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Restaurant Bloom - Grand Rapids, MI

I totally get a kick out of this place. The last time we were there we had "bacon and eggs with the form of a soup", basically poached egg in bacon broth with was the highlight of the meal. The "Natures Bounty" of fresh changing seasonal vegetables is a must. The food is beautiful, well presented, oftentimes a bit odd, but always enjoyable with a sense of humor. They have a full bar now that they are downtown. Hopefully more people will step outside of the Chains and try some new!

US 31 BBQ Downtown Muskegon MI

I need some outside opinions on the issue of US 31 BBQ in downtown Muskegon, because I think I may have a genetic defect causing me to love this place, probably due to some prenatal exposure to the sandwiches or something! Downtown Muskegon is a generally downtrodden place, but this place makes me smile! The "BBQ" part is a bit of a misnomer because they only serve sandwiches of various shaved meats topped with their "BBQ" sauce/relish. Eating the sandwich is a terribly messy ordeal, the sauce slopping everywhere and the bun so soggy it falls apart. The fries are standard frozen fare, but I get them anyway. They make shakes and malts from hand-dipped ice cream. If nothing else, it is unique to the area, and worth the trip off of the highway for something other than a fast-food lunch when passing through. Make sure you get extra napkins!

Detroit-- best corned beef or pastrami sandwich?

When in Ann Arbor, my husband and I have an ongoing lunch debate, which usually ends out in two sandwich stops. Zingermans for me, smoked turkey, tomato avocado, munster, Honeycup mustard on grilled challah at $12...and Angelo's (next to the med school) for him, grilled thick-sliced pastrami piled with sauteed onions and swiss at $6 giving him change left over for two loaves of raisin bread...which he grudgingly shares as french toast later. We both know he gets the better sandwich, but I'm addicted to the Honeycup mustard buzz.

Apr 12, 2007
grmdmom in Great Lakes

Breakfast in Holland, Saugatuck, 196 Route

Hi, We're dropping the kids with family in Pentwater and driving down 196 for a weekend in Chicago. I'm looking for good breakfast place to stop around Holland/Saugatuck/Douglas. I don't need big greasy portions, as my 6 month pregnant belly can't handle it...but something homey and fresh.

ReLo to Grand Rapids, MI

Ah, I wish there was an opening at Alger! I'm just staying at home with my two girls (and new babe due in June) for now, waiting for a part-time-pedi opening somewhere in the city...those pesky U of M loans do linger...Drop an email if you need pedi/ob recs!

Apr 03, 2007
grmdmom in Great Lakes

ReLo to Grand Rapids, MI

Hi I just got back from a lunch that had me smiling all day, and I'm not sure why I hadn't heard about this restaurant sooner! Real Food Cafe on Eastern Ave, right at Alger (and Alger pediatrics, our pedi office). One of the big problems with GR restaurants probably stems from the general inability here to cook from scratch with fresh ingredients instead of using mixes, boxes, cans, dried herbs and Gordon Foods frozen items. As a result, the food tastes predictable, cloned and less than fresh. Everything at Real Food Cafe is homemade from the bread to the pancake batter. The burger patties are not the pre-formed food service brand. The have homemade pies, malts, espresso drinks. I had a short stack of blueberry pancakes ( 12 inches in diameter, hot, fluffy, crisp around the edges with tiny tart wild blueberries...not your typical Bisquick affair),4 slices of thick cut bacon and coffee. I took half home with me and came away at under $5. The place was packed out at noon on a weekday, I sat at the bar facing the grill. The staff was incredibly friendly, if not a strange mix of tiny great-grandmothers to hip college students. They only serve breakfast and lunch, only take cash (a ATM machine is in the back), and are no-smoking!! For those familiar with Ann Arbor, I called home to my husband to report I'd found the Angelos of GR. Happy eating!

Mar 30, 2007
grmdmom in Great Lakes

new italian ideas in grand rapids

Tuscan Express, actually, I think they may have renamed to just "Tuscan" on 28th near Cascade is a cozier alternative if you want something small and want to have the chef stop by your table.

ReLo to Grand Rapids, MI

As far as Asian food you may be taking trips back to Ann Arbor just for something good, or start honing your cooking skills! We recently moved to GR from Portland Maine and previously from Ann Arbor so I feel for your pain in advance! We were in AA last weekend and stocked up at China Market, Zingermans and Trader Joes. Seoul Garden on 28th next to the mall has decent Korean food, but pretty sticky and sweet on their other pan-Asian attempts. Wealthy Street Bakery is the only real European bakery in town, Marie Catribs on Lake is great for fresh local food, she does take-out and is kid-friendly. Arnie's is a family-friendly place, as is the Dutch favorite, Russ' (when you're feeling the need for a french dip-sandwich, a hot-turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy, fried chicken and onion rings, with banana cream pie to go). I also second San Chez as a unique place to go, if you get a table in the upstairs back, kids aren't a problem either.

Mar 18, 2007
grmdmom in Great Lakes