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Group dinner next Saturday night

I'm returning after a 5 year absence to Los Angeles for the weekend to visit my lovely, wonderful friends.

There are a few places I will visit for nostalgia as much as anything, but for Saturday night's dinner, I'd love to go somewhere delicious.

What I'd love to find:
1- good for groups of 8-12 (I'm not sure how many people are coming to dinner...may depend on price point)
2- takes reservations AND I'm likely to get a reservation
3-Good food. I love good, good food. I don't need fancy, but it's gotta be good.
4 - good for a 30-something crowd.
5 - I'm looking from Santa Monica to Downtown. I'd rather not go over the hill, but I could do close-in valley if that makes sense.

I'm not a big sushi girl. I love: Mexican, American, Italian, French, Korean BBQ, Vietnamese, real BBQ, seafood...


Jun 09, 2013
Miss Andi in Los Angeles Area

Birthday Dinner Deliciousness?

Hi All!

So... looking for a good dinner restaurant for my birthday. I'll be celebrating on a weeknight with my husband. I don't get to go out as much as I'd like due to my infant at home. I'd like something with some atmosphere, and am open to a variety of cuisines. Hmm... But, I'm not feeling sushi at the minute, and my husband is not a fan of small plates. I love Italian, steakhouses, seafood, American, French, and Vietnamese.

I'd like to spend under $200 for dinner including drinks, tips, etc. Neither one of us is a big drinker, so we'll more than likely have one drink a piece. If we need to share an appetizer, that's fine.

A friend recommended Central, but it was somewhat disappointing to us both when we ate there. I took my husband to Bourbon Steak for dinner not long ago and really enjoyed it....particularly the Scotch flight with dessert. YUM. So, I'm thinking about Bourbon... but I think I may want to try something else.

So... thoughts?

Cheap Eats with Baby for Lunch

The $20 would be with tax and drinks. We probably won't be dining with wine or beer. We really enjoy all types of cuisines. We're staying at 6th Ave x W 53rd. We're also open to early dinners. Anywhere we can sit down between 3-5 is good.

Sep 20, 2011
Miss Andi in Manhattan

Cheap Eats with Baby for Lunch

So, my title says it all. I'm staying in a hotel in the heart of Midtown with my DH and 7 month old, and I'm a hungry lady!

We are on a tight budget, so nothing more than $20 pp. Yes, I know, it's not much, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

I don't want to have to hit the subway with a stroller, and I'm not keen on taking cab rides with our little one not strapped into a car seat. So, walking distance is necessary.


I'd be mostly interested in places that serve good lunch and early dinners (think 5pm). Breakfast is good, too. We'll be there a few weekdays and a weekend, so brunch is good too (as long as it's not somewhere we have to wait for an hour for a table. The waiting does not go over so well with our little guy. He's pretty well behaved for a nice meal, but adding a long wait on top of that doesn't really work so well.

Sep 18, 2011
Miss Andi in Manhattan

Birthday Dinner Rec's Please!

Hi All!

So, I'm looking for a fun, low-key spot for my birthday next Friday and could really use some great recommendations from my fellow Hounders!

-Takes reservations/ will have a private room for 6-8 people
-One of these people is 5 months old (yup, I know babies in restaurants...but he's super cute and super chill and very well behaved)
-Pricepoint: I really don't want to make people spend lots of cash. Meaning: $60 per person with a drink, splitting an app, an entree, and a dessert is too much. As much as I'd love to hit Bourbon steak like I did for my hubby's bday, I really don't want to ask other people to spend that much.
-Atmosphere: Apart from having a 5 month old along, I'm 7 months preggo and, well, hitting a clubby atmosphere gets me lots of really dirty looks. So, I'm not looking to go there.
-Locale: Most of the folks live in the Rosslyn/Courthouse/Clarendon area. I don't mind heading into DC, but I don't want to drive for an hour and half to get to Maryland, nor do I really want to head out to Springfield or Vienna...


I enjoy/crave recently: Pizza/Steak/Bistro fare/Italian. Sometimes I like Middle Eastern, but not everyday (yay, PG hormones...). Sushi and seafood are definite no's. I"m not too interested in most Asian at the moment. Also, absolutely no Indian (or similar) foods. Most of us lived in that area for several years and are kind of over curry for a little while.

