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The Olney Tavern??

Other very good restaurants in Olney and vicinity include Le Manniquin Pis - specializes in mussels, always fresh and tasty but no mixed drinks; has a very European atmosphere. Riciutti's, with the best pizza around, quail, steak, etc, very nice full service bar; Sakura - go on a Wednesday and ask John to just give you what he thinks is best if you want a great eating adventure. Over on Layhill Road & Bonifant Street, at Plaza del Mercado, you will find El Napolito, where you can get a great Margarita and some of the best seafood around. Olney Tavern is the only place you can get a good meal after 9.

The Olney Tavern??

Okay, about the Olney Tavern. It used to be owned by a couple of other folks and the place was, awful, and that was on a good day. The "new" owners have completely turned the place around. Jose Sr. used to be the executive chef at Dominics in D.C. The food is great. The full service bar is lively, and you can eat in there if you wish, but the dining room is quite nice. They have live bands on Saturdays at 9:30. The Sherwood Blues Band plays there regularly & they are one of the best bands around. Back to the food: try the Chesapeake Chicken - everybody has it on their menu but these guys really do it right. The salad greens are always very fresh. The Cesar salad w/shrimp or chicken is very tasty; the shrimp is never overcooked and neither is the chicken. Pricewise, it is a real deal. The fettucine w/mussels is outstanding and if you order the Philly cheesesteak sandwich on a Tuesday, 9 times out of 10 you will be getting prime rib, properly chopped.