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Does anyone remember a restaurant called Chelsea Place?

exactly how i remember it: walking thru the antique store to the glassed-in back room. i went there several times when my parents visited in the early 80s. decent italian food, it was the first place i ever had tortellini (or for that matter any non-ravioli stuffed pasta). chelsea place was fairly upscale for the neighborhood at that point, an early sign of gentrification i guess but a good restaurant.

Jul 02, 2012
mcoleman in Manhattan

Great Food near Ground Zero

Gigino Trattoria will meet your needs. it's nearby the memorial on Greenwich (there is also a branch in Wagner Park). Neither upscale nor a dive, it's a classic trattoria with a large menu of salads pastas and kid-friendly pizzas, both familiar and original. Lots of daily specials too. Last time there I had a special app of braised artichoke stuffed w/homemade veal sausage served alongside fava beans and potatoes. Followed with the house special spaghetti al padrino, a zest vegetarian dish. Perfect. Service is fine and while the place isn't huge they should be able to acommodate 13 people with advance notice. My only quibble is w/wines by the glass, kind of an eccentric and brief selection but the bartender makes good martinis...not a foodie favorite but a dependable and delicious neighborhood stalwart.

Jun 04, 2012
mcoleman in Manhattan

Looking for a good quality not break the bank meal near the TIme Warner Center

second this enthusiastically, Gabriel's is hearty and dependable. you might push right up to the limit if you get main courses instead of pasta but the latter are excellent. the wine list is great, includes many mid-priced (for NY) Italian bottles. the duck ragu w/noodles or gnocchi is *****

May 23, 2012
mcoleman in Manhattan

Is there ANY decent pizza on the UWS?!

Koronet is OK but definitely quantity>>>>quality.

Sal & Carmines is over-rated: OK but pretty generic ny slices w/mediocre toppings (ducks)

City Pie is straight-up mediocre.

T&R on Amsterdam/80 is better than City Pie but a bit greasy.

Patsy's on 74 and Dean's are the best whole-pie spots, virtually identical. both deliver.

Fratelli la Bufala: we went last week, service was a bit rough but nothing like the horror stories I heard about the opening weekend and no wait, we walked in and sat down at 7:00PM. the pizza was good if not transcendent (as Ed Levine would say). the crust is chewy, almost bready, very different from NY style. I would compare it to Mozza in LA, if anybody's been there. I'll go back.

May 07, 2012
mcoleman in Manhattan

more Blue Smoke - Remember Smokey's?

smokeys ruled, i went often when i lived down the street. must've closed ca.1985. hot was HOT there was a branch in the east 20s too iirc

Nov 21, 2011
mcoleman in Manhattan

Undecided between Prune, The Dutch and Otto; Koreatown Question and Market Question

Otto has always been very kid-friendly in my experience, and the gelato is almost guaranteed to please a 9 y.o. while the pizza may not be the best in nyc, it's far from the worst, and the adults in your party will do fine with the vegetable side dishes, appetizer-size pastas and wines by the glass.

Aug 22, 2011
mcoleman in Manhattan

Honey Crisp Apples

2 lb bags of small honeycrisps were on sale this week at Trader Joe's on the UWS

Trader Joe's
142 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

Jan 08, 2011
mcoleman in Manhattan

Puerto Rican food

it's on 8th Avenue bet 14 & 15

Nov 21, 2010
mcoleman in Manhattan


before the Joyce last Saturday we went to Crispo on 14th St for salads & pasta. the dishes didn't eat quite as well as they read on the menu but were perfectly acceptable. cocktails were nicely executed esp. white peach sangria.

240 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011

Jun 28, 2010
mcoleman in Manhattan

Brand of olive oil served at Babbo?

dining at OTTO two weeks ago we inquired about the olive oil served w/bread and were told: Primo Frantoi Cutrera Extra Virgin Olive Oil. i found it @ Zabar's for $30/liter. quite possible the same OO is used at other Batali joints.

May 18, 2010
mcoleman in Manhattan

What is name of new(?) wine bar on W. 75th St btw B'way & Amsterdam?

it's called Vai on 77th and it's decent to pretty good. brief menu seems to have shifted away from small plates since it opened. we've enjoyed the salads and simple pastas. I like the crispy artichoke and papardelle w/veal ragu. the wine list is limited tho it changes frequently. had a nice aglianico here. more a neighborhood spot rather than a destination but worth a try.

Mar 16, 2010
mcoleman in Manhattan

Perilla - A great experience

we walked in on saturday for an early dinner. the place was full by 6:30. my wife & son both had the lola rosa salad w/mango & manchego and the hanger steak. rave reviews. I had the sea bass -- perfectly done w/a crunchy/salty crust. not sure the dish needed pork rib pieces too but that's par for the course these days -- overkill IMO. started with the calamari salad which tasted fine at first -- good chili/lime dressing -- but turned out to be too greasy as the greens were fried too. we got cocktails as the wines by the glass looked tiny at the next table.again, par for the course in NYC these days
we've been to every restaurant that's occupied this space and Perilla is near the top.

Jan 18, 2010
mcoleman in Manhattan

Has Esca gone downhill?

had a somewhat disappointing meal here last spring. the octopus starter w/fresh peas was delicious but my main course of fish soup was uninspired and a bit off-tasting if not FUNKY.

starting w/crudo and proceeding to cooked whole fish us probably the way to go at Esca.

Jan 12, 2010
mcoleman in Manhattan

NYC next week with autistic tween

if your family liked Serafina you'll love Otto. the most accessible mario batali spot. we've never had trouble getting a reservation around 6-7 pm. and the back room is nowhere near as chaotic and noisy as the front room & bar.

