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Emergency Preparedness Food (earthquake, hurricane, tornado, etc)

I am trying to put together the best earthquake kit food supplies. Does anyone have any recommendations? I do not want to preserve of pickle anything myself, but simply buy pre-made items from the store.

A friend of mine recommended buying a kit from Preppi Survival ( because it already has food supplied. The problem is that the ProBar food bars it comes with, while organic and high quality only have a shelf life of one year. They also include "backup" military Red Cross style biscuits that have a shelf life of 5 years, but those are hardly organic or all natural.

I guess what I am asking is for recommendations with a long shelf life, that are organic/natural, high quality, and don't require cooking... any thoughts!?


Jul 14, 2014
rmutt in General Topics

Actually organic at Farmers Markets ???

Found another article:

"L.A. County last year tested only five of 700 farmers to catch those who might be lying about using pesticides or purchasing pesticide-laden produce under the table from secondary sources."

Mar 07, 2014
rmutt in Los Angeles Area

Actually organic at Farmers Markets ???

Haha! That is the same vendor that had the strawberries I was talking about. So shady!

Mar 07, 2014
rmutt in Los Angeles Area

Actually organic at Farmers Markets ???

I created this topic to start a friendly conversation. Why does anyone in a chat like forum have to be so rude and hostile.

You have to understand there are a lot of people in the world that are willing to turn a blind eye to help their business make some extra dough... from artisan to corporation. More importantly I was hoping to see if anyone in the Chow community was a journalist or had any expert knowledge to the process of monitoring and certifying the produce that I am buying in California or LA county.

----Regarding the cost of certification----
It actually is not expensive. The California Department of Food and Agriculture states, "54 percent of all CDFA SOP organic registrants paid fees between $0 and $100.00" Even very large growers pay less than a grand per year. Some bigger farmers market stands easily make that in a day.


I am sorry but when my health is on the line I will not blindly pay twice the price for something that is twice covered with pesticides. The Huffington Post article is dated, but will surely provide some insight into my "rationale".

Mar 07, 2014
rmutt in Los Angeles Area

Actually organic at Farmers Markets ???

I wonder what the inspection entails? There is so much opportunity for a vendor to add to and swap in non-organic items.

Has there been any reporting on this. I can't seem to find any good articles from anyone in LA.

Mar 07, 2014
rmutt in Los Angeles Area

Actually organic at Farmers Markets ???

Exactly. One concern I have is these flippant vendors may grow organic oranges, but then throw down "extra" produce that came from who knows where!

When you inquire further with them they tend to always act suspiciously or give you attitude.
"Yeah yeah yeah ALL organic" while not looking at you in the eyes OR angrily point to their vinyl banner with the word Organic on it.

I wish people in LA were as concerned as those in the NorCal / NW!! We actually might have produce from small producers not just from commercial agra using the word organic to up the profits.

Mar 07, 2014
rmutt in Los Angeles Area

Actually organic at Farmers Markets ???

Whenever I go to the farmers markets I see stands that say Organic and have a certificate, but when you look at the produce it does not look at all organic.

Strawberries huge and shiny red in February? Cauliflower without evidence of any little bugs on it!?

Anyone know how often these vendors' produce is checked for authenticity?

The only vendors I trust typically are run by younger people who look like hippies. They are not afraid to show you pictures of their fields and their produce has real evidence of coming from a farm: irregular shapes, small holes, often a few little bugs.

I recently went to South Pasadena Farmers Market...

----Vendors with Organic signs I am suspicious of----
-Jaime Farms - exact center of S Pasadena Farmers Market
Their selection so vast and nothing had one bug or bite mark on it!

-The stand right next to Jaime with the huge selection and cheap prices

-Yasutomi Farms - beautiful Japanese produce, no posted organic sign but grown hydroponically. *Be warned- while most all of their greens are hydroponic they still spray with real deal pesticides. I had a lengthy conversation with them about it.

----Vendors I trust----
-South Cental CoOp- wonderful kale and herbs that have traces of being a real plant

-Healthy Family Farms- Grass Beef and Quality Poultry / eggs

I understand there are advances in farming (organic pesticides, neem oil, hot houses and hydroponics) to help produce look beautiful but many of these farms have too wide of a selection to not have one vegetable with 'a' bug on it!!

Anyone have any insight on this?

Mar 07, 2014
rmutt in Los Angeles Area

Food served on cruise ships?

You seem to have a lot of cruise experience. My family is wanting to go on a trip this X-mas to the Caribbean. There are quite a few heads so we are wanting to keep things a bit more economical. Of the economy cruise lines (Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Celebrity, or Holland America), which would you recommend if we are seeking good food? thanks

Nov 28, 2011
rmutt in General Topics

Best Cruise Ship Food 2011 / 2012 - U.S. Ports / Caribbean / Mexico

It seems that most TOPICS on CRUISE SHIP DINING are sorely OUT-OF-DATE on chow, even though many cruise lines are reinvigorating their kitchens with new menus and even famous chefs. (see article:

From my little bit of research, of the major cruise lines, CELEBRITY CRUISES seems to be DOING THE BEST with food compared with Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Princess, Crystal, Disney, and Holland America. Although at the same time, new ships are frequently hitting the water, so it may not be possible to generalize an entire cruise line's fleet.

Has anyone set sail from a U.S. port in 2011 and have any insight?

Nov 26, 2011
rmutt in General Topics

Anyone tried Mantao Chinese Sandwiches?

Noticed new sandwich place by my work on 53rd St. and 3rd Ave. called Mantao. Didn't have time to try it, but looked good. Anyone checked it out yet? Whats the word?

235 E 53rd St, New York, NY 10022

Jul 11, 2009
rmutt in Manhattan