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french laundry cancellation policy

does anyone know if i can transfer the resservations for the french laundry to someone else?

redd or la touque..... are there better restaurants besides French laundry in napa???

thanks everyone... i agree that it's hard to compare any restaurants in napa to TFL, that place was phenom!!

redd or la touque..... are there better restaurants besides French laundry in napa???


would like to know a real "critique" on red and la toque.
food wise which is a better experience... i'm so confused!

pace or farfalla trattoria???

having a very special b-day dinner as a group.
am looking for good eats w. ambiance.
love the nyc hip vibe type restaurant or the quiet uber cool romantic feel as well.
i guess this will be a toss for food ratings.....

which one is better??? or are there other recs???

Nov 24, 2007
livnihs05 in Los Angeles Area

lunch/ brunch fix!!!!


will be in nyc for the weekend and need to find a great lunch/ brunch place.
i loved~ pastis and am looking for something as great!!!
any recs????

Oct 31, 2007
livnihs05 in Manhattan

looking for cool beer/ bars in santa monica!!


i am desperate for a cool vibe beer drinking place for tonight.
i have guests coming in from brazil and ready to have to fun!!!
any really cool recomendations????

thanks a bunch!

Aug 14, 2007
livnihs05 in Los Angeles Area

I only have two dinners and one lunch in Napa

auberge is breath taking... so beautiful... but pricey.

i would try adhoc- very simple, very good, and inexpensive!!!!!!!

cobras and matadores / melrose

anyone know what the corkage fee for this is???

May 18, 2007
livnihs05 in Los Angeles Area

Ramen does Mama Ramen stack up?


where is santoka?
in j-town?

i've been to a ramen place there on 2nd bet. central san pedro....
that place was soooo bad!

if you really really some good ramen go to the oc.
there is a market there by the name of mitsua... or something like that....???
there is ramen noodle place in the food court.....
i guarantee that it will be out of this world!!!!

Apr 25, 2007
livnihs05 in Los Angeles Area

santa barbar trip evaluation


i just had a wonderful trip to santa barbara.
we had a great lunch at the in n. out, and started our trip from SB winery
alma rosa- it was ok.... i thought the cheese and olives offered as a side was excellent, but i was expecting a lot more from the wine. but, it was still good

briddlewood- beautiful landscape, great wine, i liked their whites more than their reds (and i'm a red person).

carina- great wine, for the price.... excellent reserves, ended up buying a case of the syrah

we did that whole row of wineries in los olivos....

epiphany had some great wines

jaffurs- was good, but pricey for what it was

firestone- was ok..... their whites were standard


biggest disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!

downey's restaurant.
it was good... but not great.
for a 28 rating on zagats... you'd better make your own bread!!!!

-the bread was something you would pick up from the vons (not even ralphs) bakery
-the butter was a stick something from the chain grocery as well

i had the muscles....
it was ok... but... nothing memorable.

the duck was yummy, but the price tag on it was a little too high for what is was...
the rib eye was ok... typical.. not worth $37 or 39 whatever that was....

creme brulee- was yummy.... i think that was the best part of the meal!

i would give that a 24-23 rating for the food
a 25 for the decor
25 service - this was great

would definetely do santa barbara again, but this time im trusting my own ratings....

Apr 23, 2007
livnihs05 in California

SB wineries????

i'll be taking a trip to los olivos, sb wineries....

any suggestions?

Apr 18, 2007
livnihs05 in California

santa barbara????

i will be in SB for wine tasting this sat.

so far i have reservations at los olivos cafe for lunch and downey's for dinner....

any other place recommended???

Apr 16, 2007
livnihs05 in California

French Laundry- Topical Questions

it's like 50 for the foie gras and 100 for the kobe which is for 2
so 240 + whatever you may want to add.



French Laundry- Topical Questions


i don't know how current my information might be...
i was there just last october.
it was about an.... 8 courses of dinner,
and followed by about 5 courses of dessert.

240 covers tip but you may add to for your wine.
it's up to you.
i don't know if we were offered an extended menu, but
we only had two choices
regular and vegetarian.
there were alternative dishes you can alternate.
one was the foie gras instead of the sushi,
and the kobe instead of the lamb... or was it pork....

dessert was about....
3 different types in addition to cookies, coffee, truffles.... etc....
all i know was....
i was completely stuffed!

this was our first time there... a little intimidating...
but i just asked.... the best thing to do is just ask the waiter/ staff
whatever it is you'd like to know before enjoying your extravagant meal.
they are more than welcome to answer, and re-answer any of your questions...
i know i ask them the same question 3-4 times about the gratuity....



was it hard to get reservations? or is it walk in only.
i'm thinking sat night the 12th of may


anyone suggest or recommend any restaurants in napa?
i will be there in a month... so
i need to make reservations fast.

i've been to bouchon, french laundry, alberge, and domaine....

any other great eats???

julia's kitchen???

perhaps a better recommendation?
maybe adhoc?
or something like... brix?

julia's kitchen???

anyone been to julia's kitchen?
any good?
better recommendations for napa dinning?

julia's kitchen???

anyone been to julia's kitchen in napa???

