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Santa Cruz Restaurants?

Bittersweet - VERY expensive. Terrible service. Rude owner/managers and passable food.

Shadowbrook - Expensive but with bargains, GREAT service, great food.

Carusos - Expensive, GREAT service, GREAT food, owner/manager onsite.

Jun 01, 2009
MayorT in California

santa cruz

Cafe Rio? You obviously haven't been there since Pat sold it to the new owners. Cafe Rio went downhill and went fast. Went twice since sold and can't imagine it ever improving both service and food.

Local eateries still tops on my list (always great food always great service), Caruso's in Capitola, Ambrosia in Aptos, Tacos Morenos in Santa Cruz, Resturant Italiano in Santa Cruz.

If you're coming to Santa Cruz you're probably better off staying away from downtown. Lot's of low life (drunks and druggies) hanging around asking (sometimes insisting) for money. Real depression seeing all these creeps ruining a nice downtown area.

Feb 19, 2009
MayorT in California

Ambrosia India Bistro Open in Aptos

It doesn't get any better than this. Last night was my son and my 4th visit. We've done the lunch buffet and the dinner menu. I'm glad it's so close to home and really glad I can stay within a reasonable budget. Two main dishes (as usual, one was butter chicken), two orders of Nan (the garlic one is to die for), lot's of flat bread while waiting and got out of there for $47 INCLUDING 20% tip. Best food and service in the Aptos, Watsonville, Soquel and Capitola area. Bar none.

Feb 19, 2009
MayorT in California