Aug 11, 2009
mcoleman in Manhattan

Restaurants Around Highline

we had dinner at los dados before walking the highline a few weeks back. tasty if slightly pricey tacos. really liked the cucumber margarita, believe it or not.

Jul 16, 2009
mcoleman in Manhattan

Thoughts on Rouge Tomate?

exactly. maybe it's a business lunch spot? still it seems doomed...

Jun 28, 2009
mcoleman in Manhattan

Thoughts on Rouge Tomate?

went last night and didn't like the space itself -- too big antiseptic and EMPTY. but the food was fantastic, right from the amuse shooter of asparagus soup, not rich just the essence of vegetable. my wife started w/white gazpacho special which didn't seem esp. spanish and was actually green but tasted of almonds and I don't what else. I began w/heirloom tomato and watermelon salad, also include cukes a few olive slivers and a crumble of mild feta. perfect.
she had the farotto w/porcini and spring veg as an entree, smallish portion but very filling and enjoyable (I didn't sample this) while I had the duck sous vide, w/greens parsnips and a wedge potato roesti that wasn't the usual buttery gutbuster. (disclaimer: I am not as enamored of fat/richness as many chowhounders, so take this w/a grain of salt or pat of butter). the duck was straight forward and perfectly textured, medium rare w/o rawness.
washed it down w/a tasty glass of granache (her) and a well-executed gin martini (me).

somewhat pricey and probably not worth a special trip to east midtwon, but we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of food.

Jun 28, 2009
mcoleman in Manhattan

breakfast on upper west side

once was enough at french roast. awful service (granted it was sunday am) and pancakes that resembled and tasted like dishrags. avoid. otherwise go w/cimui's picks. viand is a generic old school greek diner as is pier 72 on WEA & 72. believe it's open early and the buckwheat pancakes (an obsession of mine) are better than they have any right to be in such a dump.

Jun 19, 2009
mcoleman in Manhattan

ever buy Fairway pre-made sushi or sashimi?

i live near fairway and shop there everyday and wouldn't go near their sushi because of bad experiences at the fish counter. they don't handle fish well, i stopped buying fish there after several experiences w/previously frozen passed off as fresh etc. probably won't kill you, but...

Jun 14, 2009
mcoleman in Manhattan

upper west side eating-75th and Amsterdam

Taco Grill. my 13 y.o. loves this place, it's OK, straightforward/non-spicy.

Apr 06, 2009
mcoleman in Manhattan

TOP "essential" New York Restaurants $ to $$$$

[i]Best Puerto Rican[i/i]

la taza de oro. nothing like this in LA. and FWIW il grano in LA trumps any b-tali joint.

Feb 17, 2009
mcoleman in Manhattan

eggplant hero

Maffei Pizza 6th ave @ 22nd. totally old school. fresh eggplant - check. nice red sauce - check. good roll - check. worth the twenty minute walk from Bryant Park.

Oct 14, 2008
mcoleman in Manhattan

temporarily living on the uws - iso specialty food shopping

i meant portuguese bread from NEW JERSEY

Jun 11, 2008
mcoleman in Manhattan

temporarily living on the uws - iso specialty food shopping

yes Westside Market is underated. produce there can be better and cheaper than at Fairway but Fairway is more consistent. (I live around the corner and do a lot of comparison shopping at both places and Citarella, where the produce tends to be even better but way more expensive.) best bet at Westside is the bread bins, they import Portuguese rolls from NY that are the bomb.

Jun 11, 2008
mcoleman in Manhattan

Best Bagels on the upper west side between 77th and 100 streets on or near broadway- with butter/jelly and a place to sit down

Tal Bagels Bway bet 90 & 91 fits the bill. the bagels are good not great you can sit and they will butter and/or cream cheese yr bagel tho the coffee sucks and the smoked fish and salads etc don't look all that "appetizing" in the display cases

Apr 13, 2008
mcoleman in Manhattan

Great UWS Pizza for an office party?

patsy's is the best in the area, way better than dean's I think, but they don't deliver. new pizza town (bway at 78) is acceptable old-school NY pizza, a little heavy on the cheese. sal & carmine's up on bway & 102 is PERFECT old-school pizza, not sure how far away they'll deliver though.

Apr 08, 2008
mcoleman in Manhattan

the NEW UWS dining scene???

the uptick in restaurant quality is appreciated, when I moved to the UWS in 94 it seemed like a wasteland compared to downtown.

am I alone in wishing there were MORE middle ground choices between the new wave of truffles/foie gras enhanced menues and inexpensive old school treats like whitefish salad at Barney Greengrass or pizza at Sal & Carmines?

for my money the style of cooking at compass, and now at dovetail and 81 is overly fussy and precious, too many ingredients crowding the plate & palate.

Apr 05, 2008
mcoleman in Manhattan

Italian "Brick" chicken (or cooked with a heavy weight on it?)

I had a decent brick chicken at Maremma two weeks ago. served on nice garlicky greens.

Apr 03, 2008
mcoleman in Manhattan

il mulino and rao - worth it?

never went to Cesca when Valenti was chef but we've been three times since and enjoyed it more each time. the duck main I had last time was awesome, rich but not too fatty, and the salads are original, try the farro.

Mar 25, 2008
mcoleman in Manhattan

Hip spot on the UWS w/good food, naturally!

Citrus has a younger, noiser crowd than places w/far bettwr food like Ouest, Nice Matin, Telepan, even Compass but I think the food suffers, the last time we went was a big drop-off in quality from previous visits. though their sushi is still OK.

I'd ask about yr definition of hip but then my post would probably get deleted ;-)

Mar 16, 2008
mcoleman in Manhattan