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Native American food?

Is there anywhere in LA that has Native American cuisine? It seems pretty hard to find. Even if it's just frybread or something, I'd like to know of some place that serves it.

Sep 05, 2010
Mr.Ramen in Los Angeles Area

Thai iced tea.

I need some place to buy this so I can make it at home. Is it even possible? Any powders or mixes or recipes or anything? I always have to go to a doughnut shop to get it.

Apr 19, 2009
Mr.Ramen in Los Angeles Area

Fun Suggestions for Dinner post-Disney Hall tonight?

Did they play Prokofiev? I'm going tonight.

Jun 02, 2007
Mr.Ramen in Los Angeles Area

Why does the Valley shut down at night.

It's always so disappointing driving around Studio City, Sherman Oaks, even Burbank and seeing everything closed. I know that there are some 24 hours places, but I want a real variety of places to go...not just diners and doughnut shops. There used to be a great place open until midnight where you could get crépes and other dessert, but now they close at 8. There's gotta be someplace to go.

Jun 01, 2007
Mr.Ramen in Los Angeles Area

Shabu-Shabu that's not downtown?

Yoshi's on Ventura Blvd near Coldwater

Apr 19, 2007
Mr.Ramen in Los Angeles Area

Meatball subs in the San Fernando Valley

I went to DiFranco's on Woodley...terrible. The bread was hard, the toppings ice cold, and the service awful.

Taste Chicago on Hollywood Way has a great, packed in meatball sub, but a little more expensive than most places. Giamela's on Magnolia has the same style as DiFranco's, except good.

Mar 17, 2007
Mr.Ramen in Los Angeles Area