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what happened? Does anyone know?

Spice Room - Review

I sooo wanted to like this restaurant. THe mall needed it. But I am sad to say it was not a great meal. Very mediocre.
We called for reservations, and they asked us to call back as he wasn't 'near the book'. Then after we made reservations they didn't have them when we arrived. But no problem, the restaurant was 1/2 full.
THe server ranged from uninterested in us to downright irritated when we asked for more sweet potato bread (the best thing there).
THe washrooms are in the mall. I waved to my dinner companions on the way up the escalator.
My appetizer - beet salad, was confused and just a mess of things on the plate. Too many flavours but no single theme.
THe jump up soup was a hit at our table. THough from the menu one didn't know it was soup.
My dinner didn't come with the accompanments listed. This happens frequently in restaurants. Servers - you must tell us, sometimes we choose the dish based on the side dishes!! Again our server seemed irritaed when I told him. We had waited 45 minutes for food (1/2 empty restaurant) and I was too hungry to order something else.
THe dish was fine but not what I ordered.
THe food is expensive. It is not worth it.
Coullaird also circled the room (3 tables) to say hello - but did not come to our table.
I feel bad for the mall.


I just saw the other posting about Lure - I guess no one knows........


does anyone know if Lure(on Dupont) closed? THe phone # is disconnected and the lights are off.