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Wanda's Pie in the Sky -- still there?

here is a place that i think is great to enjoy eating in and taking soups and dips home..i like steve gardner the man behind these places..i met him when he was just renovating urban herbivore..and if the person behind something has good intentions and actions, then that is a kind of food too worth enjoying..

and here is the NOW magazine top 25 vegetarian resto list..

noticed both urban herbivore and fressen are on the list..

Sugarbush near Toronto

Bruce's Mill is close and good..but lots of I will have to check all the others..thanks everyone!

Kiva Bakery & Restaurant

Ahh Kiva Bakery..I used to spend so much time travelling there for the waffles and
the friendly that you reminded me..need to go back for another
blueberry waffle..

Linguine with Squash Noodles and Pine Nuts

this sounds so great..gotta try it..

Mar 17, 2007
yummythetummy in Recipes