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Seafood in DC, Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church

My wife and I are headed to Arlington/Alexandria to visit my family this summer and want to eat all the wonderful things we can't get in small-town Ohio. Arlington is my home, but I've never been much on seafood until recently. Any recommendations for seafood in DC or inner-NoVa (Arlington, Alexandria or Falls Church)? Also, we have a newborn, so family/baby friendly is important.

Good reading cookbooks?

Anything by James Peterson. I draw a lot from "Vegetables," "Soup," and "Sauces." Encyclopedic yet incredibly accesible and focused on improvization. Good recipes that are designed to get you thinking and creating on your own.

Also, he's a terrific prose stylist. The description of how to clean an Eel from "Soup" is actually one of the funnier things I've ever read.

Mar 17, 2007
m.m.barbee in Home Cooking