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Why does Georgio Baldi not impress.....

Comapritively to other Italian restaurants.... this one brings the gruff, attitudinal waitstaff and loud, obnoxious industry crowds.... forget hearing your companion on this dinner.... it's a veritable joke.... and the snootiness of questioning our wine seletion..... why am i not surprised by this.....

the food: tasty, however very unoriginable..... even in small portions, don't explode in the mouth... and then you hear the noise the rustiling, the feeling of "it's time to leave".... NOT GOOD....

how could any human being recommend this establishment is a mystery....

(note:probably will get flagged here for some reason.... meaning the gestapo tacticso of Cho0w i have come to understand are in fulll effect..... damn shame....)

Apr 01, 2007
nightowl in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Weho or Hollywood?

check out ari-ya on santa monica blvd. in weho.... or hirozen at orlando/beverly

Mar 18, 2007
nightowl in Los Angeles Area

Going to Asanebo for Omakase tonight! What should I expect?

you should expect an unforgettable experience..... i can still remember just how amazingly delicious and delicate the dishes were.... just a fantastic taste experience.... i would expect that whatever is the freshest for the day, you will get as well as some inventive dishes.

Mar 17, 2007
nightowl in Los Angeles Area

Buying ground sirloin.... any butchers?

I was wondering what ground sirloin should look "throughout" when you buy it.... I recently purchased some with a nice redness and leanness but once I broke through the outer layer it quickly turned dark brown.... is this standard or is this an unsafe practice?

Also, any good butchers around the Studio City area? Fishmongers?

Mar 16, 2007
nightowl in Los Angeles Area