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Moving to Louisville- Restaurants, grocery, markets, blogs

Thank you so much! This will be a big help. My husband is already there in corporate temp housing and I am going to visit this weekend. Looks like we have a list of places to try!

Nov 16, 2011
jardin32 in Kentucky & Tennessee

Moving to Louisville- Restaurants, grocery, markets, blogs

Thank you so much! This sort of information helps so much when you move. If you have any restaurant favorites I would love that too.

Nov 10, 2011
jardin32 in Kentucky & Tennessee

Moving to Louisville- Restaurants, grocery, markets, blogs

And anything you would like to share about the food scene in Louisville. My husband and I are moving to Louisville for a job he has been offered. Excited to learn about a new city!

Here are some specific wants:

Ethnic groceries and restaurants
What is the best "regular" grocery store.
Read that trader joe's just opened, which is fantastic. I love shopping there.
Gourmet groceries
Farmer's markets

Open to all sorts of food, just like it to be good.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Nov 07, 2011
jardin32 in Kentucky & Tennessee

St Louis for a week

Cheesymama, I had been following this thread and hadn't given any advice since Lemons pretty much told you what I would have said. (She is half of a VERY dynamic couple here in STL-her food advice is always the best). That said, I realized that you were in Sugaree Baking Company while I was there. All of the sudden after you, your husband and two absolutely adorable girls left with pie, I was struck that you had to be Cheesy Mama-Unless there is another family visiting from Toronto right now that ended up at Sugaree. Anyway, funny how the internet lets us know about complete strangers experiences! I hope you and your family are enjoying STL. It has been a beautiful week. If you are still here-try to make it to the botanical garden. It is delightful right now!

Mar 20, 2011
jardin32 in Great Plains

Staying in Little Italy for business. Places to eat, some Italian, but what else?

Thanks all for the recommendations. He is arriving today. I will report back on how it goes!

Oct 05, 2010
jardin32 in Manhattan

Staying in Little Italy for business. Places to eat, some Italian, but what else?

Thanks so much for this. He is going to be in and out of Manhattan several times over the next 6 weeks. This is really helpful!

Oct 04, 2010
jardin32 in Manhattan

Staying in Little Italy for business. Places to eat, some Italian, but what else?

Thanks all! This should keep him fed well while he is there. I am jealous that I can't make it!

Didn't think to ask before-breakfast?

Oct 04, 2010
jardin32 in Manhattan

Staying in Little Italy for business. Places to eat, some Italian, but what else?

My husband is going to be staying in Little Italy several times over the next month for some post production work with a commercial he is working on. He claims to not really like Italian food that much (we live in St. Louis and Italian food REALLY does suck here with one exception), although I am sure there would be Italian restaurants he would end up liking there. Likes ethnic food of all kinds. He will be there on business, working a lot so there isn't time for major foodie evenings, but he is in NYC-every meal could be wonderful if he knew where to head.

Any chowhounders have some favorites they would like to pass on?

Oct 03, 2010
jardin32 in Manhattan

Strategy for Pappy's and/or Crown to avoid a long line?

For Pappy's. If there isn't a Cardinals game, go around 2-3. I calms down a lot then. And go for your Thursday lunch. The weekend can be pretty crazy there.

Jul 23, 2010
jardin32 in Great Plains

3-day visit to St. Louis

Farmhaus is wonderful-do not miss it. Make sure you get a reservation as it has been busy!

a recent menu

Jul 12, 2010
jardin32 in Great Plains

St. Louis MO to Ocean Springs MS stopping in Jackson MS

Thanks so much for your advice! I am going to look up all of these and figure out where we are going to go. We will be there tomorrow night if anyone else has any opinions!

St. Louis MO to Ocean Springs MS stopping in Jackson MS

I am visiting my Father in Ocean Springs this week and we are driving down. We should pull a long haul the first day, probably lunching in Memphis at Gus's, but I have not been in Jackson before. We will need dinner and breakfast there. We like all sorts of food and have a strong preferance for local establishments. What can't we miss? Thanks!

