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What are your Top 3 monthly "go to" places in the D.C. Metro area?

In NoVa now, so my 3 go-tos are:
Natta Thai
Dogfish Head
Sweet Ginger

If I still lived in MD, they would be Urban BBQ/Urban Burger; Nava Thai, and Dogfish Head. And Ray's the Classics at the bar, when the preschooler is not with me.

Ray's the Classics
8606 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Nava Thai Restaurant
11315 Fern St, Silver Spring, MD 20902

Sweet Ginger
120 Branch Rd SE, Vienna, VA 22180

Natta Thai Restaurant
153 Glyndon St SE, Vienna, VA 22180

Help me find a bar...

I've been to private receptions at the upstairs room of the Brickskeller, which would be a short cab ride away, in the Dupont Circle area. The food is mediocre bar food, but the Brickskeller boasts something like a 500+ beer list with beers from all around the world.

1523 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Any thoughts on dining and wineries in Charlotesville?

Do Barboursville Winery! Some very good wines among the many choices on tasting, and pretty grounds.

Oct 15, 2010
marianna trench in Mid-Atlantic

DC Chowhound Spending Four Days in the South Loop

Greetings, Chicago Hounds, from DC!

I'm coming to your city next week for a conference, staying at the Hilton Chicago. I've been cruising the boards and getting really excited about dining options in the South Loop.

I'd like some recs for breakfast places, so I'm not doing the hotel breakfast every day. The Bongo Room is #1 on my list, but any others I should try? Also, we have about an hour break for lunch each day, so any thoughts about close-by and fast options would be appreciated. (Manny's? Do any of your fabulous pizza places do slices or quick lunches? DC is a pizza wasteland, so my experience is limited to dried-out lunch buffets, sigh.)

As far as dinners, I'm leaning toward Mercat a la Planxa for one meal (I'm a big fan of Jose Andres' Jaleo here in DC). I'd appreciate recommendations for places good for solo dining/dining at the bar.

I'm looking to spend no more than $75/day (my per diem!), with alcohol on my own, to give you an idea of price ranges.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Bongo Room
1152 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60605

Oct 15, 2010
marianna trench in Chicago Area

Driving to Ocean City tomorrow: Where should we eat on the way?

Holly's in Stevensville for the fried chicken! Definitely family-friendly. I've never had breakfast there, but always noticed a big local crowd when I've headed over on the early side.

Moving to Vienna, need recs

Thanks for all these great recs!

We're in Town of Vienna proper, near Maple Ave (the Vienna Inn would be a good point of reference geographically). So I'm looking for good eats around the town center. I realize now I'll have to head to Falls Church for a lot of the ethnic stuff.

Another question: We've tried a lot on the main drag, but haven't tried the newish Maplewood Grill. We're at Norm's all the time, so we've been intrigued. Anyone been there recently?

Moving to Vienna, need recs

After a decade and a half in Rockville/Wheaton, I'm moving to Vienna, VA. There are positives (No more Mont Co alcohol laws, closer to the Eden Center). There are trade-offs (bye-bye Rodman's, hello Wegmann's). I'm looking to find "replacements" for my good ole stand-bys -- not that I won't be heading back across the river for my favs when the crave hits.

What can you recommend in or near Vienna for the following?

- Peruvian rotisserie chicken takeout (w/ good sides, particularly yucca frita)
- Mexican/Salvadorean
- Chinese (Sichuan and Hong Kong style in particular; also looking for great dumplings)
- Thai (We've loved Natta Thai off of Maple, looking for additional choices)
- BBQ ribs and pulled pork (giving up a 5-minute drive to Urban BBQ is one of the toughest things about the move!)
- Indian


HELP!?! New to Silver Spring/Aspen Hill/Rockville/Wheaton with nothing to eat!

Welcome to the neighborhood! Some of my favorites close by are Crisp & Juicy (Leisure World shopping center) and Don Pollo (Twinbrook shopping center) for chicken; Ba Le on the Pike just north of Edmonston for banh mi; The Chicken Place in Wheaton for Peruvian fare; Los Cobanos in Wheaton for Salvadorean/Mexican; Taste of Saigon in the Rockville Town Center.

I second the recs for Urban Burger, Nava Thai, Azucar, and El Nopalito. Fish at Azucar has always been good.

I've eaten at Dad's Pub in the Rock Creek shopping center twice, thought it was very "meh," wouldn't go back. Likewise, have been unimpressed with Tara Asia and Thai Pavilion in the Rockville Town Center. Have been here 16 years, still looking for good pizza.

All Things Ramps

Nicaro in Silver Spring had them in the soup of the day (I believe with morels), and sauteed as a side with the halibut entree this week.

Good Eats Towards Calvert Cliffs?

I haven't been in a while, but The Frying Pan in Lusby is a local favorite. Close to the park. It's very old school, very casual, lots of local color. Get the fried chicken -- they make it to order so it takes a while, but worth it. Anything fried -- seafood -- is good.

Girls Lunch in Vienna, VA

Both of these are right off of Maple: Sweet Ginger in the same shopping strip as That's Amore, on Branch Rd. -- fun sushi. Natta Thai in the Glyndon Shopping Center -- wonderful Thai restaurant with good specials (get the snow pea salad if they have it).

Peruvian chicken - replacement for El Pollo Rico?

Another suggestion -- I'm partial to Don Pollo on Viers Mill Road just west of Twinbrook Parkway. They have yucca, and their sauce is good. Like most, their other sides are just okay, but the chicken is always moist and well-spiced. Next door to the Twinbrook Deli, home of an excellent cold-cut sub.

Great Bfast/Lunch/Dinner in Gaithersburg, MD?

La Flor de la Canela is nearby and very good Peruvian food in a nice atmosphere. It's at 117 N. Frederick Road, but not the easiest place to find -- it's a bit hidden in a little strip center -- so Google map it. Good chicken dishes, seafood. Casual, lunch or dinner.

On the other side of I-270 but still nearby is a Dogfish Head Ale House. Very good microbrews, the food is okay, maybe a notch above usual pub fare. I like the crab & asparagus pizza, but the food is really secondary to some very good beers.

El Pollo Rico - Wheaton, MD

Oooh, count me in for a smackdown too. I alternate between Don Pollo in the Twinbrook Shopping Center, Crisp & Juicy, and EPR. I love fried yucca and would do EPR more if they offered it. Fried yucca + the spicy mayo = heaven.

Recs for family visit to DC

I'm sure it's been mentioned before on the boards, but the cafeteria in the National Museum of the American Indian has the best food of the Mall attractions. The other museums...not so good.

Only two blocks from your hotel on 16th and M, the National Education Association has a cafeteria that's open to the public and serves breakfast. Very cheap, you can have eggs, pancakes, etc. made to order. If you get tired of hotel breakfasts, that's an alternative, although it's only open weekdays.

A Great Salad In Baltimore?

I like the tuna salad on mixed greens at Donna's. Not the usual mayo-celery-pickle mix, but instead has chopped kalamatas and capers. If you like salty, it's very tasty.

Good restaurant walking distance from 14th & MSt., NW?

Just a few blocks away is Casa Blanca on Vermont, between K and L. Solid Mexican with some other regional specialties, and very cheap.

Ploughman's Lunch?

Not in NoVa, but if you're willing to trek to Wheaton, the Royal Mile Pub on Price St. has a Ploughman's Lunch on the menu. Close to the Metro, too.