One Night In Bangkok...

I think good Thai would be nice, but we live in Southeast Asia and get excellent Thai where we are. So, I'm not wedded to that idea. I would prefer closer to the airport, but know that might not be possible. Also, I'm not looking for hawker stands. I love street food as much as the next Hounder, but I like street food best when I have a day to kill and I can wander through the stalls.

One Night In Bangkok...

Hi all,

My husband and I have a layover for one night in Bangkok. While we are staying out by the airport due to a very early departure the next day, I will still be hungry for some tasty eats on Friday night.

So... One night in Bangkok. Where would you eat?

Thanks All!!

Anyone know of a Greek grocery?


Jan 16, 2008
Miss Andi in Los Angeles Area

Keens Review (very detailed)

SR85 -

It sounds like you had an amazing time at Keen's. My husband and I unfortunately didn't get the goodness that you did. :( We split the Oysters Rockefeller. It was very tasty. I had a glass of Prosecco and my husband had the dinner flight of Scotches. For dinner I switched to a Nebbiolo which was fabulous. For dinner I had the T-Bone and my husband the filet and lobster. This is where things broke down a bit. Both his filet and my T-Bone were completely charred on the outside, almost like we'd asked them to be blackened!! The inside was pretty and juicy, but with the outside, it made it almost gravelly to eat. Not pleasant. My husband's lobster was terrific, though. Our sides were quite tasty--creamed spinach, asparagus with a side of hollandaise, and the hash brown. All tasty sides. Service was very good and our server steered me well with a suggestion for the Nebbiolo.

Maybe the charring is something that every steakhouse in New York does. That may just be the custom there. However, it is not something that either of us enjoyed. To that end, I think we'll be steering clear of steakhouses in NYC in the future. :(

The ambiance was great, service was great, and all of the food was tasty except the gravelly steaks. Oh, well. onto a new restaurant. :)

Jan 11, 2008
Miss Andi in Manhattan

First time to NYC...

Thanks for the suggestion. I just checked out their menu. It looks very yummy and perfect for lunch!

Dec 31, 2007
Miss Andi in Manhattan

First time to NYC...

Ooooooooooooooooooh... the LES tour sounds fantastic!

These are great links. I wonder why they didn't come up in my various searches. :)

Thanks for the suggestions. Isn't it always like that with cities and tourist sites? I looked at Otto. Maybe we'll hit that instead of Esca. We both really enjoy seafood. My husband will be so happy about the Scotch flight! What a great idea!

Thanks again for the links and the suggestions. It really is incredibly helpful. Actually, it's about 20x more helpful than my hotel concierge is!!

Dec 31, 2007
Miss Andi in Manhattan

First time to NYC...

...well, for my husband at least. I've been a few times, but that was 8 and 10 years ago, on a shoestring budget. We're only in town a total of four days, and while we are hitting many tourist spots (Empire State Bldg, anyone?), we do love good food.

My goal is to hit some really great spots and mix them in with "famous" spots. After doing a few searches on the boards, I got some great jumping off points. I do, however, have a few spots left to fill in. We may just wander around fill them in (as that's what we like to do from time to time), but I'd hate to miss out on some gems. Plus, if it's too cold outside, I'm not going to want to wander around. We'd love to hit Gray's Papaya, a good deli, and have a great slice of pizza. Where we currently live is, well, restaurant-challenged.

Ok, here goes, 4 days in NYC:

Night 1:
Keen's -- Hubby and I both like steaks and wanted an institution that was tasty. Hubby is a huge scotch fan, and I read they have a great scotch bar. Thought about Peter Luger, but frankly, our flight is incredibly long, and I don't want to schlep.

Day 1:
breakfast -- Midtown East suggestions?
Lunch -- Any thoughts on good lunch around the Natural History Museum?? Is the food inside good?
Dinner -- Trying for Babbo. I use one of his cookbooks all the time, so I'd really love to try it. I know it's not everybody's top pick. We shall see. If we don't get a table/bar seat (they're already booked!), we may head to Little Italy for something tasty there.