STL pizza delivery around convention center

And to the original poster, I just looked at your profile. U of C as in University of Chicago? DO NOT HAVE STL PIZZA. You will hate it. Trust me. Again, not trying to knock anyone in STL for their love of their pizza, just letting you know that you will not like it. Vitos would be a good place for you. And maybe better is to drop the pizza concept and call Pappy's for BBQ. They have a service that will bring it to you downtown I think. www.pappyssmokehouse.com

STL pizza delivery around convention center

Boy. I don't know about non-natives and STL pizza. Anyone not from here thinks it is mighty strange. I think you need to have that provel before you are 5 to acquire a taste for it. I am not knocking you liking it, we all have our favorites from our hometowns, but I think FOTD is on the money with this one for an out of towner.

St. Louis bakery

Carrot cake from Sugaree Baking Company in Dogtown is mighty good!

STL -- need prepared food platters for private party

Catering Plus. They have a broad, fun menu with many items that could be picked up without service.

good coffee in St. Louis

Foundation Grounds in Maplewood would be good for your friends. They source their coffee from Goshen Coffee in Edwardsville who lived for years in the PNW and their coffee reflects that. Their coffee is great for the Seattlite. Now if you are really running around the area, you can go over to Edwardsville to their bakery/cafe 222 artisan bakery on Main Street. Then you can have some of the best pastries in the area along with the best coffee.

Where's the Beets??? [STL]

A little more info to add on to my earlier post. Here is a link to farmers markets in missouri

Gives all of the contact info for them. Also, just so you know, there are more farmers at soulard not just resellers as the season progresses. They are there in the biggest numbers on Saturday. I usually head there during strawberry season when they glut the market for my preserves making as it can be cheaper than the Tower Grove market. I have not yet gone to the Ferguson market, but I have been told it is good as well.

You might also try Local Harvest Grocery and Cafe as a good place for local food. www.localharvestgrocery.com

Where's the Beets??? [STL]

The Tower Grove Farmers market is one of the best in the area. It starts this weekend with a festival. The crepes are wonderful there.


Southwest MO-Mansfield, Springfield, Mountain Grove

I haven't found much in my digging around on the internet, but I will post anything back of interest that I find. We are willing to drive a bit, but we know we will be in Mansfield on Sunday at least. Hopefully, something is edible!

Southwest MO-Mansfield, Springfield, Mountain Grove

A friend and I are going to Baker's Creek Planting festival in Mansfield this weekend. What should we not miss? We will be in the general area and will probably end up in Springfield for staying overnight. We are open to all kinds of food, but we are assuming that country food will predominate. Places with good pie are always welcomed!

Schafly Brewbubs: St. Louis

The food at the Tap room is far superior to the bottleworks. Service too.

Moving to Creve Coeur, MO, any good restaurants?

Da Palm Tree has wonderful Jamaican food. My husband loves the jerk pork. I am really fond of their curried shrimp.

Best Burger -- StL

Burgers at the Royale on Kingshighway are my favorite. It's non smoking which is a huge plus

Best St. Louis Mo. Ribs - Mom & Pop or Hole in the Wall


[STL] Brunch

I love the brunch at Eau at the Chase Park Plaza. It is extensive, with a seafood bar, omlette station, breakfast pastries, lunch entrees, and desserts. It includes mimosas and bloody marys in the price, $40, which considering I usually have a few mimosas, it is a steal.

They are also really good at the display of the food, which I think is a part of what makes a brunch special.

TULSA -- Lunch in Utica Square

Thanks for the link-in Tulsa for tonight and tomorrow morning-went to hibiscus that was recommended and it was great and will probably go to kopenhageon(sp?) bakery for crepes for breakfast unless someone can convince me to go somewhere else.

Avenues of Food in the Midwest

We are staying the night in Tulsa on the way back to St. Louis from Texas and made it by Hibiscus. It was very flavorful, a bit spicy and the service was attentive. I have to say, after 3 days of my mother-in-law's velveetaesque fare, it was a godsend.

Dinner for 14 in Clayton or STL area

I have been really disappointed with both service and food at bottleworks the past 2 times I have been-the last time was just a couple of weeks ago. It can be noisy if busy. Definitely not a place to have a celebratory dinner in my opinion. Many better places to go unfortunately-I always want to like bottleworks, but it just seems like it needs a major overhaul in both the kitchen and the front of the house attitude.

Where to eat on Highway 44 STL to Tulsa

Thanks! Any old diners that are good that way too?