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STL - Square One for brunch?

Anyone been there for Sunday brunch? More interested in the food than beer or drinks as we are a breakfasting clan and not a drinking one.


King Cake?

I'm going to definitely make a trip to McArthur's - those boxed ones just okay. Thanks for the info!!

Fried Chicken - St. Louis

Porter's Chicken on Big Bend would be a good place for take out to have at home (plus they have great catfish too).

Best places to eat in St. Louis, period.

Double ditto on Cafe Manhattan (EVERYTHING is good there) and The Fatted Calf!

Something new in St Louis

I will say Araka since it is definitely something new! Not my favorite personally, but it definitely is different from most. Right in the heart of Clayton.

Lent's long over - where's a good fish fry in the STL?

Thanks! I have heard that the Scottish Arms is very good. But O'Connell's - my favorite burger place? Guess they are more well rounded than I thought!

Lent's long over - where's a good fish fry in the STL?

Any suggestions? (We're kind of past Long John Silver's and Cap'tn D's).

What is your favorite meal from a chain?

I LOVE Arby's turkey bacon ranch wrap with a jamocha shake.

Sep 12, 2008
TwoPointers in Chains

STL- Late night eats near the Pageant Theater??

Lrstl, I work late nights in Clayton and I tell ya, finding anything in U City or Clayton past 10:00 to deliver is extremely difficult. I feel for your hubby

STL - moving to St. Louis Hills- restaurants?

As I was driving along Hampton today I also noticed Gian-Carlo's and also St. Louis Pizza and Wings, which doesn't sound like anything great, but I know people that will only eat their pizza and their wings, to the exclusion of anything else local or national

The old Grone Cafeteria in St. Louis

Sure don't know the answer to this but I worked at the Grone Cafeteria (not on Woodson but in Yorkshire Plaza) for several years while in college. Good folks. Little Lou Grone, the baker, made the BEST dinner rolls. If I close my eyes, I can smell them right now. It was a sad day when it closed - lots of the retired folks in the area really depended on it for a decent meal and some socialization.

STL - moving to St. Louis Hills- restaurants?

Pueblo Solis is still there and going strong as is Del Pietro's. There is another italian restaurant down more towards Chippewa on Hampton that I can't remember the name of, but is good. There is also Tumo's, which is more of a family type of place - I see lots of people sitting outside every evening.

Dim Sum in St. Louis

Good deal! Thanks all.

What's the deal with Gelato anyway?

I have 3, count 'em, 3 gelato places within walking distance of my job. I had never tried gelato and finally asked at one of the places for a sample. Now, I am a huge supporter of the dairy industry and have a strong interest in sheep dairying. I love cheese. I love all dairy products I think! But this gelato....meh. After being told by several co-workers that it was like heaven, my question to the woman at the restaurant was "is this even made with a dairy product?" I was very disappointed. So Amy RC, don't feel too bad if you aren't a gelato lover. I didn't either and I was entirely prepared to love it plus, as people say, it's less calories. Instead, I will continue to eat the highest butterfat/caloric ice cream I can find and big butt be damned!

Aug 14, 2008
TwoPointers in General Topics

Dim Sum in St. Louis

Well, I kind of need the whole scenario. You sit down, they start bringing carts by, is that correct? You tell them what you want and (hopefully) don't want. You must say very strongly what you don't want says k-d! Do they tell you what things are? Do they say "okay, this is chicken feet and this is a dumpling with "x" in it" or are you expected to know?

I guess my question is, what is standard dim sum? K-D you say your kids go to LeLu with you -which is good news for an basically picky and shy eater like me - if it sits well with kiddos, it's probably okay! What is typically offered as dim sum (and I know that's probably a pretty broad question). How do they determine the cost? I am just not with the program on dim sum, I'm afraid, but I have heard there are so many goodies, I'm trying to branch out a little and hopefully give it a try.

On the subject of LeLu itself, I work in Clayton and know that people from here at our office go there to eat and really like it. So Nosh, don't think you could go too wrong there.

Dim Sum in St. Louis

Please also experts on dim sum, tell us what exactly it is. I have an idea - I think - but am afraid that I will get weird food presented so nicely on carts that I'll be afraid to say no and then get stuck with a mouthful of yuck.

St.L - Charlie Gitto's

CG's is yummy - both locations. Although at the boat location, it is rather dim and hard to see what's going on. One of my family's favorites and they are not italian lovers the way I (oh so adopted I must be) am.

Best Pizza in St. Louis – WITHIN Parameters

I *hope* this doesn't count as a chain but we had Dewey's last night for the first time and it was the BEST pizza I have ever had in my life. I also love La Pizza and Pizza-a-Go-Go but man, Dewey's was exceptional.

Aug 07, 2008
TwoPointers in Great Plains

STL Richmond Heights Yen Ching Restaurant

Be careful on delivery - the only time I have ever gotten anything from House of Wong (shrimp fried rice and crab rangoon over lunch) it came to something like $15 because of the delivery charge they added on. After tasting the food, I decided it was definitely not worth it.

STL - Busch's Grove now grocery?

What happened? Not enough business once they went to the "hip" menu and make over? I am really surprised by this. Also, there is another Ladue-ish "grocery" store right across from BG so wondering how this will pan out.

STL - hospital patient dying for chocolate malt

Perfect! Thanks to you all!

STL - hospital patient dying for chocolate malt

STL Chowhounders, where oh where BESIDES Crown Candy can I get a really good chocolate malt for my hospitalized father? His only request after coming out of surgery is "please bring me a chocolate malt." He is at St. John's Mercy in Creve Coeur. Thanks for any help. Was thinking maybe Cafe Manhattan but not sure if they still do shakes/malts (PS - he wants a true MALT not a shake).

Chow-worthy Mail-Order / On-Line Food

Anything from Hancock Lobster is great and always a very well received gift

Jul 25, 2008
TwoPointers in General Topics

Grilled Cheese Sandwich ideas?

Really good bacon makes the sandwich!

Jul 23, 2008
TwoPointers in Home Cooking

St. Louis Specialties

YAY for Kruta's! I thought Kruta's was MY family's big secret! Great to hear a mention of it on the boards. Kruta's is the best bakery around, hands down!

Jul 23, 2008
TwoPointers in Great Plains

Real gyros in STL

A friend is searching for real lamb gyros in St. Louis. My recs were the Olympia Kebob House and there is also some place called the "Gyros Place" in University City in the Loop. Not sure if either of these places truly uses lamb or substitutes beef.

Just looking for any recs!

Ravioli Inspiration

Don't know how often you end up with extra pasta dough for ravioli, but for a great read concerning these little tasty guys, try "The Lost Ravioli Recipies of Hoboken" which is chock full of ideas and tips.
PS - I don't know if lobster is shell fish but I'd do a nice lobster filling - yummy!

Jul 15, 2008
TwoPointers in Home Cooking

Stl with kids

I'm going to second Grant's Farm as super fun for kids, even smaller ones.

Also ditto Fortel's and Roberto's

STL: City Diner - horrible experience

Wow! I have never been but always wanted to try - now I'm rethinking that.

Besides them removing the steak from your bill, did their management have any other comments (about service or anything else)?

STL: Seeking lunch spot for mom's 70th

Sorry Nosh, you are right. I am just not an Araka fan at all, can you tell?

I think the Crossing is also a good suggestion! See not crabby ALL the time :>