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Inca Kola in Calgary

Inca Kola, the cola of the Andes. Beware of its addictive qualities.

Feb 03, 2009
Sorbethead in Prairie Provinces

brunch in calgary on New Years Day

I always like silver dragon for dim sum served all day on new years day.

Dec 22, 2008
Sorbethead in Prairie Provinces

Fast Food Plus Calgary

i seem to remember the chicken on the way connection. Their was a newspaper article on the wall stating that the owner was involved with chicken on the way. I t closed & was replaced with a Bagels & Buns location. Very fond memories.

Nov 24, 2008
Sorbethead in Prairie Provinces

Fast Food Plus Calgary

Anybody remember Fast Food Plus from the early 80's. Located in small plaza at corner of elbow & glenmore in calgary. Big juicy burgers, fried chicken & amazing corn fritters. Big hang out for students from Milton Williams Junior High * residents of Mayfair/Bellaire. Just wishing i had one those burgers with the corn friiters today.

Nov 23, 2008
Sorbethead in Prairie Provinces

peking duck in calgary

Does anyone have a favorite spot in calgary for peking duck. Looking to take out for a party.

Clover Brewing

anyone interested in reading an article on the clover coffee brewer check out this link.

Pretty darn real Mexican at Calgary Farmers' Market

We are getting close to the perfect review of Don Antonio. Great review Yen.

Pretty darn real Mexican at Calgary Farmers' Market

The filling for the chile verde burrito was cooked very nice & had great flavor & meat was very tender. For $12.95 this burrito should weigh at least 1 lb. It was very small & flimsy. They need to buy large tortillas & wrap their burrito tightly in tin foil. It is then eaten by peeling away the foil. The rice seemed to be converted rice, it did not have that puffed quality that good mexican rice has. Best thing about checking this place out was it has made want to cook more mexican at home. Calgary is still very far away from having a good taqueria.
Check out the following site for more burrito info

Calgary: hand coffee grinders/mills

looking at krupps burr grinder or starbucks barista burr grinder. using grinder for expresso. Any info on burr grinders.

Dec 16, 2007
Sorbethead in Prairie Provinces

I'm working on an article and am curious what Calgarians consider to be the best of Calgary.

Capo is great ! but you can find it in any big city. River Cafe is # 1 for that great tourist experience with excellent service & exceptional local organic food experience. My favorite dining experience for bringing visitors is Brava Bistro. Great people watching inside & out, great music & mood, service is always friendly, food very bistro (comfort food that i could eat every day.(& i do eat a couple times a week)) Being on 17th ave. on a weekend night at Brava Bistro i think their is no better place to see Calgary.