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Durham: suggestions for parent's weekend?

Will be @ Duke for parent's weekend and want to know where to take my freshman for a couple of dinners... She has sophisticated taste, loves food. Any suggestions? Also, if anyone has experienced the crowds of parents/family weekend, would it be better to eat someplace other than Durham, or are most restaurants able to handle the increased demand?

Sep 25, 2009
basilbird in Southeast

Best Caterers in Wilmington NC?

Seeking opinions/advice/ideas for a party I am planning, with about 80-100 guests, for buffet dinner and dancing. Am in the process of researching venues and caterers. Looking for a cool funky space... Anyone know of anyplace out-of-the-ordinary that might be available for rent? Am especially intersted people's recommendation of area caterers or restaurants that can host such events like Caffe Phoenix or their new sister restaurant Union (?) on Market at the river, or Yosake/The Balcony on Dock, etc. Do you know anything about these places, or have you been to any events or parties that have impressed you with good food, etc.? Many thanks in advance!

Where do the foodies eat in Wilmington, NC

Had lunch the other day @ Opus. My husband ordered the seafood stew (don't remember exact name) which was served with a delicious house salad of beautiful mixed greens. His entree was in a yummy saffron broth and was loaded with fish (2 kinds) and shrimp, clams etc. His stew was served with 2 slices of seasoned bread. I believe it was priced at $12. I ordered a salad (the one w/ Caribbean Shrimp), which was priced at $12 as well. It came with NO BREAD, was made using the same greens (but twice as much) as my husband's side salad, along with 5 -count them, just 5 - deep fried, overly seasoned shrimp. The dressing was spicy and tasty, (peanutty?) but it was swimming in it.... I could not believe that they had the nerve to charge the same price for these dishes. I have only eaten there for lunch (twice) - the food was mostly good, but I do object to the inconsistent pricing and - a pet peeve of mine: they do not provide a basket of bread with lunch. I think a salad, (esp. @12 bucks) should be served with bread. I certainly hope the serve bread w/ dinner.

Mar 16, 2007
basilbird in Southeast