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Late Night Dining in Mid-Town

Glad you enjoyed; sounds like a good day.

Feb 15, 2011
Newcomb Girl in Atlanta

3 1/2 Day Itinerary... Please Critique!

Very good input from these replies. I just have to add my two cents and agree with Ted. I gave Woodfire Grill the old college try, and I just can't go back. I agree with his comments, and I also think the atmosphere is a little dingy.

The suggestions for Italian are excellent, but if you're looking for Chianti/checked tablecloth/volume on the plate Italian, consider Alfredo's on Cheshire Bridge.

I'll toss another Decatur location into the mix: Farm Burger. Atlanta is in the midst of an upscale burger war right now, and Farm Burger's beef is amazing. I especially recommend the pimento cheese burger. There are few tables, so expect to wait a while unless you get there after 1:45PM or so.

Feb 14, 2011
Newcomb Girl in Atlanta

Valentines Day is Coming...where are you eating?

My beloved will be working tonight, so we celebrated on Saturday (2/12). We had an amazing meal at Dogwood. Every bite was delicious. I especially recommend the pork Portherhouse. One teensy complaint: the service was a bit rushed, and the restaurant was only about 75% full, so there seemed to be no need for it.

Feb 14, 2011
Newcomb Girl in Atlanta

Late Night Dining in Mid-Town

The Majestic is really more for the scene than the food. And the scene doesn't really get going until around 2AM on a weeknight. Holeman & Finch is top shelf, but you'll have to go to Buckhead for that. If you haven't been there, The Varsity, the quintessential Atlanta-24/7-greasy-food "must do," is a short cab ride from the Fox. If you're not from the South, you do owe it to yourself to try Waffle House. The closest one is near the corner of 5th and Spring Streets.

Feb 14, 2011
Newcomb Girl in Atlanta

St. Croix

We were there in May and had a wonderful time/

Recommendations: Kendrick's (Christiansted) is the "toniest" restaurant on the island, and we had a lovely "island elegant" meal there.

Cafe Christine, in a courtyard in downtown C'sted, may have been the best food we ate there. She's open only for lunch and has a limited menu.

We do a lot of snorkeling and build up big appetites, and we were pleasantly suprised by Tutto Bene (Christiansted). Not many Caribbean destinations, IMHO, have good Italian, but even my beloved (who considers -- with some justification -- his spaghetti sauce better than any restaurant's) was pleased.

Also for big eatin' (and drinkin') try Eat at Cane Bay. We had one lunch (burgers) and one (very large) breakfast there.

A location that gets some high praise in some quarters is Elizabeth's at the Hibiscus Beach Resort (between Christiansted and the North Shore). I think the food might have been pretty good, but it was hard to tell, as we were distracted by the beat-up plastic chairs, cigarette-burned tablecloths and college students doing shots and eating 50 cent wings just inches from our table.

Not to end on a sour note, I also recommend that you head to F'sted for good snorkeling at Dortsch Beach and some wonderful pastry and coffee at Polly's at the Pier. Very nice folks and very good sweets.

Restaurant Eugene v. Woodfire Grill - Help!

Had a spectacular meal at Aria just last week, and I recommend not only Restaurant Eugene but also Holman & Finch for a more casual meal. Went to Woodfire last year and will never go back. Surly valets, slow service, and the restaurant seemed just a little bit dingy and dirty. If the food had been spectacular, that would have made up for it, but the food was just OK.

Restaurant Eugene
2277 Peachtree Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Sep 09, 2010
Newcomb Girl in Atlanta

10th Anniversary Dinner in Naples

Thanks so much everyone! My better half surprised me and said he'd be interested in Artisans. They may not be open on Mondays, though. I will report back after our trip!

Jun 27, 2008
Newcomb Girl in Florida

10th Anniversary Dinner in Naples

Thanks for the congratulations. We are staying at LaPlaya, so we'll likely eat at Baleen's the night before. BTW, does anyone know exactly how expensive Artisans is? I keep reading "exhorbitant," "amazingly" and "really, really," but I can't seem to find any prices anywhere.

Jun 26, 2008
Newcomb Girl in Florida

10th Anniversary Dinner in Naples

Hello. We'll be spending our 10th anniversary in Naples (the last week of July). We want a top-drawer, dress-up dinner. I think my better half might find Artisans pretentious for the money. Is the Grill Room worth it? There are two Ritz-Carltons in our city, so I'd like to find something more unique but just as elegant. Suggestions? BTW, unfortunately our anniversary is on a Monday night, so this might preclude some restaurants. Thanks in advance for the help!

Jun 22, 2008
Newcomb Girl in Florida

Breakfast/brunch in Quarter?

