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Mexican vanilla...

The label on the bottle states it's vanilla, but vanillin is in the list of ingredients. If there's no coumarin listed, doesn't that mean that there wouldn't be any coumarin in the vanilla?

Nov 04, 2008
pedal in Home Cooking

Mexican vanilla...

I bought two small bottles of Mexican vanilla in a dollar store last year while on vacation in Tucson. The name labels states "Vanilla Maya Vanille". I haven't used it yet, and after reading these posts, am now uncertain if I SHOULD use it. I checked the ingredient list, and vanillin is listed as the first ingredient. There's no mention of tonka beans or coumarin anywhere in the ingredient list or on the bottle's label. I looked up vanillin, and it's defined as: a fragrant, white, crystalline substance, (CHO)(OH)CHCHO, produced from the vanilla bean or made synthetically. Where did you hear that Mexican vanilla with coumarin is generally called vanillin?

Nov 02, 2008
pedal in Home Cooking

Pomegranate juice

Has anyone found a place in Toronto or Mississauga where they can get pomegranite juice in large bottles (cheaper)? The small bottle (I think it's 375 mls) costs about $4 to $5 and goes so fast.

Mar 17, 2007
pedal in Ontario (inc. Toronto)