Day 2:
breakfast -- good thoughts around midtown east-bordering west?
Lunch -- We'll probably hit the Met, the MOMA, or the Guggenheim. Any good suggestions there? Is the restaurant in the Met tasty?
Dinner -- This will depend on whether or not we go see a show. We may hit Gray's Papaya for an afternoon snack and then head to the show and on to DB Bistro for after show dinner.

Day 3:
breakfast -- something in Soho --we have some stores we'd like to hit down there.
lunch -- Nobu on Houston
Dinner - pre-Lincoln Center at Bar Boulud if it's open. If not, maybe Josephina's. Any other places to get a nice snack pre-Lincoln Center? Post-theatre, we're thinking Esca. My husband was drooling over the menu.

Day 4:
LateBreakfast-- Downtown?

Here are some things we love, love, love:
Korean Barbecue
Regular Barbecue (was thinking Hill Country if we go)
Seafood (Mary's Fish Camp sounded fun and tasty)
Chinese food of any sort
French Bistro (I think french onion soup and a glass of beaujolais is divine)
Pho (although the consensus on the boards seem to be that there isn't great Pho in Manhattan. I can get great Pho on the West Coast.)

If only they served Korean and Texas Barbecue for breakfast!!! I'm seriously wavering on DB Moderne. I think I'd rather hit a late night Chinatown spot...or Korean BBQ.

Hm, I think that's it. So many other restaurants look good, but I don't want to spent a lot of time running uptown and downtown. We'd rather eat tasty treats near where we will be actually seeing some sights.


Dec 31, 2007
Miss Andi in Manhattan

Restaurant Week & Tourism

Thanks! It's funny, I did some more searching after I posted (I did search before, but apparently used a bad combination of search words) and found what I was looking for! The board wouldn't let me delete the post!

Thanks for your tips!

Dec 31, 2007
Miss Andi in Manhattan

Deleting a post?

I posted something to the Manhattan board and then answered the question myself about 5 minutes after using a different combination of search words. I'd like to delete the post. However, it won't let me edit or delete the post. Help!

Dec 31, 2007
Miss Andi in Site Talk

Restaurant Week & Tourism

My husband and I will be in Manhattan during the first half of Restaurant Week. I got very, very excited about this little fact until I discovered that very few of the restaurants that are raved about (and even fewer who are participating in Restaurant Week) are close to where we will be during most of our stay.

We're hitting a few museums (Natural History, The Met) and a show and the ballet. Unfortunately most of the restaurants that are either participating or are highly regarded seem to be on the other side of the world from where the museums and ballet are located.

Help. We love good food. I don't want to give up the good food in order to see a museum and a show.

I love good food. I also love the ballet. I don't want to have to choose between the two!!

Dec 31, 2007
Miss Andi in Manhattan

Less Expensive?

These are great suggestions. Thanks so much!!

Apr 04, 2007
Miss Andi in New Orleans

Need some Mobile recommendations (moved from New Orleans)

Hi Kran...

I love The Mariner. I grew up eating there. It's a bit of a casual family joint (plastic diner glasses, some items come out in the little plastic baskets) that is on pile-ons overlooking a marina. Really great fried seafood, but the Grouper Almandine's really great, too. I even had my very casual rehearsal dinner there. Ask about the different batters if you're going to go with the seafood platter. The Original Oyster House is pretty great, too. But, my favorite is still The Mariner. Also, I really enjoy eating at The Bakery. They have good seafood, but a variety of other good dishes, too. If you're in the mood for ribs try out Dreamland BBQ.

Less Expensive?

My husband and I will be in New Orleans for a few days shortly. We are going to have a good meal at Herbsaint, Brigsten's, August, or Stella's. BUT, we are going to meet some friends for a good, cozy meal (they all live in the area and my husband's from the area and cooks better than most of the Creole restaurants there, so we don't really need authentic Creole ). Our friends are on a bit of a budget. Anywhere good in the French Quarter area (or adjacent) that's in a lesser price range than those I mentioned? We haven't seen our friends for a while, so a loud party atmosphere is not what we're looking for. Cozy and budget-conscious... anyone??? anyone???

Apr 02, 2007
Miss Andi in New Orleans