A very Chow-y friend of mine was in NOLA last weekend, and she tried Petunia's. Said the food was very poor quality...including canned asparagus. A mid-priced brunch is a challenge in many cities including NOLA in my opinion. Either you go for the diner food (Camellia Grill being the best choice, of course, but they don't take reservations, and it's not in the Quarter), or you dress up and pony up the bucks. Is La Madeline still on Jackson Square? Usually, wasting a meal at a chain while in the The Crescent City would be heretical, but if you're looking for a Quarter brunch where you'll spend less than $40/pp, that might be a choice.

Oct 19, 2007
Newcomb Girl in New Orleans

Dinner in Atlanta

Rathbun's might be a bit of a hike. Veni Vidi Vici (14th & West Peachtree) is always a good choice for a "power dinner," and they have a small private room you might consider (don't think there's a rental charge for it). I recently went to Trois (14th & Peachtree) for the first time. Don't know if the noise level inside will be condusive to a business dinner, but the food was fabulous. If you have a carnivorous crowd, consider Taurus. It won't necessarily win any culinary awards, but it's likely to be spot-on for a business group. As I write you I mourn the now-decades-ago loss of Coach & Six which would have met all your requirements (location, cuisine, atmosphere) perfectly.

Tybee/Savannah GA

IMHO not only is Georges' (sic - it's owned by *two* guys named George) the best upscale dining on Tybee, I think that, on a good night, it rivals anything in Savannah. Again, my very humble opinion.

Savannah/Tybee Island Dining

Ditto on Outback (in no way, shape or form like the chain of the same name). Wonderful and plentiful fried seafood. You will need a walk afterwards.

Rehearsal Dinner - Decatur/Ponce/Emory

Cafe Alsace on Ponce in downtown Decatur is pretty small; you might explore the possibility of taking over whole restaurant for the evenings. I think they have done private parties in the past.

Which is LESS formal, Emeril's NOLA or Delmonico's?


May 22, 2007
Newcomb Girl in New Orleans

What are the "must-not-miss" Atlanta restuarants?

Yep, that was it.

The Varsity...?

Consider it a visit to a local tourist attraction. Get one meal between your whole group. It's hard to describe, but it's grease-laden in the best of ways IMHO.

What are the "must-not-miss" Atlanta restuarants?


I'm a native, so I'm a bit biased. That having been said, here goes:
The Varsity (North Avenue) - greasy fast food. It's a "must" so you can say you did it. It's all about the atmosphere, and I admit it's probably an acquired taste. I think I had my first F.O. (frosted orange) while still in diapers. Order an F.O. with a chili dog and onion rings for the quintessential Varsity experience.
The Colonnade (Cheshire Bridge Road) - I've been eating here my whole life too. Huge menu, lots of Southern specialties, very stiff cocktails. They take cash only.
Restaurant Eugene (Buckhead) - the best of the New South. Also good if you're into great beer (I know it sounds strange, but check out their website). However, I have heard mixed reviews about their Sunday dinners.
La Grotta (Buckhead) - been eating here most of my life too. But if you're from "up North" (as we say), you may not find this the wonderful Italian experience we do. However, the service is wonderful and upscale.
Woodfire Grill - one of the most reliable and consistently eclectic of the newbrands (boy am I sounding old here).
Everyone raves about Bacchanalia (Howell Mill Road), but in my three visits in the last ten years, I've never felt the hype, the food, or the experience merited the price tag. I know it has many fans; please don't hate me, Bacchanalia fans. I do however like Floataway Cafe (Zonolite Road) by the same folks.
The closest thing we had to excellent French was Brasserie Le Coze. It has recently reopened downtown in a new incarnation: "FAB" (French American Brasserie). Haven't been yet. Looking forward to going.
Taqueria del Sol (two locations: one in downtown Decatur, the other on Howell Mill): there's always a long line, but it moves fast. Wonderful fun tacos (the BBQ taco and the fish taco are my favorites). A cheap, relatively quick meal that's much better than what you pay. I also like the spicy corn chowder.
And while we're in downtown Decatur, Watershed must be mentioned. It's Chef Scott Peacock (Google him for the deserved raves). I am a loyal fan, but I must admit it gets a bit noisy in there sometimes.
Downtown Decatur is also a nice place to spend an afternoon (cute boutiques, a few galleries), so you might consider that for part of your weekend jaunt.
Welcome to the ATL!

Savannah - Tybee top 7

We were in Tybee for a weekend last summer, and I agree that the Crab Shack is just a tourist trap now. However, we were led to The Outback (*not* Steakhouse), a hole in the wall on the side of a small strip shopping center (which had, if I remember correctly, a Chu's Convenience Store and a bar in the front). We hit paydirt with *huge* portions of fried seafood, fabulous hushpuppies, and wonderful grits on the side. My only regret is that our eyes were so much bigger than our stomachs. We certainly could have shared an entree and still would have had more than enough to eat.

It is a shame you don't want to go upscale, because I consider Georges' (sic) of Tybee one of the best restaurants in Georgia, but it is a bit pricy for Tybee.

Welcome South; enjoy!

May 22, 2007
Newcomb Girl in Southeast