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Noodletown's Entire Staff Retires ??!!

Thank you manilov - it seems like the most likely explanation. The food tasted the same - the portions did seem a little smaller, with less duck in the duck chow fun.

Knew we could count on Chowhounders !!!

Nov 18, 2010
Duncanhound in Manhattan

Noodletown's Entire Staff Retires ??!!

We've been eating at Noodletown for the past 30+ years. Went for lunch today and did not recognize a single face - not a waiter, cook, or even the cashier. The young, new cashier said that it had not changed owners - but all of the staff retired. Retired ??? Does anyone know what's up - can't believe that all of the staff, young and old alike all retired at the same time.

Good news - the food is still great.

Nov 17, 2010
Duncanhound in Manhattan

What to get on Scarpetta anniversary menu?

Did anyone try the Anniversary menu last night ? We have reservations for tonight and wanted to know what you tried and how you liked it ? Was wine included in the prix fixe ?

Looking forward to report !

May 05, 2009
Duncanhound in Manhattan

Passover Dinner/Lunch in Ft. Lee Area

Looking for a restaurant in Ft. Lee area serving Passover dinner (does not need to be kosher)....6 people...1 elderly and frail so travel time must be limited. A good delicatessen for lunch would suffice.