Apr 04, 2007
livnihs05 in Los Angeles Area

What else to order at Bouchon?

i LOVE~~~~ them
but... you have to go to the bouchon in napa, vegas doesn't do justice.
i love bouchon so much i go to napa 3 X a year... just to sink my teeth into those tiny little plump mussels.....
they are bite size, just the right fluffness, the garlic dipping sauce is just... amazing...yummm....
the other stuff... yeah they're good but i think i've had better in the bay area anyway.
but... def... try the mussels... it's out of this WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

K-Town BBQ Tonight?

umm... hands down park's bbq....
you know you've got great quality when you can't get in the door during lunch and dinner!

Apr 02, 2007
livnihs05 in Los Angeles Area

Where should I have omakase for the 1st time???

i would say.... mori.
sit in front of mori that is... but warning: do not... i say... do not ask for soy sauce for your sushi.... he'll tell you to go "sit over there!!!"
and point to the regular tables.

you don't need the soy... he glazes is on for you... and you know if you have great sushi...
you don't need the sauce...

Apr 02, 2007
livnihs05 in Los Angeles Area

sweet lady jane- incredibly rude!

well... i didn't have a terrrible experience... so far.. but....
they aren't the nicest ppl there.
i was stopping by to grab a cake, and i was a little hesitant as to what i should order...
of coarse... i don't know who this person is... she was sighning , totally annoyed...
then she looked at the other customer behind me to move on the "someone who might be more decisive" which made me just order whatever they had.

oh.. .by the way.....
i went there for a cupcake.... of course.. no cupcake....
it's like....going to a gas station and finding out that they ran out of gas!!!!
i ended up walking out of there w. a $35 cake...

Apr 02, 2007
livnihs05 in Los Angeles Area

Need suggestions for LA dining (mid-Wilshire/Koreatown)

hmmm i don't recommend SBC-very dirty and just not a great b-day place...
if you're gonna have korean bbq, either park's grill on vermont bet olympic and 8th, it's really crowded so you might have to call in for reservations, it's usually an hour wait.. any time of day... but omg.... so delish.
korean-chinese - i don't recommend the place on olympic.
last time i went there... the food was just really burnt, and old.
if you'd like, there is another one right across from park's grill on vermont bet olympic and 8th called... i believe dragon?? not sure...the translation in korean = yong gung

hmm if you'd like high quality meat and you're really picky w. your food.
i'd have to say you do have to pay the price.
many korean bbq places do serve great deals of all you can eat... but do you really want to eat all you can eat of that meat??? no offense....

hmmm... i'd say by far check out park's grill... it's a small restaurant but super good w. the meat quality.. yummmm.... now i'm hungry!

Mar 29, 2007
livnihs05 in Los Angeles Area

good sports in LA?

i am currently trying to find a good sports bar in mid-wilshire area.
i've been to busby's (the one on wilshire) but it's so loud and crowded.
i've also been to big wangs in hollywood but... i wanted to try a new place.

anyone have any suggestions?

Mar 28, 2007
livnihs05 in Los Angeles Area

Keep Sona reservation?

i went on a date there once.

the food was not so great,
my fish was totally undercooked...(and i love raw fish)
but this was totally overated.
the ambiance was nice, cool bathrooms, great service.
i just felt like i was so much more distracted by the decor rather than the food.
i don't know if i had ordered the wrong dish... but
i would say skip sona and go somewhere else
i think the food is good, but not worth the $$$

Mar 28, 2007
livnihs05 in Los Angeles Area

best soup dumplings in LA????

cool thanks!

yumm... i'm totally craving it now!

Mar 27, 2007
livnihs05 in Los Angeles Area

best soup dumplings in LA????


pppplease help me find great soup dumplings.....
i'm totally craving it!
i used to live in nyc, and chinatown had the greatest
crab-pork soup dumplings....
i have yet to find one that compares in la....

Mar 27, 2007
livnihs05 in Los Angeles Area

Help for 5 days in LA

for the best sushi and for a great price... must go to sushi mori in westwood area.
make reservations and sit at the sushi bar.. it's out of this world!!!!!!

edison-great place for a drink or if the weather is warm the standard in hollywood.

the little door/ or inn of the 7th ray- romantic eateries

for a sports drink- busby's if you like young crowds

for a cool place to hike: runyon canyon in hollywood hills, you can see straight to the ocean from up there and not to mention the whole city.

for industry ppl sightseeing- brunch at toast

Mar 19, 2007
livnihs05 in Los Angeles Area