can be ignored but interested in Manchester to Nashua and to the Seacoast who has the best Italian, Steak, Seafood, Indian, pub grub etc now in readers opinions - cheers